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  1. Thanks Dragoon, so it has nothing to do with the physics of setting off the cap, it is purely a blow.back issue in relationship to caps coming off the nipple? Thats what i thought but i thought id ask as you and CC are the experts. Best regards, Chili
  2. I'm interested in the idea that the cap post will allow you to use a lighter main spring. Why would this be the case? Thank you, Chili
  3. Or you could just get a pair of ROA s and never have to worry about it ever again. Best regards, Chili
  4. This is what I think i know about the category’s in plainsman Trap doors because of the complex nature of opening, fall into Traditional even thou they eject Original 1885s that do not eject are traditional Newer 1885s or Browning 78s fall into modern Handi rifles with ejectors Modern Handi with extractor or ejector deactivated Traditional Rolling Block traditional Sharps, Traditional My basic take away is that if you hold the gun level and open the action, if the empty casing clears the chamber, its modern. The trap door is the only exception I know of. Hope this helps. Chili
  5. I’d go Ole # 4. He knows them inside and out pretty good Best regards Chili
  6. Thank you all for all the congrats and kind words. It was an awesome match and I had an amazing time. I would also like to say congratulations to all the other Frontiersmen who were there. Thanks again and best wishes Chili
  7. Yeeeehaaaa. World Champion FCD. Straight Arrow Hombre. Sound pretty good! Great job man I’m proud of ya Best Regards, Chili
  8. Phantom, Your right on the attacking someone else’s opinion so I apologize. As for people not coming, thats on them. First off there are a lot of people that don’t stand a snow balls chance, so what? Is that really why people come to these major matches? I used to go all the time when I wasn’t very good. It has always been more than shooting to me and always will be. In your logic everyone who comes to a major event expects to win a buckle? Is that what your saying? Like your Tag line at the bottom of your profile, Very few will remember who did what in a couple weeks anyway. As for watering it down, why do we have to have a high number of clean shooters and why is that the measure? The shooters speed sets that, not the targets. My P had nothing to do with the targets or the stage, I lost track and shot the wrong target. I own that. I just think that the World Championship should have a degree of difficulty that puts a wee bit of pressure on everyone and personally I don’t think 3 yard plates does that. Sorry again for the personal attack and look forward to seeing you down the trail. Best regards, Chili
  9. Congratulations Doc, Well done in deed. Best Regards, Chili
  10. Do ya mean like Chili Pepper Pete, Frontiersman
  11. Clean with a “P” Billy, I am in the same boat as Doc and Billy, Granted I may have a little different perspective as a Frontiersman. I tend to shoot a bit slower then most other categories. That said the pistol targets may have appeared a titch out there, but none were more than 6.75 yards. The rifle and shotgun targets I considered normal. I guess I don’t understand why anyone would not attend a World Championship because they thought it was too hard. What the should you expect of a World Championship. It is supposed to be a test of the best of the best. As stated there were no P traps, great stages and descriptions, good movement and lots of options on how and where to stage your guns. I understand that in a sense CAS is in the entertainment business but that doesn’t mean that they should water down the stages so people can say they shot clean. I don’t understand that mentality at all and honestly if thats how they feel I hope they do stay home. The World and National Championships should be set up to bring out the best and not just status quo. Best regards, Chili
  12. I should be there late Monday Night. Can't Wait !!! Chili
  13. We were there last year and it was awesome fun and a great chance to see some old friends and make some new ones. Thank you Hot Tamales, looking forward to it
  14. Did you see where he was talking about "long range" shooting ?
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