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  1. In Truth everyone who shoots an 87 with any drop should thank Fireball and Texas John Critter. They were the first to actually have the idea of the drop two and make it a reality. This was in 1996 +/- a year. Fireball’s modification could not be used in the new reproductions and was left in country when Cap went to China. We were running drop 2 87s before Cap went to china so... Cap was a huge help on getting an 87 reproduction Made at all and for that we should be thankful. Best regards, Chili
  2. Kid, I can always make you one. If your serious send me a PM Best regards, Chili
  3. Sold to Texas Lizard. I have up for sale a beautiful custom built Handi Rifle in 44-40. Great for Plainsman or the 44-40 shooter that wants a single shot to go with their other guns. As stated this rifle is Plainsman legal and sports a Green Mountain 22” octagon barrel on an octagon stub with “ Ejector” Frame is a cerakoted sculpted 490 Jr. The rear sight is a new winchester carbine flip up style with a Williams bead front sight. All the wood has been stripped and refinished for a gorgeous satin finish. The pictures speak for themself. Asking $ 650.00 shipped to your FFL. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Best regards, Chili
  4. I think we should always shoot the shotgun last on every stage, that way any missed rifle or pistol targets could be made up with the shotgun That would be awesome!!! Best regards, Chili
  5. I am very sorry to hear this. he was a great person and a good friend. My thoughts and prayers are with Jan, Tim and the rest of you family. May he rest in peace
  6. I cant get the lightning pics to load.  If you’d like to see them please send me an email addy or phone number and I’ll text them to you





  7. Thank you all for the information, that was a huge help. Good eye on the one Remington shell, I never would have caught that and really haven’t look at the shells that much as for fear of ruining the box. Thank you all again Best regards, Chili
  8. That would be a good deal for me, Them there glasses are my dollar store specials “Wink”
  9. Thx. I saw that on the box but was curious when it was made and my online search didn’t really help. Also I know people collect such things and wondered what it might be worth Thanks again
  10. I need help identifying a box of old Winchester Ammo I found at a garage sale. If anyone can shed any light on what I found and what its worth I would be much obliged. Thank you, Chili
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