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  1. I bought a Super 1050 maybe 5 or 6 years ago & was having trouble setting it up initially. It was likely dumbness on my part. I called Dillon 3 times for help, & when I called the 3rd time, they said, "You're having too much trouble with that new machine, so we're gonna send you another one. In 2 or 3 days, the new one showed up. They had the other one picked up. Replacement was perfect, as I had probably made all possible mistakes by then & learned from them. I also have a 650 & a 550 & have had other spectacular experiences with factory support, like the time I lit up a primer column of almost 100 primers. Great company to deal with, as most of you know.
  2. I use 158's for hot loads when I have Knockdowns. If I get within about 10 inches of the KD, the wind will knock them down. Otherwise, it's 105's for me with 2.7 grns of TiteGroup.
  3. Since we're not shooting bullseye competitions, I'm glad I never filed front sites on my pistols to point of aim. I think it's easier to find them quickly & get used to the adjustment of a certain amount of the front sight when the beeper goes off. However, I want my rifle right "on the money". Again, my two cents.
  4. In my opinion, a first class shooter's book & classy awards (especially buckles) are VERY important for a good impression of the match. Certainly for annuals, state championships, & above. If either appears cheap or haphazard, it doesn't reflect well on the match. Molly's buckles are the way to go for state champions (& above). It's also a nice touch for annuals. Two good friends won the overall not long ago at a state match & received very unimpressive awards for the overall win. Not good. If expense is an issue, raise the registration amount. It's a worthwhile investment for all involved. That's not the place to save money. My two cents.
  5. I have two of the Frankford arsenal vibra tubes. They hang up about 5-8 times while I'm loading 100, & I have to take it apart each time & straighten it out. I've tried everything from holding it at different angles, tapping it on the bench, using silicone spray (don't do this one), whatever I could think of. I even bought the 2nd one thinking maybe it was the one, but the new one does the same thing. This machine is a pain, but it's better than using the pickup tubes. If I knew the Hornady works perfectly, or close to perfectly, I'll spring for the price.
  6. Faygo, you said above that if anybody had any questions on the Cochlear implants, to PM you. I PM'ed with with some questions. No response. I tried again, & found that I was blocked. Naturally, I'm puzzled.
  7. Obviously, the best advice will come from the known fast guys, like Deuce & Junky on this topic. However, I can share my experience in my own evolution, & I have decreased my stage times significantly over the last year, & that year over the previous. Here are some things I have learned: If I try to shoot fast, I jack a round. If I think more about fast than hitting every single target every single time, I'm going to jack a round. I decide on a cadence, ESPECIALLY for a dump, or 4+ shots on a target that is safe for me, & it isn't as fast as I think I can shoot. I practice, usually 300-400 rounds/week. I'm fortunate to have a setup in my backyard with a mountain as my berm. If I have a misfire, I give the mainspring a quarter turn tighter. If it's a cold day (like 35 degrees or colder), & I'm at a shoot where I don't get a warmup stage to test everything, I'll tighten the mainspring a quarter-turn anyway, cause I know it's more likely to misfire on a cold morning. Even if it's a dump, focus on every single shot hitting the target. If you do that, & if you practice at least once/week, the speed will take care of itself. It's a lot like golf, as others have pointed out before. If you try to hit the ball hard, it doesn't work out. If you swing smoothly & correctly, you'll be amazed at how far the ball goes & how well things turn out. That's the only thing I learned at golf, because even though I played regularly & faithfully once a year, I never got any better.
  8. Hope you're not offended by an offer: If you would consider $200, plus the $25 shipping, I'll take the small primer one.
  9. 2 weeks between matches. I'm getting withdrawal shakes. Guess I'll take the duality out & pull some people out of ditches. That's always fun!
  10. Snap caps with microfiber cloth stretched over them & let sit for about 5 days. Did this twice for my wife's new rig, & it's now perfect!
