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  1. Since we're not shooting bullseye competitions, I'm glad I never filed front sites on my pistols to point of aim. I think it's easier to find them quickly & get used to the adjustment of a certain amount of the front sight when the beeper goes off. However, I want my rifle right "on the money". Again, my two cents.
  2. In my opinion, a first class shooter's book & classy awards (especially buckles) are VERY important for a good impression of the match. Certainly for annuals, state championships, & above. If either appears cheap or haphazard, it doesn't reflect well on the match. Molly's buckles are the way to go for state champions (& above). It's also a nice touch for annuals. Two good friends won the overall not long ago at a state match & received very unimpressive awards for the overall win. Not good. If expense is an issue, raise the registration amount. It's a worthwhile investment for all involved. That's not the place to save money. My two cents.
  3. Tried GOEX & tried APP in the 32 H&R on my 650. Clumping problems with both. 777 works great. However, even with the 777 I strain the powder before I pour it into the powder hopper. I also use the Dillon powder check. The APP works fine with the press for 38's in the 1050. I strain it first just to be sure. And, I use the Dillon powder check. When I use up the APP, I'll go to all 777 for the 38's, 32's, & the Shotshells. I also use the 777 in the MEC 9000 for BP.
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