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  1. I have not used the Choice's cowboy loads but I have used some of their 44 mag and 45 Colt +P offerings and they have been great! Secure, fast shipping too.
  2. Congratulations on your retirement. The first thing you're going to do is play Cowboy? That is certainly taking retirement seriously.
  3. The show was OK but the books are excellent. Stick with reading... no aggravation, no stress over actor's BS. A much better deal. Amazing that the actor to replace Tom Cruise's Reacher is as nutty as TC is.
  4. Is the gov expected to sign this?
  5. I've seen him shoot. He shoots fully automatic revolvers. At least, that's what they sound like.
  6. Early production Japanese Cold Steel San Mai Master Tanto fixed blade knife and leather sheath. Knife is in excellent condition, possibly never used. Blade is perfect. Brass guard and pommel. These are no longer made. $300 shipped lower US 48.
  7. Brand new condition. With leather sheath. Blade is 6.25" and overall length is just shy of 12". USA made. $185 $165 shipped lower 48. Can do PP, F&F.
  8. I bought the knife new from Chisholm Trail Leather and it resided on my Crossfire Trail gunbelt and has never been used. Currently the leather sheath and knife are priced on the seller's site at $199 for the knife (KS54 The Savage) and $99 for the sheath (KS PP The Primative Pouch). I waited about three months for him to get this made and sent out. If you're interested I'd email you or text message you additional pictures of the knife and both can be seen on the website Chisholm Trail Leather $235 shipped USPS Priority Mail. Pictured with revolver for scale.
  9. Although I Iean towards agreeing with Pat Riot, the gun does earn a BARF emoji in this thread.
  10. Same here. CSS had some great Codys then. I miss their vending tent...
  11. Several times I have had the self checkout machine lock-up in the middle of self checking out and no associate around to assist. I waste no time walking out leaving everything in place, in the cart, on the scanner, partially bagged. If their equipment won't function properly it is not going to be my problem. And this is NOT Walmart, where I usually do get decent customer service. The repeat offender location is a Krogers and the only reason I occasionally go there is they are convienently located right on my way home from the four letter word that also aggravates me to no end all day. Many of my friends' kids have worked at Walmarts in the area. I hear stories of all kinds... rude customers, entitled shoplifters, incompetent supervisors, etc... Welcome to the new world. Once years back I went to Walmart early in the AM and needed help finding something, I have forgotten what exactly, and could not find an associate anywhere for help. I walked around until I came upon a huddle of 12 or so employees, all in some kind of a pre-shift safety/pep meeting. They started clapping and chanting something that sounded like a high school pep cheer, but for their job. They all looked embarrassed. Looked like a mandatory daily event led by a supervisor. Bizarre to say the least. I couldn't leave fast enough.
  12. The scale really puts Earth into perspective. Good Lord...
  13. I have two 45 Colt Cody '73s. Both exceptional rifles. Both purchased 10-12 years ago, one ordered from him directly, the other purchased new at a match from a vendor. Although both Cody's, both straight stock rifles, one is smoother than the other. Not that the "not as smooth" rifle ain't really good, but one is definitely a bit easier to run the action on. Either are exceptional however.
  14. Yes, probably but please define success here. I'm pretty sure she would not score on an IQ test.
  15. I have a Taurus Tracker 44 mag that is a great little inexpensive revolver. 5 shot. I put in a stupid low bid on GB a number of year ago and darn if'n I didn't win. Good little gun. 44 mag is a bit hot but Specials are sweet.
  16. Thanks all, for the responses. I'd like to find one locally to handle but these are not available anywhere locally. GB has them priced around $425 on up so I figure I'll take a chance. 44 Special has become a favorite round for me. And I do already have the Smith 69 posted a few back... great gun! Love it but I just want to add something else to the collection. I figure a Rossi 720 44 Special is next as well, just might take a tad longer to locate that one. 44 Special is an absolute joy to shoot. Cannot go wrong with a 44 Special.
  17. Some cowboys are short enough chicks wear like chaps.
  18. Been thinking of adding another .44 Special to the mix and the Charter Arms Bulldog is priced right and gets pretty decent online reviews. Any of y'all have experience with one? Pros and cons? Quality? Thoughts on this revolver? Yup, just for fun (not SASS fun) and plinking and to say I have another .44 Special.
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