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  1. Looking for a pair of holsters to fit Ruger Old Army .45 percussion revolvers with 7-1/2" barrels. I'm a lefty and am hoping to find a complete rig with LH strong side and LH cross-draw holsters. Prefer a plainsman style as I'm going for the broke-down cowboy look, i.e., not looking for bling, just good quality leather that looks mostly period correct for early post-civil war era. I don't mind well-worn leather, in fact, I'd kind of favor it as long as it's still sturdy enough for regular match use. So, any LH unicorn leather out there?
  2. Just confirm, #1 is Right-Hand cross draw? I'm a lefty... Never mind...I see it now...duh....
  3. Thanks to all who've provided tips! Excellent info that has me on my way. I'm also fortunate to have a good friend who casts his own bullets, and now, my round balls too. Looking forward to next Spring's Washington State Black Powder Championship match where I'll be shooting C&B instead of cartridge. Will be practicing loading, shooting and cleaning until then. Thanks again pards! HH
  4. Thanks! I've seen guys use them, but didn't even think about it when I got the pistols. Fortunately I have some old broken deer antler sets out in the old barn that should work perfectly.
  5. Just recently acquired a trio of percussion cap revolvers; 2 - Ruger Old Armies and 1 - Pietta 1851 Navy. I'm not completely green, but would appreciate some help with what sort of "tools" should I carry on my gun cart during matches. I've got the nipple wrench (Slixwrench), powder flask, powder measure and a capper tool. Are there also decapping tools and/or nipple cleaners (like a cutting torch tip cleaner) that I should be carrying? I also bought the SlixSprings cheater handle and ram extensions. Just looking for anything I missed, including cleaning kits/tools. I'm looking forward to shooting some frontiersman matches in the coming season and just want to get geared up and practiced over the winter. Thanks, HH
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