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  1. Do I have to have a birth certificate or will you accept my word?
  2. One nice thing about SASS. You do not need 82,000 FPS cameras. You can see the bullets going through the air and bouncing off the targets.
  3. If you get 10 or 15 of them and fry them up they taste just like french fries.
  4. 1.) Ford or Chevy 2.) If "It is light and fast, plus it fires my light hand loads without issue" it does not need any work.
  5. Here is what I use. Put a wad into a deprimed case. Run it into the pre-crimp. Run it into the final crimp and you have this. The wad stiffens the hull and the case mouth is strengthed by the crimp folding in over the wad pedals. A final step is running the case into a Roger Rapid taper crimp. Not shown is filling the primer pocket with silicon caulk. I have some of these that are over ten years old and still work fine in a double, 97 or 87.
  6. I always thought they were building the ships and ran out of money when they were half done.
  7. Yeah I am amazed that the graphite does not crumble while cutting it.
  8. Realistic depends on what you are talking about. Realistic for loading or unloading? Two significantly different weights.
  9. Strange story. From your description it sounds like the first dog was dog-napped and then escaped.
  10. Too bad the search function does not work better. LOTS of threads on this topic. Not going to reinvent the history of Lightning clones here. AWA was a pretty close copy of an original Colt. Some worked well, some not so well. But, this is something that can be said for all the reproductions.
  11. Spent years looking for one. Finally found one new in the box. Shot it once, someone else wanted it more than I did so I sold it. Stronger than an original Remington but not as strong as a Bond.
  12. Only one "British" battleship left. It is the Mikasa. Built in England and sold to the Japanese in 1902. Played a key role in the Russo-Japanese War. (Which the Japanese won.) After WWII the Russians demanded the ship be destroyed. It was saved by the American occupation forces if the Japanese would change its use. So it became a dancehall and aquarium. In the late 1950s an American businessman organized a group to save the ship. It is now a tourest attraction in Japan.
  13. Maybe you can train the other one to retrieve brass for the match next week.
  14. "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat" - Jesse Ventura
  15. Sounds like the OP knows little about the gun and is getting a bunch of SWAGS. Best bet is to take to someone that knows what they are doing.
  16. Yeah I just noticed I did not mention the hull in the wad post. Just that the wads were Winchester type wads, i.e., wads designed for Winchester and other tapered hull wads. In the other posts I mentioned the hull - Winchester AA. The Top Gun is a straight walled hull and has a large internal volume and there are wads designed for straight walled hulls. I do not use them for any of my loads.
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