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  1. I hadn't shot Land Run since 2018, it was great back then and even better now. Thank you to all that worked so hard to make the shoot so great! Thank you to everyone on Posse #20, it was a pleasure shooting with all of you. Congratulations to Dillard for a wonderfully shot match and overall win.
  2. One of my favorite Cowboys. He is always kind and supportive, even if he is competing against you. People like Dee are what make SASS what it is.
  3. I have wanted to shoot this match for some time and can this year. I will be dropping my application in the mail today and will bring Trail Agent with me. Looks like it will be a fun one!
  4. Have you tried talking to Slick about it yet? He is a great Cowboy and I am sure will get you some help with this.
  5. I believe that is when they usually have it. I know it is just before we leave for EOT every year.
  6. You better watch that Blackwater Bruce Cowboy, he shoots one of those lever action shotguns, so you know he can be a little tricky. :-)
  7. In the last email from them with scores they said they were having problems with the web page and that it should be fixed soon. They are a good group of Cowboys and Cowgirls. I shoot with them when I can and always shoot the annual they have, Fracas in the Frisco during June. Our club, Judge Parkers Marshals, is about an hour south of them. We shoot the third weekend in the month. Come shoot with us too if you are still in the area at that time.
  8. A good reason to take the half cock notch out of the equation. I removed all of mine, we don't need them in a competition only rifle.
  9. I had a pistol come out of a holster at a state match once due to my holster being too loose and me moving in just the right way. I was out of the running for any top honors, but it was fun to see how much ground I could make up along the way. The pressure was off, so I had a great time. Its all in how you look at it. Never blame a pard for something you did, we have enough of that sort of stuff in the outside world, keep our Cowboy World safe from that sort of thing.
  10. They are nice sights, a lot of guys around here use them and like them.
  11. Bead blasted the rear sight area, used a black sharpie on the rear sight, added the brass sight covers to the front sights. They work quite well, but I don't really care what they look like. I have tried painting the front sight too and that works just fine.
  12. I own several, both metric and inch. I built them all back when ammo was cheap and so were kits. I have always liked the looks of the inch rifles and the safety is much easier to release on them. As far as metric rifles go I like the STG-58 best. The bipod on them is a pretty cool feature. They are a good rifle, but I would have to say I still prefer an M1A1 or .308 caliber AR-15 for serious shooting. The sights on the FAL are good battle sights, but don't have the adjustments of the M1A or the easy to scope ability of an AR-15 pattern rifle.
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