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  1. That's not a golf club bag, it's a rifle case. I have 2 and they work great. I'm rolling mine out to the truck tomorrow morning, in fact.
  2. I know where you can get these, 155 grain and a 135 grain. Tried to pm you but it says you can't receive messages.
  3. I don't think that 1/8" will make the much difference in a SASS gun.
  4. William: That is true, but with thinner 44-40 brass it seems to expand just fine, and my guns stay pretty clean. And I still get at least 6 reloads from the brass. And I didn't have to buy 2 new cylinders and pay a gunsmith to ream them. KISS is my motto. It does make my fired 44-40 look more like 45 Colt though, but I switched my wife to 45CS so it didn't matter.
  5. Usually better to use a lighter spring than cut the existing spring, in my experience. Just did that to my son's Stoeger. He likes it much better.
  6. Ruger didn't do 44-40 New Vaqueros because they couldn't guarantee that they would work with all brands of brass. My experience with reaming my 2- 44 special Opentops shows that there is VERY little room between the rims edges, but with R-P, Winchester, and Starline brass I have been fine. I rented a reamer and did it myself, so I can't tell you who else might do it. You take a chance of ruining your first cylinder if it doesn't work, so allow for that.
  7. Do you want a military looking rig or a more western rig that fits a 1911?
  8. For me it was a bang when I expected a click. Has happened to me 3 times, but at least it was someone elses guns. Working at an Armored Truck Company these things happened far too often.
  9. I would bet that if you drew a mile circle around all schools, churches, rec. areas, bars, liquor stores, day care centers and residential areas , it would be impossible to find a piece of property that was not inside one of these circles.
  10. Is this the Blackpowder pepperbox 4 or 5 barrel gun that you have to manually turn the barrel?
  11. Windshield water fluid IS soapy water. I feel confident I can make my own.
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