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  1. My Marlin cowboy runs Schofield rounds just fine too,
  2. Ricochet Roy makes beautiful stuff and Von Dutch is a good Cowboy. So, BTT for him.
  3. Do your PT - home and at the clinic. Ice is your friend.
  4. BTT: Will be planning to bring this stuff out to the Cowboys match this Sunday in Norco.
  5. Done also. Interested in seeing the results
  6. I have 3 boxes of 20 new nickel 45-70 Remington cases. They're so pretty, I couldn't fire them HAHA. Cartridge box included. Each set of 20 w/; box = $25. Postage.
  7. 40 Chev: Clarified to say there were two boxes of new Winchester brass, but I think Neches gets them. Lots more brass available tho.
  8. 12 bags of 32-20 brass, and each bag has about 100 cases. Unprimed. Almost all once-fired. Various headstamps. $20 per hundred. 10 bags Sold Remaining = 1 bag of 100 for $20. 1 bag of 85 for $16. Both for $32 plus postage in a small USPS Priority box for $8 = $40 130 brand spanking new Remington (R-P) 32-20 cases: $45 plus postage in a small USPS Priority box for $8 = $53 You pay shipping or pick up in So Calif
  9. Yul, I might have to bring all this stuff out to the match. Widow needs the funds.
  10. Hi Mike, Hi Lucy. Long time, no see. I'm out of mounted shooting now. BUT Nice Rugers. By the way shooters, I can vouch for these pards! BTT for ya.
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