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  1. I agree hole hartedly, but most don't understand the differance.
  2. When Armisport came out with the reproduction Spencers they used a double paddle extractor on them. They were problematic and caused jams when used. Later Armisport changed to the Lane extractor and this solved all the jamming problems. I am not sure but I think only the ones made in 44 Russian and 45 Schofield used the double paddle extractors. When they started making the ones in 44-40 and 45LC I believe that they were only made with a Lane extractor, but I could be wrong.
  3. Does the Spencer have the Lane extractor or does it have the double paddels?
  4. Would you be interested in a NIB Uberti 1860 Henry in 44-40?
  5. When I was shooting BP in my 44-40 I loaded it with 25gr or 3F (Goex) and 5 gr. of Cream of Wheat (COW). I also found that the Federal LPP worked best. I shot it out of an 1860 Uberti Henry.
  6. I am real interested in your Bond barrel.  If it is possible to shoot .32 S&W out of it I will take it.



    1. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      It will go out today


      Thanks   Terry

    2. Nickel City Dude

      Nickel City Dude


      When you ship could you please send me the tracking number? Thanks,


    3. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      Tracking number    9405 5036 9930 0459 7117 23


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  7. Kitty I am sorry but I don't have any idea how to ship to New Zealand. Terry
  8. DC

    I can get you a brand new Spencer Rifle in 44-40 for 1620. + shipping.  If you are interested please let me know.  My email is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com


  9. Smokey

    I will take the 3x heavy tan duster.  My email is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com  I can do paypal if it is good for you.



    1. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      ok, will get with you tomorrow with info


    2. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      sorry, I dont have a paypal set up


    3. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      Nevermind...just set up a paypal account



  10. Just found this out but at the shot show MEC introduced their new metallic single stage press. Here is a link to the page. http://ultimatereloader.com/mec/
  11. Roy The law on 10 rounds in a lever gun is pretty clear. But the reality is that no one is lurking around cowboy shoot to see if you can load 10 or 12 in your lever gun. Also police would only charge you with this law if you did something else and they were looking to pile on extra charges to put against you.
  12. That's good to hear. I guess the information I received was wrong. The only thing I will say is that sometimes the State Police have been known to give several different answers to the same question.
  13. I could be wrong about this but I think I remember reading somewhere that just after the Civil War started the Congress passed a law that made it illegal for states to secede from the Union.
  14. The western part of NY is also making noises about splitting away from the rest of NY especially trying to get away from NY City.
  15. Annabelle I know you think you are correct but I am only repeating what my local FFL Gun dealer told me about the hand gun laws. I know for a fact about the restriction of 10 rounds max in a long gun because I have personally researched this issue and have reached out to my local Assembly man to try to change the law. He is a Demorat so very little happened to correct the law.
  16. KR Thanks for the clarification, I was not sure about the law on this point. NCD
  17. I believe there is some Federal law that allows someone from another state to bring his guns into a different state for the purpose of shooting an NRA sanctioned event. I have been told that you can have your guns in the other state for 48 hours before and 48 hours after the event. You must also have a flyer or registration form with you to prove your are going to an out of state match. Not positive about this but this is what I have heard.
  18. Tom I just put this "stuff" out there to inform other New Yorkers and to warn pards in other states that they could be next if they don't watch out and vote. As to the lever guns, in NY if your lever guns magazine can hold more than 10 rounds it is not legal in NY. This all happened when the new SAFE Act became law. The reality is that very few Law people will take the time and effort to check your magazine unless they are already arresting you for something else and then they will pile on any and all charges they can think of.
  19. Yes, I would love to move to another state but my wife will not leave her grand kids and I still have 2 elderly parents that live here and I can't abandon them.
  20. On another thread on the wire they were discussing letting prospective members try out your guns. This sounds good in but in New York it is not legal. I can’t even go to my local gun dealer and handle a gun unless I first show him my Pistol Permit. Technically I cannot let another person try out my hand guns unless they also have my guns on there permit. (In NY every single hand gun you own is on your permit). Now with that said I am sure that it happens all the time and the only shortfall would be if someone injures themselves or others would the law give you a hard time. My point is in NY we cannot legally loan our guns to prospects. Any one have an solution for this problem?
  21. The NRA use to hound me for donation both by phone and by mail but once I told them to stop calling the phone calls have dropped to a trickle and the mail is only about once a month now. I purchased a life membership about 10 years ago because I believed in the cause but after that I had to buy a bigger mail box.
  22. BP shotgun hulls, use once and toss. They are cheap and easy to find.
  23. I purchased an Aimteck also and had nothing but trouble with it. They finally refused to take my calls.
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