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  1. I would not want to speak for the SASS rules gods. I know a few people that do shoot them and have not had a problem. My view, and this is my view alone, is that: 1) the Stevens Model 44 began production in 1893. The internals are different than the 44 1/2, but externally they look identical. The 44 1/2 began production in 1903. I would argue the Colt vs Ruger Vaquero standard sets the precedence that outward appearance is the same so it is allowable. 2) H&R Buffalo Classics, I believe, began production in the mid 1990s and are SASS legal. 3) Someone would be a complete wanker to say it is not allowable. Here is a previous thread where it was discussed.
  2. Long Range, like everything else in this sport, is certainly impacted by what your pocketbook can support. They are not cheap, and they are not fast since each one is basically a custom piece, but if I was getting into the long range business all over again from scratch? I would give CPA rifles a hard look. They are more expensive up front...BUT...let's say you pay the money and get that 40-65 and a year from now decide you really should have gotten a 38-55. With a CPA That will cost you $500 and 5 minutes to change calibers. Maybe you want to step up to a 45-120. Same thing. Each additional barrel/caliber is another $500 and it can be swapped at the range with hand tools in a couple of minutes. I have a Sharps and a Roller. If I had it all to do over? I would have a CPA. https://www.cparifles.com/
  3. I am trying to find a good matched set, stock and forearm, straight grip and checkered for a Marlin 1894. Anyone?
  4. Ruff Kut

    Odd Headstamp

    I had a box of shotgun reloading supplies I picked up a while back. Like old old shotgun reloading. Felt pads, wax sealed overshot cards etc. I bought the box of stuff mostly because all of the components still had the original boxes. Great display stuff. It had a few odd brass rattling around in it.
  5. Ruff Kut

    Odd Headstamp

    I shoot 44-40 or 44 WCF. Has anyone seen brass that was stamped 44 CFW before? Was a first for me today.
  6. Like Judgem All said. The brass frames go on sale for $150 all the time, but I have never seen the steel frames come down at all.
  7. Looks like I am the oddball of the group. 160 RNFP in my vaqueros and Marlin 1894.
  8. Find the nearest Harbor Freight store. They sell a power chainsaw sharpener that is basically a 4" chop saw. Buzzes through brass like butter for $25. Clean up and finish with your Lyman. For Ruger pistols? I just use Schofield brass unless you just really want super shorties.
  9. I think that would make a fine looking smoke pole!
  10. What Kajun said! I got some coated bullets from Lead Ringer and love them. So a free plug for Ringers Bullets here! No gumming up the dies in my press, slide slick and easy in bullet feeders, barrel is clean as a whistle after shooting. I am a fan for sure.
  11. Widder, Can't send you a message. I guess your box is full. But you have a rifle headed your way!
  12. The older Bonds, like mine were definitely that way. The newer ones have a MUCH improved trigger pull on them.
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