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  1. If you prefer cut & weld, Jimmy Spurs also does fantastic work.
  2. And, you'll use slightly less TG than Clays for the same ballistics. I've been using TG since Clays went dry in about 2012 for pistol & rifle. 2.7 gr with 125gr bullet is a popular load.
  3. Yeah, I never miss. But, I know it will have to happen someday.
  4. Thanks, man! I bought one. Expensive, but I needed it. As I recall, I bought my last 8lb jug from you.
  5. Looked like it worked out pretty well for you from where I was standing. And, I was standing pretty close!
  6. Sorry I missed out on the American Select. If anybody sees some, feel free to let me know. I could use an 8 lb jug, maybe 2.
  7. Interesting! I've never seen a double trigger SKB.
  8. We have 20 campsites still available for the Ga. State Championship. If you are coming & want to camp, it would be a great idea to get your application in. Water & electric, both 30a & 50a on all sites. No sewer, but there is a dump station. And there is a shower facility. Also, as Kajun said above, Fast Eddie will be ordering buckles soon, so get your app in so you can plan to get your spectacular Molly's Buckle!
  9. Exactly! I also hate picking up hulls with any slick on 'em. After trying lots of slick stuff thru the years, my tried & true is to brush the chambers after every stage & then hit 'em with a 3x3 patch wrapped around a wire brush. This method has been working well for Ophia & me for years. When loading, I twist the hull with a dry microfiber & drop them in the EWG 6 hole checker. If they don't drop in & out easily, I drop them in the trash. I check the finished shotshells again when loading them on the belt at every stage. If they don't pass, they go in the practice pile.
  10. Were you using the stolen ones? Could be you waited too long to use 'em.
  11. Just registered Ophelia Payne & me. So, it appears that if everything went thru, does that mean we're in? Or, does that mean everything will be counted & then we found out who's in & who's on the wait list?
  12. You might want to re-visit those priorities.
  13. I'll bet that was exciting! Was anybody killed?
  14. I use one for stainless cylinders, & it works well to mostly remove the crud on the front of the cylinders. I also used it for the assembly of the forearm on an SKB that fixed a problem for me (SG came apart twice on stages at the Southeast Regional). I started with Simple Green, but it removed the anodizing on the carrier of my wife's 1873 rifle. The carrier still works fine & looks like a titanium carrier now. I switched to another solution on Amazon that specifically stated it could be used for guns. I haven't been comfortable running my entire Rugers thru it, cause I don't want to disassemble them to re-lube. But, I know experienced, fast cowboys who do their entire guns. And, as others have stated above, having two tanks wouldn't be a good idea. Make sure you get one large enough to accommodate an entire gun.
  15. Kajun & I have often wondered if you noticed. Now we know.
  16. Glad to hear you guys are coming back to shoot with us. Bring LOTS of Floridians with you!
  17. Wow, I paid about $200 for mine. Seems like it's been about 4-5 years ago. This one shows $151.
  18. Yohan must be asleep! I know he won't let me get away with this!
  19. I know I can beat Yohan. I beat him by at least one-half second 51% of the times we shoot together!
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