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  1. For general information in case anyone else wants to know. I talked to Maggie at Howell Arms. She said the Uberti cylinder will not fit Army SAN Marco. Typically ASM has oversized parts, whether it is cylinder pin size or bolts, plus timing issues. They use to do custom fitting, but no longer.
  2. Not sure. Can you get ahold of a Uberti to try interchanging the cylinders? That may indicate if they would fit. Or maybe someone else can chime in here with insight.
  3. These fit the Uberti models. Which by the way are the size of an original '58 New Model Army. Have use in a restored 1864 made one that I have shot.
  4. These are for the Uberti made Remington '58s. $385. for the pair, shipped.
  5. Muley Gil, got notice that you reacted to this post about the Dragoon, but not sure what that means. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Cholla for fixing my pictures. Sgt. Duncan thanks for the comments. And thanks to Prairie Dawg. SOLD
  7. iPad did not load pictures right. Will get on laptop and see if I can correct.
  8. J.E. Gren of Spokane WA Conversion. High quality workmanship. He was sort of pioneer in converting new percussion revolvers. Made a number for Hollywood movies. This one started as a .44 Navy style. 7 1/2" octagon barrel Navy sized grip. Has barrel and cylinder lined to properly handle .38 S&W cartridge. Loading gate and backing plate with firing pin attached to recoil shield. A nice well balanced, good handling and accurate shooter. $385. Plus shipping to your FFL. IMG_1432.HEIC IMG_1433.HEIC IMG_1435.HEIC IMG_1436.HEIC IMG_1437.HEIC IMG_1438.HEIC
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