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  1. Funny how the deer belong to a state yet when you nail one with your car on the road the state doesn't pay for damages THEIR property caused. Yet if a farmer's cow gets out on the road and you hit it with your car the land owner is liable.
  2. Just remember, in 100,000 miles it will need its first oil change. Toyota. Quality is job one.
  3. Nope. That'll be Jeep.
  4. You must have posted the wrong picture, Father Kit.
  5. I played lead trumpet for too many years. My condition was called hernia. I knew what I had before the doc told me though. Them musical instruments are dangerous to one's health. Eveyone I know who is retired highly recommends it, fwiw.
  6. Put Landon down for TWO steaks. Lets fill him up so he's lethargic and shoots slooooow.
  7. It IS still possible to score a very good "pre-pandemic priced" firearm on GB. Occasionally though and you have to get lucky but I've done it a couple times. If there's something you want, just search for it using different search words and sometimes you'll find a gem.
  8. Yes, I know. I doubt the factory Glock barrel would survive that rate as well. Not a sustained 1200 rounds/min worth of heat. But it would be fun to watch the attempt.
  9. If I'm in! (If they allow reprobate low life cowboy anti-socialite types.)
  10. Need a larger magazine for that feat.
  11. I'll buy if the price is sane, but I do not sell on GB.
  12. Major! You doing a buckle for overall cowboy scoundral reprobate now?
  13. You forgot low-down, flea bitten, lop eared, bow legged, lily-livered varmints.
  14. A friend experienced the same thing with a stainless Ruger SBH in 44 mag. He cleaned it, shot it, and never looked back. The rust was surface only and cleaned right up.
  15. Sign up for the bestest newest match category around! CCFCGF!
  16. That Sharps rifle should stand out when it gets pawned somewhere. A fairly unique and seldom seen rifle. More modern guns not so much but it could be that that Sharps is identified in short order unless it goes across the border or in somebody’s basement for 10 years but I don’t see that happening as they were probably stolen to fund a drug habit. Problem is if the police find that Sharps it will be locked away, as evidence for who knows how long…
  17. When I was a 10th grader, one weekend I learned that two upper classmen had been involved in a car wreck, horribly killing one of them. They had been drinking and smoking pot. The driver, after getting out of the hospital, somehow avoided any serious charges and about six months after the accident I saw him drinking at another party. His actions had killed his best friend and through his sheer arrogance, or absolute idiocy did not seem to care. Laws and charges in punishment have certainly changed since then and I don’t think one could escape finding serious jail time for that now but that doesn’t change the fact that people are mangled and dead and those families will always struggle with those losses. Fast forward a number of years and when my son was in junior high, he came home and told me a story of how a kid at school got arrested by the police for possession of marijuana in his school locker. Come to find out it was the son of the person I mentioned in my first paragraph who was high when he killed his best friend in that car wreck. The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree sounds to me like the whole damn family needs to be in the clink.
  18. I have seen several of the new Ruger Marlins at the local Scheels, and they are exceptionally well made rifles. Their fit and finish is extremely well done. The 336 model didn’t last long but the two 44s they have even when offered at an $899 sale price did not sell. I’m hoping they do a 41 magnum in these.
  19. 1883 was good. Enjoyed it. 1923 is better. Enjoying it.. Not going to get hot and bothered about the actors and whether or not they think like me or not. It is a movie. I read a lot of books. I don’t dig into the author to determine whether or not they think like I do. It's entertainment.
  20. Technically doesn’t work in BW or CC but otherwise it's fantastic!
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