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  1. The thing is that the factory is closed and probably will not open for several months yet. And all the regular suppliers are out of stock. I am sorry but not even us in the US can't get them and probably won't be able to for quite a wile yet.
  2. The thing is I got it a couple of years ago and forgot I had it and wanted to get one to try. I couldn't find one for sale and just for giggels I checked out the shelf that had all my dies on it and found it. Talk about a senior moment......
  3. GJ I had a vague memory of talking about this die several years ago. So I searched threw my shelf of dies and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Redding profile crimp die in 44-40 that I had purchased years ago for this very problem. (let’s just call it a senior moment). I installed it on my press did some adjustments and Poof it is working great. I will now make up about 50 and see how they work in my revolvers. Can’t go out today but will try to get out to the range tomorrow.
  4. I already asked and he said that the entire facility is shut down so he can't even check to see if they have any.
  5. I am looking to buy a Redding profile crimp die (not the roll crimp die) in 44-40. If you have one that you would be willing to sell please send me a PM. NCD
  6. I contacted Redding and gave them the Amazon link and here is what they said. That comes with a roll crimp as part of the seat. The profile crimp die would be a separate item. Aubrey (A.J.) Ferris Engineer Redding Reloading Equipment 1089 Starr Road Cortland, NY 13045 So I guess I am still looking.
  7. GJ I looked on Amazon but I am not sure the set includes the profile crimp die. It looks like it has a seating crimp die. How can I be sure? NCD
  8. Hochbauer Does the Redding crimp die also profile the 44-40 bottle neck case if so do you know anyone that has one for sale? I checked all my regular suppliers and no one has one in stock.
  9. GJ Does the Redding profile crimp die adjust the bottle neck and crimp the cartridge? Presently I am using the Lee factory crimp die. NCD
  10. I have a chamber gauge, but sometimes I just get to lazy to use it.
  11. I have had the feeder for about 2 years now and I also had my share of problems, especially for the smaller calibers. For the smaller caliber bullets I needed to rig up a spring assist to the seating unit. I have included a picture of it. I found that the 45 cal. set up will also work for my 44-40 loading. I have had my share of upside down bullets because the adjustment for this feature is very touchy, but I feel I have it figured out. When it is working right it is great and helps me load a lot faster. Good luck with the unit I hope it will work well for you.
  12. Warden I was wondering about that myself. Since some of my cartridges need to be pushed in the last 1/8 inch, they may need too be resized after they have been made. I resized a bunch of them and when I get some decent weather so I can get out to the range I will try them out along with some of the ones that have a heavier powder charge. I will post once I have tried them. NCD
  13. With the 1911 I was able to overcome that problem of the slide by changing the recoil spring to a lighter one.
  14. I was using my experience in Bulls eye shooting with my 9mm. I was able to come up with a nice easy target load for my 1911. This is what I am trying to do with my 44-40 revolver. I may have to bring my powder charge back up if I can’t get the revolver to stop jamming with these lighter loads. I can see that if a primer backs out a little in a 1911 it is not as big a deal as with a revolver. Once the weather gets better I am going to try the resized cartridges and also some hotter loads. I will pay closer attention to the primers after they have been fired. I will report back after I have tried this.
  15. I have been working up a load for my 44-40 Uberti revolvers. I am using Alliant Promo (red Dot). I started with 5.5 gr. and am down to 3.5 gr. I like the load but I am having problems with the cylinder jamming and I think it is the primers not staying seated or maybe the brass is swelling up. Some of them go in a little tight so I am going to reload some more and see if resizing them after loading will solve the problem. Any thoughts on this? They all work fine in my 1873 carbine.
  16. This is definitely out of your price range but I have a Kinber Target II, 1911 in stainless steel for sale. It has a red dot sight mounted on it and comes with 20, 8 round magazines. With original box and papers. $1200. shipped to the 48.
  17. My impression was that it was US Pharmaceutical company’s that were going to start making and distributing the drug. The President did name major companies in his speech but I don't remember there names.
  18. In his speech the President mentioned several pharmaceutical company’s that are ramping up to supply the needed doses.
  19. I just heard on the news that the government is finally going to start distributing Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. This medicine has been proven in France to stop the symptoms of the C-19 virus. Let us all hope that this is the silver bullet that will start our country back on the road to recovery. Hopefully I will soon be able to use all of the ammo I have been reloading. Reloading has been the only thing I have been able to do for the last couple of weeks.
  20. I figure that all the safety stuff we grew up with is still in our heads. I have a Ruged Cart and my barrels are straight up. I also shoot Skeet and we sweep others all the time.
  21. Can you use one of thoes machines that generate oxygen with a battery pack?
  22. Filing the front sight will rais the POI, you need to raise the front sight to lower the POI.
  23. The manufacturer probably does this because a bunch of states in the US will only allow 10 rounds in a magazine. NY is one of them.
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