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  1. Sounds like smart fellow who has his head screwed on right. Takes after his Grandpa I bet. Congratulations.
  2. I like all of those you listed jus keeping it simple. I am a “Yankee” by birth. So you might not expect me to be into Blue Grass. It is my favorite. Besides the Gibson Bros. are Yankees too. They hail from around Syracuse, NY.
  3. +1 I like the Gibson Bothers now. Also miss Doc Watson.
  4. UB thank you. I registered today. Didn’t have pictures. Will I be able to add them later?
  5. The poke point doesn’t work for me. Do you have an address string I can copy?
  6. Where are the Limes for scurvy? I thought that’s how the British Tars got the name “Limey”. During my time at sea we did UnRep several times. Once we received a whole pallet load of “Johnson’s Baby Oil”, to coddle the Annapolis Midshipmen we had on board for their summer cruise. The Captain of the supply ship knew our Captain and couldn’t help ribbing him about his “pleasure cruise “. CJC
  7. Yep that’s him. The only photograph I have of him. I never knew Grandpa Calder. He was my mother’s father and he passed when Mom was 6 years old. A handsome gentleman.
  8. Even common everyday names can become a rage. There were five Roberts in my elementary school class. Since we only had one class per grade we all answered every time the teacher said “ROBERT”. We never knew which one of us was in trouble until the teacher said “I mean Mr. XXX. The five Roberts even followed me to work (not the same guys, just the number of Roberts). We had a joker at work who loved to sneak off into a corner and yell “Hey Bob” and get a chours of “WHATS”. Of course as a youngster I was Bobby except to my Old Maid Aunt who spelled it Bobbie. In the late 1940’s that was definitely a “girls name”. What 5-6 year old boy wanted to be called a “girl”? Yuck!! I finally figured out I don’t care what they can call me, just as long as they don’t call me late for dinner. Cactus Jack Calder (who was my Grandfather)
  9. I am starting to set up a reloading station in an shed. I will insulate and weather condition the space, including appropriate security locking. So as a newbie I am asking, how do you anneal the neck of a pistol cartridge without affecting the base?
  10. Forty, I searched jewelry parts wholesale and found this. Rio Grande a supplier of parts; https://www.riogrande.com/ Rio Grande listing for a silver, watch swivel hook; https://www.riogrande.com/product/sterling-silver-watch-swivel-hook-lanyard-pull/630225 Hope this gets you on a good search track. CJ
  11. The following is taken from NOLO an online legal advice site. It would seem to me that the patient meets the exception as his/her actions constitute a “risk of serious harm” to the prisoner on death row. If I Tell My Psychologist About a Crime I Committed, Can I Get in Trouble? Dangerous Patient Exception: Most states have an exception to the therapist-patient privilege for dangerous patients, often referred to as the Tarasoff duty. (Tarasoff v. Regents of Univ. of Cal., 17 Cal.3d 425 (1976).) Depending on the jurisdiction, the exception either allows or requires therapists to report statements by patients that indicate dangerousness. The law might, for instance, say that therapists must disclose statements when the patient presents a risk of serious harm to others and disclosure is necessary to prevent that harm.
  12. Check with the company rep for your wife’s insurance. Some insurance companies require that you apply for Medicare at 65. They then become your secondary insurance as DH said. It’s cheaper for them. When I turned 65 my insurance required the change.
  13. What LL said. I have had two surgeries. The first time I was loosing the use of my right leg, due to 4 disk bulges. The Dr said he could fix the disk problem but not guarantee a pain free back. The second was for the same issue, (1 disk) with my left leg going numb. Again the same Dr fixed the bulging disk so my legs work fine. My back hurts if I overdo it and it is cranky in the morning. However, I can make it through a SASS match without being crippled and enjoy my time there. My surgeon is retired Army. I think he had a lot of practice in service. He also understands my need to go to SASS matches. I’m 74 and just joined SASS last year. Having fuuuun!! What CS said ++ do the work. The rehab works wonders . Every day I do the exercises the rehab people gave me. It allows me to get over the morning cranky back syndrome much faster. Best of Luck Cactus Jack
  14. The version I heard had a construction worker taking a wheelbarrow of sand out of the gate every afternoon. He had very carefully purchased the sand and had a paid receipt in hand every time. Of course he was stealing wheelbarrows.
  15. For the technically unsuffistcated: (like me) 1. From your phone e-mail the picture to yourself on the PC. 2. Save the picture from you e-mail into your photo file on the PC. 3. Follow Warden Calloway’s instructions from here on. That’s what I have done in the past.
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