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  1. Hello Larsen, I will take number 6 if you will take a check. I am already on my way to EOT and don't have enough cash on me. Flat Top Okie
  2. Hello,

    I have a new shooter at my club that needs a rig. If you will take $300.00, I will take it.

    Flat Top Okie


  3. Hello Kit, Are these still available? Flat Top Okie
  4. Hi Shooter, PM when you have a minute, and I will give you my phone number, to discuss your .32 needs. I may be able to help. Flat Top Okie 80827
  5. Hello Shooters, January 18th and we have only four spaces left, so by the time you read this, we will probably be full and starting a waiting list. If you did not get registered and would still like to attend, please register to get your name on the waiting list. We know there will be cancellations and shooters are taken from the waiting list on a first come first served basis. I will start calling shooters whose requested category did not reach the SASS mandated minimums today. It will probably take a few days as I have about 60 shooters to call. Once I have called these shooters and categories are set, we will publish a list of categories with the number of shooters in each. Attached is the link for the updated shooter list shooter list. Thanks for your support and patience. Flat Top Okie
  6. Hello John, I will take the dies and I will PM you since you don't get messages from forum. Flat Top Okie
  7. Thanks to all the T.G.s who took the time to vote on the proposed rule changes. Flat Top Okie
  8. ANOTHER UPDATE Sunday January 14, 722 entries. We are getting dangerously close to starting the waiting list. If you have not registered, do it quickly. shooter list is the link to see who is coming. Flat Top
  9. UPDATE We topped 720 today and as soon as we get the data, we will update the "who is coming list" Thanks, Flat Top
  10. Hello All, We received more entries yesterday and today. I will try to get the updated list posted tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your your support. Flat Top
  11. Breaking News! We broke 700!! We have 704 entered for The SASS National Championship. Check the link here: shooter list, to see who's coming. It will be a great time with fast stages and two new social events. The shrimp boil, margarita night and cocktail hour along with a cigar for those who choose. I know the match is a several months away, but we can feel the excitement building. Flat Top Okie PS: feel free to tell your friends.
  12. Hoss, If that voodoo doll is supposed to be me, you should have drawn it with a flat top. Flat Top
  13. Thank you Captain, you are correct in everything you said. once we are full we will notify every shooter who category did not meet the minimum and allow them to decide what they would like to do. Flat Top
  14. LAND RUN UPDATE It has been seven days since we opened registration and we have 691 shooters registered to date. We are about 30 shooters short of our target of 720. 44 states are represented , with Texas leading the way with 169 shooters and Oklahoma second with 86 and Colorado and Kansas rounding out the top four with 37 and 35 respectively. A current shooter list will be posted soon. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  15. Hello, Some one must be reading the wire or checking their e-mail. We received 27 entries in the last hour. We now have about 50 spots left. Thanks again, Flat Top
  16. Land Run Update Noon Sunday the 7th and we have almost 650 registered shooters. use the link Shooter List to verify, that your alias is listed, if you have registered. Look for missing friends name. We have 75 spots and then we are full. Don't miss what people swear is a great match. Flat Top Okie
  17. Hello All, It is Saturday and Mae and I are working on Land Run entries instead of having fun shooting. We are at 640 and most of the confirmation letters have been sent. Check yours over carefully, while it is fresh on your mind. We have less than 100 spots left. Thanks for your support. Flat Top
  18. Hello Shooters, We passed six hundred today and still 9 months to go. Remind your friends to enter if they have not. You can find the list here: Shooter List Flat Top
  19. Either is OK with me, but I am hoping to find a better price than a new Ruger Marlin.
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