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  1. I am looking to buy Eagle Gunfighter grips both for my SASS Vaquero (New Model Vaquero) pistols and a set of Ruger Bisley Vaquero pistols. I prefer wood to other materials, as well as checkered...but well, beggars can't be choosers so I'm open to seeing what's out there. Anyone have a set of either they're interested in selling?
  2. Sounds good. Can you PM me contact info for her such that we can arrange getting together? I'll send you mine as well.
  3. Both B-Western and Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl require hats at all times and they cannot be straw or palm. SHB p 8-9. I do agree that shooting Classic I'd like to be able to wear a straw hat during the hotter months.
  4. The "unused" trigger is sold pending funds to @Rusty Cuffs @Caladisi kid I'm hoping for a local sale to keep things easy and to make sure the buyer sees the wear on it at purchase. If no one else speaks for it locally by the end of the weekend it's yours.
  5. I have two Slix straight triggers for Uberti 1873 rifles for sale at Land Run. One has very minor wear from a few match uses; the other was installed but never saw a match. I'd like $40 each. Being such small items I'd rather sell them person to person than at the cowboy yard sale. I'm camping at the shotgun range and will be here all weekend.
  6. Because I got bored and curious on my lunch hour. The states which have shooters attending along with the number from each state.
  7. Posses 1-10 shoot Friday AM, Saturday PM. Posses 11-20 shoot Friday PM, Saturday AM.
  8. I didn't make a particular attempt to format it nicely, but I did rearrange the order such that all shooters appear in order of posse. See attached. 2021 Land Run Attending by Posse Number.pdf
  9. Everyone seems to be thinking of SASS Premier Scoring, but are you talking about the app for iPhone/iPad which is specifically named CAS Scoring? If so, I'm fairly familiar with it and would be happy to help if I can. Send me a PM if that's the case and we can put our heads together.
  10. A good majority of my reloads these days are in Gun Club hulls, and in both my Stoeger and Cimarron 1878 double barrels they shuck just as easy as their STS brothers.
  11. I'll take #2: Universal "shuttle" charge bar. Sending you a PM.
  12. As long as both pistols meet the qualifications for whichever category you're choosing to compete in you'll be fine. There's nothing in the Shooter's Handbook stating your revolvers have to be identical.
  13. I just talked to Bustin' Head Lead this morning and he'll be vending at Land Run. His email is bhlead23@gmail.com.
  14. When I try to go to his old website, it forwards me to onlineoutpost.net. Seems to be an outfit which perhaps bought his stock and or designs and is now making/selling them? I've never heard of them before so it does make me a little concerned about ordering from there with the website all of a sudden forwarding like that.
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