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  1. It is a bad idea to put your email address in a WTB add. Bad people surf web forums like ours looking for this. Then they search the web and find a picture of what you are looking for and send it to you like they have it for sale. Once you send the money you never hear from them again. At least with a PM you stand a chance of knowing if they have a presence on the forum and can see how long they have been a member. Just my two cents.
  2. Yes, they still load at half cock.
  3. Yes you do!! You can never have too many guns!
  4. It is more likely that an original sling would have had "New Haven Arms Co." on it not Henry Repeating Rifle. Just my two cents.
  5. They still make them but it can take a year to get a new one from Uberti.
  6. I will take them. Please PM me your paypal account name and I will send payment.
  7. You know that if you go to the Starline site, you can get brand new cases for 20 cents each with free shipping if you buy 1000. When ever I need 44-40's that's what I do. You my think that 1000 is a lot but you would be suprised how fast you can go threw them.
  8. Bullseye It is a bad Idea to put your private email address on a WTB add. There are people that surf the websites looking for this and then find a picture on the web and send it to you like they have what you are looking for. Once you send them the money you will never hear from them again. At least with a PM you can find out if they are new or have an established presence on the board. Just my 2 cents. NCD
  9. I had some in 44-40 and they worked fine for me all last season, both in monthlies and practice.
  10. I am told that Uberti uses the same magazine tube for all caliber 73’s. Sometimes the 38/357s wind up with a zig zag pattern in the magazine tube and they don’t feed reliably all the time. There is available a sleeve and spring and fowler kit that can be purchased that makes the smaller cartridges line up better in the magazine tube. You might want to try this fix.
  11. I had a friend that practiced firing his 1858 Remington. He removed the cylinder and hung a bag filled with a small amount of lead on the frame to simulate the weight lost when the cylinder was removed. Dry firing without the hammer falling on the nipple didn’t seam to bother the gun any.
  12. In NY when the instituted the SAFE act it included a ban on “assault” rifles. If you had one at the time you could register it with the state and continue to use it. But you can only sell it out of state and if you die the state will take it without compensation. Your estate cannot own the rifle or sell it.
  13. Is it legal to use a Graco recoil system on a coach gun?
  14. I thought that the Canadan thing was "A" not "EH"
  15. Don't they look like 45 ACP?
  16. I have been using SimpleGreen for the last 20 years and it works great and is cheap to buy.
  17. CC I know that I can’t escape them completely but Texas has fewer taxes, more gun friendly gun laws and for the most part they murder fewer babies. Still only in the talking stages of moving to Texas but we are talking more & more about it all the time. NCD
  18. I load 44-40 on my Dillon 650 using RCBS dies & a Lee FCD. I also use the Mr. Bullet feeder in .45 cal. for a .427 bullet along with a Dillon case feeder and they both work fine. I use powder coated bullets from Missouri Bullet.
  19. The wife and I are having serious discussions about moving to Texas. Want to get away from the taxes, gun laws and abortion laws.
  20. I use 5.3 gr. of promo in my 44-40 carbine and hand guns. I called Alliant about this question and they suggested the load.
  21. Dealing with a SASS member is not usually a problem, it is dealing with someone from the outside that you need to be careful about.
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