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  1. I picked it up from my FFL yesterday evening; it's slick and gorgeous! I can't wait to get out and shoot it. Thanks again!
  2. Just replied to your PM. @LQ Jones if Not Dead Ed decides he's not interested I'll let you know. Thanks!
  3. I have a Slix-Trigger for Uberti 1873 rifles ONLY which was installed in my rifle for a few matches and I decided to go back with the factory trigger. It has some very slight marrs in the finish from installation and the handful of matches, but is in perfect functional shape. And the wear is unnoticeable when installed in the rifle. I'd like $45 shipped to your door in the continental US. I accept PayPal, cashier's check/money order, or your personal check. Thanks!
  4. Good discipline and exercise has caused me to shrink out of these shirts. I only wore each of them to a handful of shoots and they're in like-new condition. Yellow shirt SPF to Turkey Flats Jack. Black shirt still available; $40 shipped to your door in the continental US. I accept PayPal, cashier's check/money order, or your personal check. Thanks!
  5. I think a new world record has been set! Sending you a PM.
  6. I have two pair of Joe Perkins (Classic Single Action) custom grips for Ruger new model Vaquero's for sale. I bought these off the Wire myself, but found they were just too slim for my big ol' hands (I'm 6'3" for reference if you're wondering if these will fit your hands). They fit, look, and feel great...but my fingers run into my palm too much with them on. These are the Lacewood #9 and are in great shape. They fit NMV with the lock in the grip. I do not have the screws as those were misplaced leaving me with only the set holding the current grips on the guns. I'd like $150 shipped to your door (in the continental US) for both pair. I'll accept PayPal, cashier's checks/money orders, or your personal check. Thanks!
  7. How wide is the brim on the hat? Do you have any more pictures? Particularly from straight on showing the full shape/curve of the brim? Thank you!
  8. Even though they're 357 instead of 45, I'm still interested. Hopefully we can connect at Land Run today.
  9. If these are 45LC I'm at Land Run right now and am very interested. Thanks! Left you a voicemail. Thank you!
  10. Good morning @Cholla. At $150 plus USPS Priority shipping of $52 I'll take the press. I'll follow up with a response to your PM. Thanks!
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