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  1. My plain old Wranglers cover them up just fine. If you add on a set of botas? I think they would look spot on. Nobody can tell that these are not just another set of Ropers unless you show them. I will put it this way. I feel strongly enough about how well these work for me, that I bought 5 more pair and put them on the shelf just in case they stop making them as I wear them out!
  2. Skechers. Memory foam soles, soft leather, most comfortable things I have found. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IV398K6/ref=dp_cerb_1
  3. My issue is not so much my feet as my knees. It has made me very critical of what I wear to keep down the knee pain after a day on the range. I swear by skechers. Memory foam soles, very comfortable, and I make it through the day on my trashed knees. They average around $60. They even look like regular old boots when your pants cover up the short tops. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IV398K6/ref=dp_cerb_1
  4. Building a new house has put a serious crimp in my travel plans and shooting. I won't be making it this year. And to be totally honest I will not be returning to that particular match again. I will leave out names and locations, and just say the match where I saw you the most up north. It was made very clear to me that my Thai wife, as a Buddhist was not welcome at the match. The man who ran the show was quite clear it was for Christians only. Besides the fact that where she is not welcome I won't go, I am also kind of a big fan of ALL of our freedoms, not just the second amendment. Call me crazy, but I still support freedom of religion.
  5. There is only one powder. Everything else is just a propellant.
  6. Best suggestions? Numrich arms at: gunpartscorp.com VTI at : VTIgunparts.com
  7. John Boy, It is honestly the difference between an amateur reload and a factory round. At least in my humble reloading it is. The Lee does a good job, but the Redding does a great one. As an example, I struggle with the Lee on the Dillon tool head. I have to max that Lee die out for all it is worth to get it down low enough to put a smooth roll crimp on the round. The Redding die is physically longer and allows much more room to dial it in the exact way I want it. I think that alone, the additional length and adjustability justifies going with the Redding. But the big thing is really the simple appearance and feel of the finished round. There is no heavy obvious roll crimp. There is no edge left that I can scrape a nail on. As the name implies, it makes a round where the "profile" simply flows perfectly smooth from the bottleneck of the case into the bullet. I might not be able to explain the difference well, but if I hand you two rounds, one loaded with the Lee crimp and one with the Redding? You can see and feel the difference.
  8. What nemesis says. I second that. I load everything on my 650. 45 LC, ACP, 38, 44-40 and 38-40. I have put hundreds of pounds of black through my dillon powder drop. If I am doing light loads I can add a second Lee powder drop to add grits as a filler.
  9. All I have ever shot is black powder. And for years I have thought my Lee crimp die was doing a decent job on 44-40 rounds. There are too many of you to list or thank by name, but every time 44-40 comes up someone says to get the Redding Profile Crimp Die. I finally did. What a difference! And so to all of you who have given that advice over the years, it has taken me a while to come around, but thank you all!
  10. I actually looked into this a while back and played around with a few different additives. Short story is nothing was really satisfactory. The problem is the burn rate of all of the mentioned chemical additives is so much slower than BP that you get minimal effect if any at all. If you throw these additives in a campfire? You will see some great color changes that show for a good while because they burn extremely slow. My experience was they simply do not have time to get a good burn going and show color from a shot blast. That was my experience.
  11. Great work and a great guy. SOG is one of the best out there.
  12. 13 grains TB under a 405 is just a sweet 45/70 load at 100 yards. Almost no recoil, and I get good accuracy out of it.
  13. Like Traveller said, Sportsman Warehouse. The price is the selling point. $9.99 a pound and a 10% military discount? Makes it hard not to at least give it a try.
  14. There is a reason I had to leave the MZ behind! That smoke is CRAZY! I still have about 8 pounds on the shelf in case of absolute worst case I am out of everything else emergency.
  15. I am not sure how much you have shot MZ. I have run a little over 30 LBs of it. I will stand by my statement. 12 grains of MZ will make significantly more smoke than 15 grains of Goex. You WILL easily make smoke factor.
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