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  1. The picture and link that Deacon provided is the replacement lever cam. To me Brownells has the picture upside down. This is the cam on the lever that is pinned on. The tip of your lever spring rides on this cam. Your lifter spring rides on the lifter arm.
  2. Yes they do. Brownells has them in stock. The last lever I got from Taylors had the replaceable cam. I've been shooting it about a year. It is holding up well.
  3. Try them on Facebook. It has contact info, pictures, and information. Good group of cowboys.
  4. After reading the definition of shooting string in the shooters handbook, I think you would need to holster the first pistol prior to shooting the next type of firearm. I think gunfighters would be the only ones who could stage pistols after the first pistol sequence. I could be wrong though.
  5. Black set of Kirkpatrick double strongside holsters with cartridge slide and badge holder. Belt is 46" to center. Fits 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 guns. Pics on request. $125, includes shipping.
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