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  1. Very nice but I'm not in the current market BUT, I'd like to know where you got these: 7) Brass Mag Tube Plug 9)Shotgun Buttstock (this is stock on the Competition Model) Thanks and good luck.
  2. I can use the .38 Short Colt - use them for the cowgirl in her Stallions. Nunio Binez: very generous offer, pard. I'll find something to offer!!
  3. FS: Uberti Remington 1858 New Model Army Revolvers. Great for style points. These originally are cap & ball revolvers in .44 caliber. They both are 5-1/2" barrels. One blue steel and one stainless. I call them "Salt & Pepper" ! Yes, they have been used, not abused. They were pretty much safe queens. Factory boxes included. I MIGHT have a spare C&B cylinder for each of them. Pictures show them with C&B cylinders and the conversion cylinders. Revolvers can be shipped direct to you (depending on your local laws) Cylinders are Not sold separately from the revolvers, but Conversion cylinders are shipped separately. Info about Taylor's Conversion Cylinders - A drop-in cylinder allows you to fire centerfire ammunition in your black powder revolver. These are 45 Colt. It will convert your black powder revolver to fire "Cowboy" ammunition. So now you have two guns-in-one! Only top grade certified steel (4150 Steel Cylinder and 4140 Steel Top Plate) is used in the production of these cylinders to offer superior quality, strength and safety. No FFL required to purchase. Due to manufacturing variations in revolvers, some minor fitting may be required: BUT NOT THESE TWO - THEY WERE HAND-FITTED BY TAYLORS ALREADY Installation The conversion cylinder has a plate at the rear of the cylinder body that contains the firing pins. The plate is removed by lifting it off the cylinder body. There is an indexing pin in the body so that the firing pins align properly with the chambers in the cylinder. Removing the plate allows access to the chambers in the cylinder body. Load the chambers with 45 Colt ammunition. Replace the plate. Remove the original cylinder from the blackpowder handgun and replace that cylinder with the conversion cylinder. After firing, the conversion cylinder must be removed and the plate lifted off so that the empty brass can be removed with a rod or other suitable object (not included with the cylinder). Note: This conversion cylinder is for BLACK POWDER cartridges or black powder equivalent 45 Colt cartridges (also called Cowboy Ammunition) with lead bullets on a steel frame revolver ONLY. Attempting to use modern ammunition and/or installation on a brass frame will create a dangerous condition that can result in injury or death. Dry firing with the conversion installed will damage the firing pins. I'll sell the entire package for an even $1000. I may throw in some other goodies too. Nipple wrench, capper, 45 cases if needed, etc. Questions?
  4. I have Colts: a 1903 in .32 ACP and a 1908 Vest in .25 ACP........... Not to mention an 1878 Colt revolver in .45 Colt ....
  5. As you can see, he touched many a life, not just in our world but in his personal world of friends, comrades, co-workers and of course, family, He always has a bit of jerky in his gun cart for my Lab Riley, when I brought him out to the matches. I'm miss him just as the rest of you will. We were all better to know him.
  6. Positive vibes for a good cowboy. I have one of these too - also done by the late Bob Shaw. I'd consider this a good deal!
  7. Picked up stock this morning.  Excellent packing job although the post office tried to beat it up.

    Thank you

    Probably was there last Saturday - but this was first I could get there when someone was there.



    1. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Great. Got your check too. 

      Enjoy. Shoot straight 

      Happy Trails


  8. Dusty Chaps SASS 5925 Life Southern California Since about 1998 including 10+ years mounted shooting.
  9. My cell is 5309454223 if you wish to call. We're any of my fliers still out at either store?

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