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  1. From the North East. We have been using Vermont wood pellets for the past 10 years. 3.5 tons get us thru the average winter. We pay $295 per ton (a Pallet) delivered and stored in the garage. We also have a Honda Generator to keep the fans in the stove running in the event of a power failure. Only elec used in the stove is for a small fan. We love the stoves it is cheaper than paying for oil.
  2. Hey Chuck the Manville Regulators will be shooting Saturday. Should be a nice day! You can come to Roy.
  3. Registration is now open! http://www.thegreatnoreaster.com
  4. I have officiated many weddings, more funerals, but many weddings. Flowers are usually in a basket. Ring is usually on a small pillow. Put pillow with ring in basket, Hopefully the girl will not throw out the ring!
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