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  1. I will be home on Mon morning and send some pics. kR
  2. ATF does about the same thing. kR
  3. I live a hundred+ miles south of you 4T and am in that corridor to your door step. kR
  4. If he's 80 it would be neither. I was in grade school when Korea was going on and I'm 75. kR
  5. and if they weren't excessively redundant the 6 o'clock news would only last until 6:05. kR
  6. Just picked mine up yesterday. Has the Boyd stock like your #4 but stippled. All Kidd components silver,20"match polished bbl, single stage trigger, medium extended mag release, silver bolt with black Viton. Took it to the range and tried it. Shot nine different types of ammo. 4 of the 9 groups had all 5 rounds touching, two of them were close enough to on hole that you could not tell how many shots were there. kR You did good Widder, that is one nice rifle.
  7. I have Mernickle rigs (4) One I bought new the others were used. I like used stuff it has character, I really like used guns, my only regret with used guns is not knowing their stories so I have to use my imagination. kR Just sayin if you buy new it'll only be that way until you use it the first time.
  8. Yep I knew that was Anita and Allie just didn't know who that young fella was with them. kR
  9. That looks like Anita on the left, I ain't sure about them other two. kR
  10. Gol dang Loch Ness monster. Chefs Dad
  11. D*nm, I never woulda guessed. kR
  12. Daggone Blackwater I just wish ya wouldn't beat around the bush every time ya post on here. kR
  13. Put the wedge into just the arbor if it goes in try it just in the bbl if it goes in then things are not lining up as they should if it will not go in when the gun is assembled. kR
  14. If you could get the ball seated so the cylinder would turn there should not be a problem, if you were shooting real BP. My C&B's are loaded so the ball almost touches the back of the barrel when it turns and that is a compressed load. kR
  15. Kid Rich

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    I'm not sure what my appropriate response should be to this Noz. kR PS so I guess take yer pick.
  16. Probably not appropriate for me to comment. I think it is worth the effort put forth by all the workers and the participants. An absolutely great shoot put on by one of the most dedicated group of people I have ever had the privilege to be associated with. kR
  17. What he said. I won a box of their 45 colt ammo 200g powder coated rnfp bullet, 445fps, made with Starline brass and Federal primers. Suitible for rifle or revolver. Great lite recoil load for Cowboy but will not meet WB pf. kR
  18. Been 55 yrs since I've been exposed to tear gas or any other. Don't remember much about it. kR
  19. RR if you remember last year at WR we have concrete or block on some of the stages on the east end of the range they have wood covering the concrete behind the loading and unloading table to eliminate splatter in case of an AD. kR
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