  11. I have two SKB's , but I don't know what the "bump stop modification" is. What is it,, please?
  12. Snakebite, I always felt I had to have the fastest bike available. I won't go thru the list of approximately 60 bikes I've owned since I was 14YO (I'm 69). When I was young, I pretty much rode it like I stole it every time I was on one. i was in continual race mode. My son & I got our road race licenses when I was 58Yo, & we started doing track days in preparation to race WERA. Had a big crash at Nashville Superspeedway & got a helicopter ride to the Vanderbilt Trauma center. That knocked the Fast out of me. I've since owned a 2007 Screamin Eagle Ultra & a 2007 Kawasaki Concours, both extremely fast bikes. I realized that I never rode them fast anymore. I rarely got the Concours over 3500RPM, with a redline around 9000. What I know now is, I don't have to have the fastest, because I don't ride like that anymore. The articles, including road tests on the new Bonneville T120 are incredible. I think that's the bike for me, but I have equal respect for the T100, especially this gorgeous Red & Black one on this thread. P.S. the Nortons were always a lot faster than the Triumphs, but the Triumphs handled better.
  13. You probably got what you need by now. I bought a 66 new 3 years ago, & the loading gate broke almost immediately. Somebody in the know told me what to buy from Uberti, & I just looked up my notes from the time. I got one from Uberti & installed it. Mine took the large screw. 110313 – Ordered aftermarket Loading Gate. BA:220127/lgAftermarket Loading Gate (1866) Large Diam Screw Hole .115" OD (2005+) Quantity : 1 Price : US$35.00. Got it from VTI Gunparts. I had a lot of problems with that rifle, that could be attributed to who initially did the slick up & SS work. However, that same person built a 73 for me that was bulletproof. Once I got the 66 running perfectly & knew it would perform for a new owner, I sold it. That cowboy emailed me after about a year just to tell me how much he loved it. Anyway, I'm strictly a 73 man now. 18" Cimmaron Brush Popper in 38/357 from Marshall Harland Wolfe. It works every time so I can focus on my shooting without worrying about the equipment.
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Had a 1957 Triumph Cub, a 1960 650 TR6, 1967 650 Bonneville, 1969 Norton 750 Roadster, 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider, & later another 1975 Norton 850 Hi-Rider. I'm currently trying to resist buying a 2017 Bonneville T120 that I was drooling over in the showroom yesterday. I thought I was thru riding when I sold my 2007 Screamin' Eagle Ultra & my 2009 Concours about 6 months ago, but I'm starting to get withdrawal shakes.
  15. +1 on Hoss. Red Dot, 7/8 oz Claybuster, 7 1/2 shot, or 8 if I can't get the 7 1/2. Remington STS or Winchester. STS will last 4 times longer. I'll PM a recipe for 890fps, which handle all knock-downs for the Missus & me at the 4 clubs we shoot with, When we shoot States, Regionals, EOT, we use factory Winchester Featherlights, just to be absolutely sure I didn't booger one up in the batch.
  16. I think Boggus Deal & Ringer had the right idea. Everyone should run a BB, especially in my class.
  17. I have a Big Boy in 45 Colt in my safe that I bought brand new. I started CAS 4 years ago last month & I used the Henry in my first match. It jammed on the 2nd stage with 8 rounds in the pipe. Everyone clued me in that the Big Boy is a beautiful deer rifle, but can't take CAS speeds. I bought a 73, had it slicked up, & never looked back. I still like to look at the Big Boy, but I haven't shot it since.
  18. Please buy some in 11EE & sell them to me at that same price. Thanks in advance!
  19. I wear Wiley X, mostly the clear ones. I also have some polarized, but the clears just work better for me most of the time. I got them from my optometrist. His son was a Navy Seal, & he said that's what all his bud's wear. He also said they are much hardier than Oakleys. Before I got the prescription glasses, would shoot in the middle of the blur, & it was okay most of the time. What a difference the prescription glasses made! My optometrist asked if I wanted to focus on the front sight or the targets, & I guessed at the targets. It's worked out GREAT for me. I also wear them driving.
  20. I went to a specialist, & he said I'd be ready for Cochlear implants in less than 6 months. He also said they'd be $50K. Of course, the insurance would pick up part of it. I was thinking it over when my wife & I were at a Golden Corral right behind a guy with what looked like a mini satellite dish on the side of his head & wires that appeared to be connected to his brain. I told my wife, "Please tell me that isn't the Cochlear implant!". She said it was. So, now the only reason I might do that is if I can get Netflix thru the mini dish on my head. Otherwise, I'll need to learn sign language or something. We run the Close captioning "on" 100% of the time. Otherwise, I might as well be watching silent movies. I'd be depressed if I weren't so good-looking.
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