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  1. Sure am. I'm helping Pony with it actually. It'll be a great time!
  2. @Pony Soldier has talked it up so much I can't miss it. I'll be there!
  3. Thanks @trvlrmn! I'll take the new and used. @Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 I'll still take up to 1,000 at $25/100 for new or $20/100 used if you have them and that meets your valuation. Considering who knows when Starline will be shipping them again I'd like to stock up as long as I have you gentlemen offering them.
  4. @Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 and @trvlrmn thank you! My order with Starline is for 2,000 cases, but I don't need that many to get me by necessarily. At $25/100 for new bras shipped that @trvlrmn quoted I'd buy up to that amount if either of you have that. Please just let me know what amount you come up with and we can figure it out.
  5. My order with Starline is now on month five of backorder with no end in sight. Anyone have any .44 Russian brass to sell? Preferably Starline but I'm open to others (do other companies even make this caliber?) Thanks in advance!
  6. Same, Pony Soldier. He influenced me to begin shooting Classic and his organization of the Classic Cowboy Throwdown, both last year and this, has been fantastic.
  7. I'll take the RCBS Cowboy .38/.357 3 die carbide set PM to follow
  8. For 44 Russian on my RL550B I use the sizing and seating dies from a Hornady carbide three die set and crimp with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. All technically 44 Magnum dies. The Lee die has the crimp adjustment knob nearly bottomed-out, but it crimps beautifully.
  9. Whew! You had me panicked for a moment!
  10. Did I miss something? If it's Alliant Extra-Lite you're referring to, it's still listed on their website and I see it on my LGS shelves every time I go in. I use it exclusively for my 12ga loads. Ballistic Precision is supposedly in the works to manufacture an adjustable charge bar similar to the one which used to be made in Canada. That said, I've had it on pre-order since January and it's missed multiple anticipated ship dates at this point.
  11. @G W Wade if Major Art Tillery isn't interested in the 44 Russian brass I am. Please PM me if it's available. Thanks!
  12. @MBFields Thank you for the pictures. How much are you asking? @Grouchy Spike I'll take your pair. I'll send you a PM to work out the particulars.
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