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  1. Been by it. I’ll stop in next time. Yum. Mz Zips is another goodn.
  2. It’s amazing what you can see when you’re far from the light pollution of the city. I was gazing at the Milky Way last night till it got a bit too chilly.
  3. Okay here’s my opinionated opinion. Having another glass tonight. Without tasting it with the Macallan. As I mentioned, being a Bourbonophile, my best reference is the beloved Southern classic. The Jura seems somewhat like a manly bourbon on first introduction. Tonight I added a few drops of water and the difference was noticeable as it is with many brands of uisge beatha . I think that Jura compares favorably with a good Rye, which I also like. It has a nice smoky quality that’s not overpowering like some too peaty varieties. 80 proof and pretty smooth with a slight peppery quality and, as I mentioned, a bit of campfire smoke key on the finish. The Macallan on the other hand has shares some similar characteristics with a Makers Mark or Basil Hayden. Bottom line is it think the Jura will find a place in my cabinet.... just in time for Jack Frost’s impending frigid appearance. Alba gu bràth!
  4. I shall continue to call them Bos’ns. I can’t call em BMs.
  5. My brother in law drank cheap Scotch and I would drink it with him. I thought it was an acquired taste.
  6. I see at least 3 other men with the lanyard around their neck. How many bosuns would there be?
  7. My last year well two years or so, was hell because of administration changes and politics. Rampant incompetence at the highest levels turned a great job into a nightmare.
  8. Not bad stuff. I am basically a Bourbon drinker, and it remains my go to spirit. I’ve just been trying Scotch lately. Good ones, not the cheap crap I had in my misspent youth.
  9. http://www.thepirateslair.com/us-navy-china-nautical-dinnerware-by-rank.html
  10. Yes, that’s an excellent analysis of the Scots-Irish culture in the South.
  11. Well I did a comparison tasting. Put the Jura up against the Macallan 12 double cask. In reading about the Jura it seems they revamped their line in 2017, crafting a friendlier, less peaty variety. Not being a Scotch connoisseur it’s hard for me to judge intelligently...well it’s hard for me to do pretty much anything intelligently so let me put it this way. Being primarily a Bourbon drinker I think I’ll compare the two to that classic Southern beverage. In fact, now that I think of it, they share certain similarities. Both the Scots and the Southerners have an historical distrust of big government. They both tend to be looked down upon by the “Established Higher Society” as rough and unsophisticated. They tend to be rebellious and have occasionally opened up cans of whupass. So it seems fair to compare their whisk(e)y. So I’ll do that. Tomorrow.
  12. Were you at Illingsworth when it got hit?
  13. Okay maybe not this evening there’s still a wee bit o’ MacAllan 12 left.
  14. I was in Custer's old unit. WE had a Little Big Horn battle streamer on the Bn colors. Oy!
  15. BluRay players are dirt cheap these days. No reason not to have one. My movie collection is about 50/50 DVD and BluRay.
  16. I enjoyed that guy. May he Rest In Peace.
  17. I came home from that hot place. Some of my friends did not. Every day since then has been a bonus.
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