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  1. Go to the rural NE and the signs along the road say "NO PARKING WITHIN 10 FEET FROM THE PAVEMENT" kR
  2. Are you going to have a "military" class in WB? kR
  3. Oh POOP there goes the neighborhood. kR
  4. Had to figure somethin out to give those kids a chance didn't ya? You'll do fine just stay cool and and have FUN. kR
  5. Try some "E" rated tires. Not much more expensive than reg tires and will last MUCH longer. The only tires I will use in the desert for off road or off pavement driving. kR
  6. You should be able to give them a call and they should be able help you. kR
  7. Regular queen size work fine esp when you use one of the memory foam toppers. kR
  8. On the days when I'm shooting no lube bullets I just dip the end in BB before I stick them in the revolver. Very easy to do and makes cleaning the gun very easy at the end of the day. kR
  9. Paraffin works just fine with BP. It has been refined enough that it does NOT create problems with BP.. kR
  10. PWB you just gave a bunch of cowboys a really good Christmas present. Glad to see you back. kR
  11. That line has been crossed before but it WAS by a dealer. Glad you got it straightened out. kR
  12. Hey KK how ya been? Hope to see ya there. kR
  13. I hope to be shootin Plainsman by then. kR
  14. Right back to ya JJ and SP it was good shooting with you this year. Hope to shoot with you at least as much next year. kR
  15. The laws of physics do not apply to ageing. Hair seems to gravitate downward, from the top of your head to your ears, nose and the rest of your body. Fat which is heavier floats upward from your but to your gut. kR
  16. Somehow I missed this. Congratulations Deadhead. Are you coming to WR this year? kR
  17. Yep its true. Should be balanced as close as possible to keep the usage from both sides at the same time as close as possible. kR
  18. Love that music, been to Louisiana several times, can't wait to go back. kR
  19. 38-40 and 44-40 use a Lee #14. 45 Colt will use a #11 or a #14. It will be a little loose in a #14. 38-40 and 44-40 will not work in a #11. kR
  20. If you have any spots left I would like to reserve two. Shirttail Bess will send the application out later today. kR
  21. Might be 1/3 mile. Maybe a little more. About 4 miles from my house. kR
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