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  1. It was buggered when I bought it. I knew it was a matter of time but put it off. Thanks for the tip on VTI. No photos. It makes me cry.
  2. The ejector on my older Navy Arms Schofield is finally too buggered up and the gun seizes when rotating 2 out of the 6. The ejector is the old style with no hole for an alignment pin that matches up to the cylinder. I've ordered a new ejector from Brownell's and Taylors and found both had the hole. They also didn't fit as the center shaft of the new ejector was 0.10mm too large to fit the hole in the cylinder. Does anyone know of a supplier that stocks the old school ejector for these older Schofields? Thanks in advance! Stinky
  3. One more time......2 irons to go with more BIG reductions gents! Christmas be here and Momma wants some new bloomers! See original post for details. Thanks and Merry Christmas to ya'll. Stinky
  4. Pommel bags and El Paso holster SOLD to Birdawg. Funds in hand today (SAT 10/22) and goods will ship USPS MON AM. Birdawg your mailbox is full.
  5. Well sir it shoots way better than my old eyes can see. I think 300 yards is all I have asked of it and it prints well at that distance. I like banging away at iron targets that give me a nice "bing" when I hit them. At 300 yards it is the shooter and not the gun if you can't get a "bing!" It's a 97% gun with great wood. Never had a lick of trouble with it during the years I've owned it. The photos tell the tale as to its condition. Thanks for the inquiry.
  6. Cleaning house gents so please peruse my collection of low mileage, safe queens for sale......... https://www.flickr.com/photos/billtuft/albums/72157674564113825/with/29196780494/ REDUCED $375 Cimarron Uberti 5 1/2" Thunder, nickel, 45 Colt, two sets of grips $399 REDUCED for Christmas $315 https://www.flickr.com/photos/billtuft/albums/72157673378514130 Uberti/EMF 1866 Short Rifle, 45 Colt, Upgraded loading ladle $799 SOLD https://www.flickr.com/photos/billtuft/albums/72157671159628444 IAB Sharps Business Rifle, .45-70 cal. Double set trigger $615 SOLD https://www.flic
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