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  1. I’ll have to take it and bring it home for inspection, it may take a while.
  2. I use Chrome and see no change.
  3. Not a frequent looker,but it appears to work now.
  4. 96 pieces of one fired and cleaned .32 S&W brass and 75 80 grain Bear Creek bullets. $35 shipped.
  5. If you use FBDEAL in the checkout you get 10% off.
  6. Well according to a former Remington/Marlin worker the 1895 uses the same screw so I went on Rugers Website and they have them in stock, 2 are on the way.
  7. Have a local former Remington Marlin worker her and according to him, the 1895 uses the same screw, so i went on line and found they have them in stock for $4, alsoJack First in Rapid City (where I live) now has stainless steelones in stock, there is a guy on Gunbroker who makes his own and finally there are some used ones on EBAY. Good Luck

  8. Tried all of the usual and unusual sources. My wife's Marlin spit it out at our match on Sunday Thanks
  9. Vihtavouri load data http://merlin555.free.fr/pn/Vihtavuori_Cowboy_Data.pdf
  10. Talk to Johnny Meadows, he's had both done with reverse replacements and is very happy with it. I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder 3 years ago it's still not good.I have an appointment with the Mayo Clinic next month to see if they can do anything.
  11. Frankford Arsenal works fine for me https://www.frankfordarsenal.com/case-cleaning/ You can buy them cheaper at Amazon
  12. 3rd trip, they still had SP magnum and LP, the guy at the counter was opening up about 8,000 Federal mixed primers. He said 3 days before they got 150,000 primers in. Still you could only get 200 per person per day.
  13. Stopped at Sportsmans Whse in Chandler yesterday, they had a shopping cart full of CCI SP Magnum, LP and LR. You could only get 200 per person, Bonnie and I got 200 each. $5 something per 100. May have to go back today.
  14. If you're talking about Vernier sights look at Lee Shaver or Montana Vintage Arms and a globe front sight. https://stores.leeshavergunsmithing.com/economy-soule-type-sights/ https://montanavintagearms.com/sights/
  15. My wife has one short stroked by Carty, I load a 125 gr round nose by Bear Creek to 1.42. Good luck. I like the Bear Creek because they have no crimp grove and I can seat them to what ever length I want.
  16. I've shot Winter Range and EOT long range matches for a number of years. They do a nice job and I thank all of the volunteers that make it happen. Personally I'd like to see more recognition for the more difficult stages, like the Bill Williams 500 meter and Quigley. These are the most difficult (in my opinion) matches and they only recognize first place and go down to 3rd in some of the easier stages. It was nice to see them seperate the ladies in some of the categories. Knowing the distances gives everyone the chance to practice.
  17. Try Jack First in Rapid City, SD
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