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  1. Lots of ways to clean it. I would take it and have it powder coated after it was cleaned.
  2. Checked says Starlink may be available in my area in 2023.
  3. It is hard to visualize them having anywhere near the fit and finish of a genuine Belgium made Hi-Power. I wonder if they will offer it in high polish blue or just the matt black parkerized look.
  4. They seem to be expanding their cowboy type cart line. https://rangetacticalgear.com
  5. I bought the basic three gun cowboy cart. My Rugged Gear was starting to shred a bit. I had a brand new one in the shed and when I took it out the rats or some desert vermin had eaten it. So I thought I would try one of these all alumium carts. Folds flat, easy to get in and out of the car and weighs less than the Rugged Gear.
  6. I wonder what the maximum BPM is? (Bottles per minute.)
  7. I watched an interview with Teeter (Jennifer Landon) and they asked her about that. She said the writers made her sound that way and her dialog is written phonetically. She said she also has no idea what she is saying most of the time.
  8. Jag, Mercedes, there were several. Lincoln made a V16 back in the good old days.
  9. I just checked on Paramount+. It is $4.99 a month to watch it with commercials or $9.99 to watch commercial free. This means I won't be watching at all. I am not adding another extra cost streaming service to my ever increasing bill. There are many nights where I spend most of the night going through the menus on Netflix, Prime, AppleTV, HBOMax and DisneyTV and can't find anything worth watching.
  10. Looking at the price of the flask vs. the price of the filler the filler costs more than the flask. I mean what are you going to do put it in a paper cup?
  11. Being caught is no longer a threat. The guy was back on the street while the tree was still smoldering.
  12. The fact that the forearm is pushed forward when the gun is opened indicates it is not latched properly. Remove the wood, clip on the iron, open the gun and see what it is doing.
  13. I thought that environmentalist looked familiar. Pieper Perabo from Coyote Ugly.
  14. Not rediculously expensive if you take joy from owning it.
  15. If you are going to shoot it much replace the nipples with quality aftermarket nipples and make sure to put anti-seize on them.
  16. Replace it with a Ruger spring and plunger. Permanent fix smoother action.
  17. You can eat grits? I thought it was just a BP filler.
  18. The big issue with streaming is a high speed internet connection. UNFORTUNATELY, in my area the only game in town is Cox. If there were another provider with reliable high speed internet I would drop cable.
  19. And I thought multiple projectiles in one shell violated the rules.
  20. The problem with a lot of the streaming services is they have one or two good shows. So you sign up and find out the rest of the stuff on their network is crap. I would watch this but will not sign up for another service to watch one show.
  21. Boy I would go nuts trying some of the methods suggested. Wad, lube, dental floss, more wads, etc. Wow. I don't have the patience for all that. My setup for .44-40 is shown below. Powder in clear hopper grits in the red one. Load several hundred rounds per hour.
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