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  1. Well the night’s not a total loss. The Fifth Element is coming on the SyFy channel!
  2. My sister found the longhorn holders at a thrift store and I got the glasses at a yard sale. Win Win
  3. Drinking on the porch. UPDATE for y’all who asked: Carol is doing great! The oncologist said the tumor has shrunk by 50%. He said, “You’ve had no negative side effects, blood work numbers continue to improve, some being near normal. Looks like you hit a home run!” She has another treatment on Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll be able to set up an appointment with the cancer center in Farmington NM for follow up treatments, which will last a year or two, and start back home before the 4th. Looking forward to being back at the ranch. Not looking forward to the trip though. Not all the hotels are fully open yet and eating out is problematic. We’ll probably take a supply of microwave meals with us. We do have some N95 masks that Capt. Callahan sent. He’s a saint! Stupid pandemic couldn’t have hit at a worse time.
  4. All enlisted band members start at the rank on Staff Sgt E6 https://www.marineband.marines.mil/Members/Musicians/ But rank is not worn on the band dress uniform. Chapter 6 USMC UNIFORM REGS https://www.marines.mil/portals/1/Publications/MCO 1020.34H v2.pdf?ver=2018-06-26-094038-137 6103. INSIGNIA 1. Officers of the Marine Band will wear appropriate insignia prescribed in paragraph 4005, except that on the full dress coat, embroidered insignia of grade will be attached to the shoulder knots. 2. Insignia for Marine Band musicians will contain the musical lyre (See fig. 6-1). Insignia will be worn in the same manner prescribed for equivalent enlisted grade insignia in chapter 4. On special full dress coats or jackets, grade insignia and service stripes are not worn. Musicians will not wear grade insignia or service stripes on full dress coats or jackets; however, the Drum Major/Assistant Drum Major, Operations Chief and Assistant Operations Chief will wear grade insignia. Insignia of grade will be worn on the blue all-weather coat and 8th and I overcoat in the same manner as worn on the standard gray all-weather coat. Enlisted musicians will wear the gold metal grade insignia. 3. The Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major will wear officer branch of service insignia on the red coat (collar devices), on the white dress cover and on the waist plate. https://www.marines.mil/portals/1/Publications/MCO 1020.34H v2.pdf?ver=2018-06-26-094038-137
  5. That must have been a while ago. Today’s cards won’t work in a manual machine with carbon paper.
  6. I prefer Ham and Eggs, chopped.
  7. Lunch meat here is okay but pasta, rice, and paper towels are still out. I need some Uncle BeN’s rice...or whatever they name in now.
  8. I tried that but they said the deliveries are just what the supplier sends, not necessarily what they ordered.
  9. Eagle Hats makes a gambler with a wide ribbon like that. They’re made in USA and not expensive. https://eaglehats.com/product-category/felt-hats/
  10. Arguing with those types of people is like trying to teach a pig to sing.
  11. Guaranteed to make it all the way to the ground.
  12. No. We used the side doors. Jumped C130s off the ramp when we were using an equipment bundle. The rear clamshell doors had to be removed from the 119 to drop cargo. Kind of a pita for the aircrew. I always wondered how they handled with the rear ended open like that.
  13. Leopard with round spots. Leopard with square spots. Same species.
  14. Much more than half. He posted it on the Wire accidentally. You must suffer the slings and arrows of outraged cowboys if you do that. I found that out years ago.
  15. My grandfather was the deputy commander of the 435th Troop Carrier Wing out of Homestead FL in the early 60s.They flew C119s. All of my exits in Jump School were from a C119. It is a very loud aircraft.
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