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  1. I have often thought about building a loosely packed sand trap beneath a few targets and see how that would effect the splatter. I use angle iron for my stands, but make sure to place it so that it "should" direct the splatter back and to the side. I also hang the target at the top and use light weight chains to pull the bottom of the target back. That way I can adjust the angle depending on the ground
  2. Smokey

    I will take the 3x heavy tan duster.  My email is t.schultz5@roadrunner.com  I can do paypal if it is good for you.



    1. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      ok, will get with you tomorrow with info


    2. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      sorry, I dont have a paypal set up


    3. Smokey Shayne

      Smokey Shayne

      Nevermind...just set up a paypal account



  3. Send me an address to send payment on the #2 shirt, I will get payment sent. Thanks

  4. OK...better leave one since ya gonna know I was here. Looking forward to meeting you sometimes.

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