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  1. Thanks. Look forward to shooting with you all. Bringing the my usual SMOKE and BOOM.
  2. What time are you fellers starting the Wed. Shoot tomorrow morning.
  3. Littleton seven dripper shot maker, 220 volt. Long cord and plug end included. Has on/off switch. Drops 7 1/2 size shot. Have refined this to make a compact bench top set-up. The shot maker is hinged with lever to tip up to stop flow while keeping lead hot. Catch tank sets in reservoir with adjustable overflow and thermometer to monitor cooling fluid temperature. Dipper strainer and drain tank. Also can include graphite roller, graphite, shot bags and stitcher for sewing shot bags closed. Have shot rolling ramp and sorting pans for better grade shot sorting. Depending on how much shipping one wants to get into, can ship just the shot maker and or however much of the rest of the equipment you want. Can't ship the 4 gallons of brake fluid used as coolant, but will include it if we can do a local pick up of everything here or perhaps can meet part way. Will sell the everything or just the shot maker for $300. Also if anyone can do a local pickup, I have around a hundred pounds of lead refined into 1 lb. ingots that we may work a deal on. Figure 75 cents per ingot. PM me and we can check into shipping. Also be glad to relay any knowledge I've gained making lead shot.
  4. Grizzly Killer, Will add the .41 Mag in the box. Headed in town to post office in the morning and will ship your brass then. Thanks,
  5. is one bag of win. 9mm all you have?


    if so i'll take the one you got more let me know

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    2. Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Cobra Kid, 

      Your brass is on the way USPS tracking # 9505 5158 2107 8351 3214 16

      I will let you know when I get your check.

      Thanks much, Cpl. Henry

    3. Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Cpl. Henry B. Tolate

      Have received your check.  Hope you have received the brass by now.


    4. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      got the brass today thanks,if you get any more  Win. 9mm let me know


      Merry Christmas 


      cobra kid

  6. Cleaning out all extra brass. It has been cleaned and sorted. .45 Colt; 50 of Winchester and 50 of R - P, (all 100 , once fired) $20.00 .45 Colt; 70 of mix brands (Hornady, A P, HRTRS, Aguila, couple new R-P, $12.00 .45 Auto; Have left Winchester (1500), Federal (2000), Remington (500), all large primer. $5.75 per 100 (Special deal; 1500 pieces shipped for $80.00) (first to say I do, can pick brand) .38 Spec. Have only 500 Winchester left. Shipped for $73.50 (and have room in box for others) .32-20 WCF; Full box of 50 once fired W-W plus 3 extra, $15.00 .32 S&W Long 33 pieces, plus 5 pieces of .32 H&R and 12 pieces of .327 Fed. Mag. $8.00 Other Non-SASS Calibers 9 mm; mixed head stamp, (have 3400 left) $2.50 per 100 (2000 shipped for $55.00) 9 x 18mm Makarov, one bag of 30 $8.00 5.7 x 28mm one bag of 510 $15.00 .45 G.A.P. 20 pieces, Federal $4.00 .454 Casull; 19 pieces, Hornady $10.00 .480 Ruger; 7 pieces, Hornady $ 3.00 .50 AE ( 8 Speer nickel & 1 Hornady brass) $3.00 .500 S&W Mag. Box of 20 + 4 total 24 pieces $8.00 Rifle .30/06 Winchester 1 box of 20 pieces for $8.00 .223 Rem. Commercial R-P, FC, Winchester, mostly with some Misc. total over 300 pieces, $30.00 5.56 Head stamped LC and FC, dated 2011 thur 2018, 250 pieces $20.00 Shipping in USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Small $7.20, Medium $13.65, Large $18.90 A small will hold 300 .38 Specials or 500 9mm or 250 .45 Auto A Medium will hold up to 2000 pieces of .45 Auto
  7. here is my email address: cbhu22@sbcglobal.net

    I can check that with my phone

  8. I ran acrossin my piles of stuff, 4 boxes of 32 cal rifle bullets.Factory cast from Buffalo Arms. .324 dia 210 grain with gas checks. Would you be interested in these 4 boxes at 50 each $15.00 per box.

    Your other stuff is packed ready to go

  9. The cost for the dies and molds are $40.00.

    Shipping should be about $7.00. The weight on the mold box says 175 grain and I have never used this mold. I have never cast anything.



    send to:

    Gene Loche

    315 Centre av

    St. Louis, Mo. 63135

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