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  1. Colt Faro does awesome work too for sure!!!
  2. Doc Knoper makes fantastic leather and will stand by his work 100% Best regards, Chili
  3. The Unique load has been a main stay for a long time. I too use 9 gr with a small piece of cotton ball. Good Luck, Chili
  4. Billy Boots, we missed being there too. Hope to see you at EOT. Best regards, Chili
  5. Its just the information, do with it as you will. If you think its not worth looking at, don’t. I don’t know what it means either, they are just numbers. I’m sure someone will find it interesting, if not, it will be a short thread Chili
  6. True, but I have no idea how to factor that in, Do you? My intent was an overall comparison with no pre conceived notion and I still think there are some interesting findings. If you don’t then thats fine too, Its just information not personal, I thought it was interesting and thought I would share it, obviously you dont.
  7. I have read a lot of the post talking about how different WR was this year and some perceptions so I thought I would run the numbers and see if there were any trends. What I found was completely unexpected based on some of the comments I saw 36 categories were recognized at WR this year. 17 top finishers in category were faster that last year. 17 were shower 1 was within the same seconds not rounded out to 10ths so I called that neutral and 1 was not recognized last year Top 10 shooters who were at both matches finished on average 6 sec slower, If you take one shooter out who finished 40 sec faster this year to last it brought the average up to 9 sec slower. Then things started to get unexpectedly strange. In the top 10 I actually found and compared the actual shooter and his score from this year to last. For the others I just did the number finished and compared both years. Top 10. 9 sec Slower 95-105. 9 sec Slower 195- 205. 5 sec Slower 295- 305 0 sec Slower or Neutral 395- 405. 7 sec Faster 495-505 12 sec Faster 595-605. 45 sec Faster than last year Draw your own conclusions Next oddity what categories did better this year to last. I’m just going to list the category and go plus or minus for the top 5 shooters. - means time was faster than last year. + means time was slower than last year. N was neutral without going into 10ths FC. - - +++ LFC. - - +++ FCD. + - - - - FTM. - - + - - BW. - ++- + LBW. +++++ CC. - - - - + CCG. +++ Duel. - - - - - LD. ++ - + - SD. +++ - - GF. - - - ++ LGF. - - - - + S. + + - - ? LS. - - ++ - SGF - - - - - 49r +++++ L49r. - ++++ SS. +++ - + LSS. - ++++ CBY +++++ CG. - ++++ W. +++++ LW. N ++++ Broo. - - + Btte. - - JB. + - - ES. +++++ GD. ++++ - CBN. +++++ CBSS. ++ - FCGF. +++++ EP. - - - - - LEP. + SSD. - - - - - So look at the finishes and draw your own conclusions but I see some interesting patterns Best regards, Chili
  8. Hey Dawg i have always loaded BP on my Mec 9000 for 15 plus years. I did switch out the hopper with a empty pepsi bottle with the bottom cut off. The threads fit perfect and if something should ever go wrong there is no place for pressure to build. I also use about a1/4 pound at a time. It’s a bit more refilling but again better safe than sorry. Not saying it’s right but it’s what I do. Best regards Chili
  9. I have not signed up yet but am planning g on being there. Not sure if i’f going to shoot smokeless or BP yet but that really doesn’t mater much. Best regards, Chili
  10. In Truth everyone who shoots an 87 with any drop should thank Fireball and Texas John Critter. They were the first to actually have the idea of the drop two and make it a reality. This was in 1996 +/- a year. Fireball’s modification could not be used in the new reproductions and was left in country when Cap went to China. We were running drop 2 87s before Cap went to china so... Cap was a huge help on getting an 87 reproduction Made at all and for that we should be thankful. Best regards, Chili
  11. Kid, I can always make you one. If your serious send me a PM Best regards, Chili
  12. Sold to Texas Lizard. I have up for sale a beautiful custom built Handi Rifle in 44-40. Great for Plainsman or the 44-40 shooter that wants a single shot to go with their other guns. As stated this rifle is Plainsman legal and sports a Green Mountain 22” octagon barrel on an octagon stub with “ Ejector” Frame is a cerakoted sculpted 490 Jr. The rear sight is a new winchester carbine flip up style with a Williams bead front sight. All the wood has been stripped and refinished for a gorgeous satin finish. The pictures speak for themself. Asking $ 650.00 shipped to your FFL. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Best regards, Chili
  13. I think we should always shoot the shotgun last on every stage, that way any missed rifle or pistol targets could be made up with the shotgun That would be awesome!!! Best regards, Chili
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