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  1. Retired - YEP Travel - Shot in seven states this year plus local monthly every week. Grandkids - Six grandkids ages 3-7 (all live within 20 minutes) so most activities are during the week. Kids know Papaw and Mamaw shoot on weekends so they plan things later in day so we can attend. New clubs - Shot three new clubs this year. (New to us) Our club was down at least 25% this year for various reasons but we'll be there for those that want to and can shoot.
  2. I was able to pick up some Cheddites and heard the same thing about size difference. Got them home and miked them against the Winchesters. They were exact same size.
  3. Howdy Regulators, Well, after looking at three different weather services the best I could come up with is cold, windy and rainy. This does not make for a fun Cowboy shoot so we are cancelling the shoot for this Saturday, October 30th. Thanks for your support throughout the past year and hope to see all of you next year. Seamus Well, our shooting season is rapidly drawing to a close. We are planning to have our last shoot on Saturday, October 30th. We will shoot six stages of fast and fun banging and clanging. Registration will start at 8:45 with lead headed down range at 10:00 AM. We might be short on setup help so anyone who can come around 7:30 or so to help set up would be appreciated. Coffee and donuts available in the morning with a light lunch available after the shoot. As of right now the weather is looking pretty dicey with highs in the lower 50's and rain and/or drizzle. Wet and cold is not fun so stay tuned for updates on the shoot. A final decision will be made no later than Friday morning on status of the shoot. Hope we can get this one in.
  4. Got to shoot with BWJ earlier this year. A fine promoter and ambassador for our sport. I got to talk with him briefly several times at SER. He's a hard man to pin down always on the move making sure the match was running full tilt and everyone was having a great experience. A well deserved honor. If you are a Star Wars fan then you need to see the shooters book at SER. It was pure genius linking Star Wars to a cowboy story.
  5. This match is well worth the 10 hour drive from the beautiful north shore state of "Other". Branchwater Jack wrote an outstanding match.....loved the story. Huge thanks to the entire NAR crew. Big thanks to Kid Rick for the "hex". It got me a clean match.
  6. Dutch, it's been a pleasure to know you and shoot with you. Congratulations.....well deserved.
  7. GREAT NEWS!! Last night, after dancing around my trailer naked three times at midnight while chanting the Ohio State fight song and waving the State of Ohio flag, I am certain that I was able to reverse the hex and drive away the evil Bama spirits. Through incantations I summoned the spirit of our beloved Woody Hayes that assured me this would be effective even though performed the night AFTER the full moon.....time will tell.....we'll see. GO BUCS!
  8. Seems there was some sort of welcoming gift on my trailer we we got back today.
  9. Skinny kid......Sedalia Dave belt.....ya gonna wrap it around him twice.....jes sayin.
  10. Great news. You hang in there young lady. Still praying.
  11. The wife used to shoot APP in our set of Stainless Single Sixes in Frontier Cartridge. She also shot Cimarron Lightnings in .38, also very light recoil. Just recently picked up a pair of unfired Model P Jr's in 32H&R/32-20. We both shoot Classic and have to shoot REAL calibers so all the smaller guns are holding down space in the safe waiting for the grandkids to start shooting.
  12. I use MS Publisher. I have a file built with all of my targets on it. When I build a stage on a page, I know exactly how many targets are left for the rest of the stages. I drew the target shapes and props myself using some existing program shapes.
  13. Cagney & Lacey TV show 1981-88 Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly Way before your time young fella.
  14. Scuse me! Its called a HAND gun not a HANDS gun.
  15. Sorry to hear this. Prayers going up for a first class lady.
  16. Hate to hear this. We're praying for you. Seamus and Kay
  17. Looks like I have to change my category to Buckarette or La Patrona.
  18. Gee, finally a graph that doesn't put me in the "other" group. (SASS #94002)
  19. Did I mention you have way too much free time.
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