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  1. They also said that it will cost about $200.
  2. I got some more information on this device. It only works with small PP and will be out for sale by the holidays.
  3. Anyone have any more info on the new Primer Pro by Double Alpha. besides what's in the video?
  4. OLG I had been trying some silicone and while it did help a little it did not solve the problem. The simple spring from a pen did the trick. NCD
  5. I have a Mr. Bullet Feeder on my Dillon 750 and it was giving me problems. The hopper that turns the bullet point up was working fine but the die that sets the bullet on the case had problems. Not every time but more often than I would like the seating die would not come all the way back down after it fed a bullet onto a case. Sometimes it would feed 2 bullets one on top of each other, but more problematic was when it would wait until the shell plate rotated and then drop the second bullet on top of a case filled with powder. This would make some of the powder spill out of the case. It would have to be removed and set aside until I could get the primer out or put it back into station 2. I was talking to a friend of mine that had the same problem and his solution was to take a spring out of a ballpoint pen and connect it between the seating die C clip on the MBF at station 3 and the C clip on the Dillon seating die at station 4. With a little adjustment this fix worked great. The little extra pull from the spring keeps the MBF die from staying up and dropping the second bullet. Isn’t it always the simplest solutions that make the biggest difference? Here is a picture of the spring in place.
  6. I use Promo most of the time. What is the weight of the load of Red Dot that you use for this load?
  7. SOLD Up for sale is a Dillon XL650 metallic cartridge reloader. It was factory refurbished 2 years ago and has been my backup press so it has hardly been used. Comes with 5 position tool head, complete Dillon powder measurer and an aftermarket auto case feeder with a large and small disk. It is set up for small primers with the parts to convert to large primers, but no pickup tubes. $550 + shipping. Local pick up in Western NY.
  8. I'll take the middle one with 47" to center hole. Can you take paypal?
  9. I have limited space on my bench so I mount my presses on a piece of plywood and then install and remove them according to which press I want to use. When not in use I put them on a shelf I have in the loading room and this leaves a clear bench for other projects. I mounted a T nut to my bench and use a thumb screw when I have a press on the bench. Here is a press on the bench with the thumb screw holding it down. Here is what the thumb screw looks like in the bench. Note that when I don’t have a press on the bench the thumb screw if off in the tool rack. Here is the rack I use to store some of my presses. And this is what my bench looks like without any of my presses mounted on it. I hope this helps you. NCD
  10. The Rio's will work fine but they are slightly larger than the Federal so once you have used them in a hull the primer pocket my be too large for the Federals. The Federals may fall out.
  11. I can't see much differance from the 650 but it looks like they may have made some changes to the primer station system.
  12. I use a Mr. Bullet feeder on my Dillon 650. I load 44-40 molly coated bullets. I use the Mr. Bullet feeder in .45 and my .428 bullets feed fine with it. Lead bullets with lube tend to gum up the works so if you want to use the Mr. Bullet feeder you should go to molly coated bullets.
  13. I have a pair of Iver Johnson Pocket pistols. The are 5 shot in 32 CF and can shoot smokless powder. Because of there age they are not without issues. The first one fires and indexes great but I have been told that it is shaving lead. The second does not always fire. I am not sure if it was my ammo or the gun. I figure they are worth $400 each and would be willing to trade the two of them for you pair of Outlaws. Please let me know if you are intrested.
  14. I'll take it. Can you accept Paypal?
  15. I got it mainly to use on my 45acp when I shoot league. I always mark my brass on the head stamp area and I figured that this might save a step and be more ovious when hunting down "my" brass.
  16. Well I got one and it sort of works. It will put a stripe on the brass if you do it just right but in my opinion more trouble than it is worth. First off almost everything is plastic, even the gears. The feed for the brass is on the wrong side. When you hook it up to a Dillion 650 it is necessary to stretch it out and put it on a lower surface so the bullet will slide down the tube and into the device (and it jammed a lot at the entrance to the stripper and at the funnel on the Dillon). If the entrance for the device was on the other side one could put it on the same level as the press. If you put it on the same level as the press then you have to arrange it so the brass goes to the rear of the bench. Which is not a big problem but when trying to use the extra funnel and tube to reach a container on the floor the device has a 90* bend in the first tube and the shell will not make that turn. I tried using the bin that cam with the Dillon but I had to maneuver it so the bin would hang off the edge of some boxes I piled up and then I had to secure the device to the board so when the bin got full the whole thing would not fall over. See the picture. Next problem is the marking pens. If you don’t go at a good speed the pens will dry up and not mark the brass. If you stop to refill the primers, powder and/or brass the first 5 will not be marked and it would then be necessary to run them threw again by hand. I had trouble adjusting the pens for my 45acp cartridges but it can be done and once I had it adjusted the stripes on the brass were good, but like I said you can’t stop for long or the pens will dry up. If I put the cartridges threw the machine by hand I could keep the pens marking but when I tried to use it with the Dillon 650 if was hit and miss. One of the reasons for using this is to be able to skip the step of marking my brass when I shoot league so adding another step by doing them after I have finished a batch of 100 is counter productive. All things considered I am going to try to send it back to Double Alpha for a refund. Below are some pictures of the setup I had to do to get it to sort of work. The cartridges on the left were when I was having trouble getting the pens adjusted and when I waited too long between cartridges.
  17. I just ordered one, I will let you know how it turns out.
  18. I am concerned about collecting the brass once it has been striped. I have a Dillon 650 and the first catcher that feeds the machine looks like it will fit on the machine fine but once they roll out of the striper can the Dillon tray be used to catch the stripped brass? I have been unable to find a video showing it on a Dillon press, or any press.
  19. We put are targets on or about: Pistol 7 yards Rifle 14 yards Shotgun 11 yards
  20. Briley is a very good name in choke tubes. But for our game the necesity of changing the chokes is not there. If the barrels are long enough you could have them cut down below the where the choke is and they would be cylinder chokes which is fine for our game. If you want to use the gun for Skeet or Trap then screw in chokes might help you.
  21. Me either. I am also trying to eliminate steps and depriming before tumbling is just another step I don't need.
  22. I just finished using the “Brass Juice” I ordered and WOW! I put a bunch of several times fired 45acp brass in my tumbler about an ounce of juice and some water. Rand it for about 1 ½ hours and they have never been so shinny, inside and out. No pins to separate and I cannot be happier. I have some other brass that I ran threw with pins and some Dawn that I am going to run with the “Brass Juice”. Great stuff, the picture doesn’t do it justice.
  23. If you are never going to reload than 357/38 would be a better and cheaper cartridge for you.
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