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  1. Last pair and good boots for only $25. bucks. Think some shoe oil would blend in the toe stain.
  2. SPF-- Leather cuffs are 6 1/2" long with snap closure at 2 1/2" bottom. About 3 1/2" round at top. $30.00 shipped.
  3. SPF -- Buckskin Chaps, like shade leather. Fit waist size 34" to about 40. Actually 42" to last hole in belt. I'm a 36" and can wear in middle hole over waist belt. Leg length is 32". Full length leg zippers on outside under the fringe. $75.00 + shipping.
  4. Back up one more time with reduced prices and shipping included.
  5. 3. Unknown brand, but made in USA, size 9 1/2 D, tan/brown, 11" high. Right boot has an oil stain on toe. These have very little wear as you can see by the soles. $25.00 shipped.
  6. Ok, looks like the Mav .44 will go to Prairie Dawg. The .452-200 goes to Dallas McPewPew. Thanks fellas, will get in touch on message board.
  7. SOLD Mav Dutchman .44/ 200 gr. (.44-40) Big Lube 6 cavity Brand new. $60. + shipping. SOLD Lee 452-228-1R double cavity 45 / 228 gr. (.45 Auto) Has been used, but taken care of. $20. + shipping SOLD Lee 452-200-RF double cavity 45 / 200 gr. (.45 Colt). Has been used not abused, very good cond. $20. + shipping Lee 90385 .312-155. RN Single cavity brand new. $18. + shipping SOLD Lee C 309-170-F Single cavity .30 cal. 170 gr. RNFP used, but makes good Bullets $15. + shipping These are molds that I bought, but did not get into those calibers or find I no longer
  8. Amigo, Coating ? There doesn't seem to be any coating on them. I had ran these through vibrator with treated corn cob media a several months ago. Had marked the bag count at 510. I'd say they look good, clean and ready to process.
  9. Oregonian, The med. flat rate box is most economical way to ship, but that is $15.05. So what I would do is make it $40.00 shipped.
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