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  1. Thanks guys. I was using the RV term loosely as I have a small travel trailer. I don't drink coffee or curl or blow dry my hair, and if I want to use the microwave or AC I'll fire up the generator. Right now if I want to watch a movie I have to fire up the generator, which powers the TV and tops off the batteries. My hope is to power normal DC stuff, along with a DC TV with a fairly modest solar setup and also to keep the batteries topped off. Then just use the generator to power the AC and or microwave when I want them. I don't have the space, or deep enough pockets for a solar system and huge battery bank capable of running those two, and if the only thing I would use AC for currently, it seems to make more sense to get a DC TV than a much more costly inverter.
  2. For those who have an RV with solar and an inverter, what do you use the inverter for? Obviously any 110 ac appliances, but in actual use, how much and which ones do you use it for? I'd like to get solar on my camper, but a decent inverter seems to cost dang near as much as the solar set up, and other than the TV to watch a movie now and then, I don't know that I'd use it enough to justify the cost, especially as I can get a 12v dc TV.... What is your experience?
  3. So after I determine the length of pull that I want, which is another giant ball of wax, I want to cut the stock down on my 97 so it actually fits me. So cutting down the stock, any tips or pointers? I figure measure, tape, measure again, and cut it on the band saw and flatten on the belt sander and re attach the butt plate and maybe a little recoil pad. Seems simple enough I figure I must be missing something. Input would be appreciated. Thanks Grizz
  4. MG, not that I've heard tell of, but then again I don't get out that much. I know years ago I heard tell of some lead slinging up that way, but can't find anything current that would indicate that they still do it. You gonna make the Pawnee Station annual July 5-7 in Nunn, CO?
  5. "leveled off' sounds a whole lot better than increasing for sure. Stay the course!
  6. Sounds like a topic best discussed around the camp fire and over a few beverages. Pour me three fingers and I'll ponder it a spell..... Well.... Hmm.... Refill? As you said, with the variance in the vertical displacement of individual participants there can be no singular quantification for a 'clean miss.' Moving forward under that theory, the exact definition of a clean miss is as you stated, however will be varied by the dimensions of each individual what be doing the lead slinging at that particular juncture. refill? Furhter more, it could be postulated that a participant of exceptionally lofty proportions may have undergone illegal modifications to reach that stature and be deserving of penalty... In addition, what about them folks what can have one foot behind the prop, as required by stage instructions and with them long lanky laigs be hanging off so far to one side that there no longer a chance for a clean miss? so I clearly can not choose the cup in front of me! OK, well, maybe one more...then some one point me to my camper... what was the question again? I reckon you place the targets so that an average sized shooter has enough space between targets for a clean miss, whatever average is. And those outside the norm, well that gives us something to talk about around the campfire. I hope yer doing well today Widder. Grizz
  7. I'm sorry for your loss. Our fur babies really become part of the family.
  8. Back when I shot a Marlin, I just loaded 130 grn slugs and crimped in the crimp groove and they worked just fine.
  9. Nunn, Colorado, May 18 and 19 It's almost time to play COWBOY! Don't forget our regular Monthly Cowboy match this Saturday, and Sunday is Wild Bunch and PCC (pistol caliber carbine.) Forecast says mid to upper 60s both days. Registration starts at 8:30 AM, Pledge/Safety at 9:15 AM, Match starts at 9:30 AM. Hope to see you there! Link to Pawnee Station Website.
  10. btt for the weekend, lets sell this puppy! Grizzer needs some classic cowboy irons!
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