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  1. So far I've had 3 pair returned to a normal trigger pull by replacing or repairing the existing trigger spring. The worst had 1/2 lb trigger pull, try shootin those gunfighter. They are now about 2 1/2 lb. Still could be a little heavier but they're OK. kR
  2. Don't try to find the site for Dick's sporting goods. kR
  3. The small primer pocket acp are easier to load as the primer pockets are more consistent than the large primer pocket cases. Could be due to the fact that there are fewer brands. As far as people complaining about other folks using a case with small primer pockets I feel the same way when someone uses 44 mag when I'm using 45 Colt or 38-40 when I'm using 44-40. All depends on your perspective. kR
  4. With that velocity and bullet weight (both instances) I would be wondering if the gun went off. kR PS hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  5. Does Shortcake know yer lookin at pictures like that? kR
  6. If the screw that holds the trigger tension spring is long enough you can make a spring booster by using a piece of #32 piano wire to add on top of the existing spring. kR
  7. Hot glue gun works the best that I've tried. I've tried wax, crimp and several other types of glue. kR
  8. If your lead levels are elevated you may want to get them lowered by using chelating agents. If you do it is important to take a multi vitamin also as the chelating agent is not lead specific as to what it removes, it will remove all of the things like potassium etc from your body which could result in other problems. kR
  9. Polaris 900 S all Black ATV from Shirttail Bess. kR
  10. They should be the same as the OMV's. My wife has swapped some of my OMV grips for her SS grips as she likes them better. kR
  11. Nuthin wrong with a little horseradish on top. kR
  12. Several places. SASS has them. How many do you need. What color, etc. kR
  13. Nothin better than a Half smoke on a giant hot dog bun with hot sauerkraut and topped with pickled Jalapenos. kR
  14. Don't click unread. Once you've read it is no longer "unread" and will not show up until a new post is added. kR
  15. It should not do that. Horn is just protein the same as hair. kR PS Maybe the rust is coming from non SS parts like springs.
  16. Thanks 40. Still hoping to make it to Prescott this winter and meet up with you. kR
  17. Some of the screws from the Taurus will fit the originals, like the screw that holds the forearm on. kR
  18. There are some old ruins and such in the area also. kR
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