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  1. As someone who enjoys the costuming part of our sport I try to look like someone of the time. Its not always fancy or over the top but more that if I was in a movie as an extra or in the back ground I wouldn't look out of place. Lots of movies characters have very simple costumes as was pointed out in an above post but when you look at them, it saids "I'm a Cowboy / sheriff / field hand or town folk. They look like they belong in that time. The term "Cowboys" covers a whole bunch of images and time periods when you really think about it. The original post civil war cattle drive cowboys / the 20s and 30s B Western Hollywood Cowboys and the later 50s thru 70s TV Cowboys. Our sport represents all of these and any I might have missed. My personal thought is that when you are at a match you should somehow look like you would if you were in any of these era's. Like always, my opinion is worth what cha paid. Best regards, Chili
  2. I guess the meaning of the award depends mostly on the shooters past performance. If you regularly finish in the top of your category then 4th doesn't really mean that much. However to a shooter that has never done well before and finally gets his/her first plaque or buckle, well that does mean something. (I still remember and have my first buckle) I agree that we probably give out too many places and should keep it to top 3 but I don't really care all that much one way or the other. Best regards, Chili
  3. The Lightning is not a Black Powder only Rifle...
  4. H.K. I have owned the same rifle for 20 plus years. The thing is a beast but hard to get to shoot well because it is an "Express" cartridge. The barrel twist is something like 1/26 so it it tends to key hole like a mother until you get the speed up. I've had decent success with a 300 gr bullet and 70 grains of 2F compressed. That got me a 6" group at 100 yards. I have also played with the Remington 255 gr soft lead hollow base for 45 LC with some success.
  5. I just wanted to Congratulate CN Double for an Awesome performance and Win of the 2022 EOT World Championship for Frontiersman. He also won First Place Modern Plainsman. Great shooting and sportsmanship, Well Done Cowboy!
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