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  1. Don't overlook a single shot 12 with an ejector, Light, easy to load and cost effective. Speed Stevens started with one back in the day.
  2. Application going out in tomorrows mail. Looking forward to seeing some old friends!
  3. Here are the scores from the plainsman match, Thank you all for coming out.
  4. Thank you to all the shooters that came out Tuesday, I hope you all had a good time, I sure did !!! I also really appreciate all the help running the Plainsman posse, I thought things ran smooth and efficient with such a big group and you guys made it easy for me. If any of you have any thoughts or suggestions for next time I’d love to hear them, drop me a PM or share them on here. Thank you all again, Chili
  5. 2022 LAND RUN SASS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS PLAINSMAN MINI-MATCH For all of those who are attending 2022 LAND RUN SASS National Championship and are interested in shooting or watching the Plainsman mini-match here is an update on how to sign up, when it’s going to happen and what to expect. If you have not already signed up to shoot Plainsman but would like to, Please contact Missouri Mae at LandRun@OKCgunclub.org and let her know what category you would like to shoot. We currently have 25 people signed up and well, that is just not enough! We would hate for you to miss out on all the fun we are going to have so here’s your chance and it’s only $10.00! As of right now we will be awarding 1st thru 3rd for the following categories. Traditional, Modern and Ladies Modern. We are open to adding additional categories if we get more people signed up. Please contact me or consult the SASS Rule Book if you have any questions regarding what category your rifle will qualify you for. The plainsman match will be four stages on Tuesday Oct. 11 at 12:00 noon. The Round Count will be approximately 40 Pistol / 35 Rifle / 20+ Shotgun. Rifle targets will be set at 40 yards or less. If you have never seen or participated in Plainsman, this is your chance to check it out firsthand. If you like Black Powder, I guarantee that you’ll love it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me via FB Messenger or chili_pepper917@hotmail.com Best regards, Chili Pepper Pete / L11917 Plainsman Match Director
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