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  1. OK I believe it fits all Henry 22's. H001 to H004. Ill send info in PM, thanks
  2. I've been shooting and tuning real Colt's for more than 25 years. Lots of rounds down range with my Colts. I have never had a broken handspring. When I just got a Rodeo II to see what they were like, the handspring broke in less than a minute of dry firing. That's when I thought about the trend to coil spring these guns, Bob Munden did it with Colts but I see no need for it.
  3. I have noticed people talk about sending their USFA's to gunsmiths (Longhunter comes to mind) to have action jobs. I totally understand that but is there a reason they do a coil hand spring mod. Do USFA's have a stock flat hand spring problem?
  4. If the ejector rod housing is there, I'll take it! It's not in photo.
  5. I added a photo of the butt plate. I believe it's original. A little wear but not bad for 84. It fits like it's original.
  6. 97 Winchester for sale. 12 ga TD. 30" full. Small hairline stabilized crack at wrist. Priced to sell at $500 plus $50 shipping east of the Mississip, $75 west of the Miss. This 97 is solid and good to go. Nice smooth action. Thanks for looking. BC
  7. For sale Winchester 97. SN. C201650 (1904). TD, 30" Full. LOP 13 1/2". This is a nice 97 with a smooth action. Good solid gun. No cracks. $525 plus $50 shipping
  8. They are out there. This was my 3rd scammer encounter. Be careful. If something seems odd, question it. It's a shame we have to be suspicious, but it's a sign of the times. BC
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