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  1. I cant get the lightning pics to load.  If you’d like to see them please send me an email addy or phone number and I’ll text them to you





  2. Thank you all for the information, that was a huge help. Good eye on the one Remington shell, I never would have caught that and really haven’t look at the shells that much as for fear of ruining the box. Thank you all again Best regards, Chili
  3. That would be a good deal for me, Them there glasses are my dollar store specials “Wink”
  4. Thx. I saw that on the box but was curious when it was made and my online search didn’t really help. Also I know people collect such things and wondered what it might be worth Thanks again
  5. I need help identifying a box of old Winchester Ammo I found at a garage sale. If anyone can shed any light on what I found and what its worth I would be much obliged. Thank you, Chili
  6. I have a Colt Lighting in 45-85-285 and will share what I think I know. Yes it will shoot 45-70 cases just fine, I currently use a 300 GR bullet and as much 777 as I can cram in there. The problem with the cartridge vs a regular 45-70 is the speed. The colt has a 1-26 twist rate. The bore slugs at .460. Every 45-70 round i put thru key holes. The only way I was able to stop the key holing was a light bullet going as fast as I could safely push it. I have played with the idea of using the Remington lead hollow base 45 colt bullet at 255 GR figuring the hollow base and soft lead would bump up and seal plus be close to the original weight bullet. But for now have used the Hunter 300 Gr trundicated. The gun itself is big and heavy so there is no harsh recoil. Its amazing to shoot as its a top eject and these huge 45-70 cases go shooting out over your head as you fire. I will post some pictures of mine when I have a chance. Hope this helps, Chili
  7. Thanks Dragoon, so it has nothing to do with the physics of setting off the cap, it is purely a blow.back issue in relationship to caps coming off the nipple? Thats what i thought but i thought id ask as you and CC are the experts. Best regards, Chili
  8. I'm interested in the idea that the cap post will allow you to use a lighter main spring. Why would this be the case? Thank you, Chili
  9. Or you could just get a pair of ROA s and never have to worry about it ever again. Best regards, Chili
  10. This is what I think i know about the category’s in plainsman Trap doors because of the complex nature of opening, fall into Traditional even thou they eject Original 1885s that do not eject are traditional Newer 1885s or Browning 78s fall into modern Handi rifles with ejectors Modern Handi with extractor or ejector deactivated Traditional Rolling Block traditional Sharps, Traditional My basic take away is that if you hold the gun level and open the action, if the empty casing clears the chamber, its modern. The trap door is the only exception I know of. Hope this helps. Chili
  11. Hey Bill


    I am willing to help out with Plainsman again this year if you need me.


    Just let me know.


    Thank you and Merry Christmas


    Chili Pepper Pete 11917

  12. Well Happy Birthday to SASS and The Wild Bunch. This is my 20th year playing and I could not be more grateful for all this sport has done for me. The friends I've made and the good times shared. Thank you and Happy 30th Birthday. Best regards, Chili
  13. Funny about the Picture Wyatt posted, The gun is in backwards, Strange!!! <<<<< Doesn't look at Straight Arrows Crotch
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