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  1. No smokeless shooter is a warthog. I mean they are shooting smokeless!
  2. I kinda doubt anyone is going to say that primers will suddenly be back on the shelves a few weeks after the Shot Show.
  3. Like them both. The past few years I have really taken to Jimmy Dean Hot.
  4. You want to hate a commecial hate the Kars4Kids commercials. Never ending on the radio and FOX news. An annoying commercial and a scam.
  5. The commercial is actually correct on the number of gun suicides. What i don't like is that the anti-gunners include the suicides in the number of gun "deaths" each year. If you subtract out the suicides the number of murders or accidental shootings drops dramatically. Lots of commercials I hate worse than this one.
  6. Well, they made 12,700 B-17s and 18,500 B-24s. A good indicator of why the allies won the war is to look at the production numbers just for aircraft. The U.S. production capabliites alone, not counting the other Allies, overwhelmed the Axis.
  7. The member bulletin goes to your email address. Call SASS and give them your email address. Don't know if this will work but I will try to copy it. Happy New Year Larsen E. Pettifogger! Wahoo! A NEW year is here! Let's take a moment and share in the joy of leaving 2021 behind and join together in the shared optimism for health and prosperity that the new year brings. This past year we all faced challenges, triumphs, joys, disappointments, victories, and losses as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our world. Through it all, the perseverance of YOU - our dedicated membership, our SASS affiliated clubs and their leadership across the globe continue to come together in a safe and fun environment to keep playing the game. Included in this email is a link to a SASS Member Satisfaction Survey. Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback; let us know how we are doing- and, how we can improve your membership experience. Don't miss the new CAS 2022 Edition merchandise now available too! Thank you, Larsen E. Pettifogger for another year of support and membership; we look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come. In gratitude for your support & membership, Misty Moonshine Misty Moonshine, SASS Patron #83232 Chief Executive Officer The January 2022 Issue of The Cowboy Chronicle is a printed issue and is well on it's way to your mailbox! You can also view and download the digital version online by clicking the link below: JANUARY 2022 Cowboy Chronicle Download the latest Version! SASS SHOOTERS HANDBOOKS - 2022 NEW 2022 Edition CAS T-Shirts $29.95 MADE IN THE USA! UNISEX - TriBlend, Dark Grey CLICK HERE to Pre Order TODAY (Ships January 11th) NEW 2022 Edition CAS Hoodies! $44.95 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! UNISEX - GILDAN - BLACK CLICK HERE to Pre Order TODAY (Ships January 11th) SASS MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 25% SAVINGS! SASS is proud to present a partnership with ID Theft Assist - with an exclusive discount just for SASS Members! Why ID Theft Assist? Here is fun analogy to consider. Many of us have AAA, right? Well... imagine if you had a tire blowout and called AAA for help. Would you want AAA to drive by and throw a tire, jack, and how-to manual out the window to you or- would you rather they stop and change the tire for you? That is exactly how many ID theft protection companies work- YOU have to do all the work. Not with ID Theft Assist! This program offers unrivaled full-service protection in the event your information is compromised. Click the link below to learn more about ID Theft Assist on our SASS exclusive landing page! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! Wild West Mercantile the Official Clothier of SASS! To you, our valued members click here to receive a 20% discount. Good toward merchandise on WildWestMercantile.com *THIS IS A COUPON FOR WILD WEST MERCANTILE- NOT FOR SASS ‌ ‌ ‌ Single Action Shooting Society | 102 East Rochester Street, PO Box 960, Akron, IN 46910 Unsubscribe wnordwall@cox.net Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by sass@sassnet.com powered by Try email marketing for free today!
  8. Briley might be able to fix it. BUT the Stoeger is a $400.00 gun and the repair could easily cost more than a new gun. OP post a couple of photos so everyone can see what you have and stop guessing about possible solutions.
  9. Yeah, if it is green instead of red when they get there they will turn in the wrong place.
  10. For people living in the 21st Century all you have to do is say "Hey Siri how do I get to ---" and she will take you there.
  11. E clip broke and is missing. Go to Ace with the decapping rod to find the right size and pick up a couple. There should also be a spring washer under the E clip.
  12. Yeah just close it and scroll down. Some wizard explained it once. If I remember correctly it is a feature in the software that SASS does not use.
  13. This is against the law? Rubbish. It is called the First Amendment.
  14. Knowing Alpo when I saw the title "Lift the dot" I was thinking this was going to be something like "pull my finger."
  15. Tell them you thought you only owed $3.50 and made change.
  16. Maybe he was talking about the intruder. When the shots started no telling what he did.
  17. I saw that intro and did not know what to expect!
  18. Every top double shooter I know looks at the chambers when loading. There are several good sxs videos. This is one of the better ones.
  19. Or a Perazzi or a Seitz or a Ljutic. Part of what you are paying for with a competition shotgun is a decent trigger. The Beretta Xcel autos have the same triggers as their hunting guns.
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