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  1. That up and down movement of the bolt is the extractor hitting the extractor ramp in the back of the barrel. Not that unusual. Lots of 73s do that. It does indicate loose tolerances or some wear. From the video that is not the cause of your light hits. What is happening is the bolt is aligning itself with the certerline of the cartridge and primer.
  2. Try calling Taylors. I have had good luck finding parts (usually at not a bad price) and they are always helpful.
  3. Chas, that was my recollection. My first OT's were in .45 and they had problems with those. The metal at the barrel throat was paper thin and many of them broke. The .38s were fine. The .45s not so much.
  4. Mine were not conversions they were just 1872 Open Tops with short barrels. I wound up hating the Army grips more than I thought I would so I sold them after a couple of matches.
  5. The mounting bolts are inside the base. So you cannot do anything with the press (like attaching the operating handle) until it is mounted. I decided to order the Inline Fabrication mounting plate so I could mess with the press before permanently mounting the press. The Inline base plate gives the press a much larger footprint and with the thing weighing a LOT it is quite steady just sitting on the bench. One of the original inside mounting bolts is visible in this photo of the mounting plate. With the plate new bolts can be inserted with the press assembled. The press uses a lot of ball bearings and is very smooth but has a longer stroke than a Dillon 650/750.
  6. If you figure it out let me know. I have never been able to attach a photo to a PM. I usually send a PM and tell the person to send me an email. Then I attach the photos to the email.
  7. I have several pieces of Inline Fabrications equipment. The changable docks work fine for single stage or small presses. However, with something like a fully loaded 650 or 1050 it is not practical to move them around or try to hang them on the wall.
  8. Supposed to be 110+ for the next few days and it is boring sitting around the house. So today I decided to make the 40 mile trek from my house to the opposite side of Phoenix to visit the local Sheels. Lots of fun things to look at and really do not need anything BUT they were having a 20% off sale on everything from Frankford Arsenal. I have been curious about the X-10 progressive press and once I figured in the 5% veterans discount on top of the 20% sale price I went ahead and bought one just to play with it. That sucker is cast iron and I had to have help getting it into the car. Once I got it home and into the loading room the realization sank in that not only did I not need it but I also have no where to mount it without getting rid of a Dillon press or two. Right now it is sitting on the floor with all kinds of bright shiny little dohickies and thingabobs calling to me. I also saw a gun I have been reading about and thinking about buying one to do an article for the Chronicle. Do not need another gun either. Especially since I will just photograph it, tune it and then sell it at a loss to someone that does need it. The box and what it is supposed to look like set up.
  9. Wear in the cocking lever, cocking rod or in the cocking rod seat in the hammer.
  10. Drop in parts drop-in until they do not. It SHOULD drop-in. Sometimes variations in the various parts will cause some fitment issues.
  11. I guess we part company on this one CC. The current inflation is caused by polititians.
  12. There are no boy scouts anymore. Just scouts. Brought to you by the same people responsible for the 30% increase in the price of powder and primers.
  13. I hestiated to respond since everytime a question like this comes up somone will always say they use their outside hammer 18" barrel side by side for skeet and sporting clays. Yes you can go shoot in the air with an outside hammer 18" barrel side by side but if the intent is to shoot sporting clays and skeet even semi-seriously a seven pound, hunting, entry level side by side with lots of drop in the stock is not the proper tool for the job. Since CC broke the ice an eight pound+ O/U with a stock shaped for shotgun sports competition is more appropriate. Compared to a Stoeger side by side the CZ may be "quality". But it is not designed for the volume of use a sporting clays or skeet shotgun is put to. About the bottom line entry level shotgun I would recommend for even semi-serious competion is the Browning CX series. There are some Beretta's is the same price range but they are lighweight hunting guns and will beat you to death if firing hundreds of rounds in a day.
  14. Yet everyone is responding how well it works for CAS. Not the same thing guys.
  15. Probably companies find eight tons of surplus Serbian powder hidden in a bunker in east Wiseristan and decide to bottle it and slap on a label. They have to have something to sell. I have noticed a couple of "new" powders that were plentiful six months ago and now are gone from the shelves.
  16. An article from 11 years ago is giving you hope that Trail Boss is going to be resurrected from the dead? I read an 11 year old article that said ENRON may be coming back too.
  17. This is why identifying the make and model and giving a description of what has been done to the gun is important. Most Uberti, Pietta and all Ruger single actions use a coil spring and plunger on the hand/pawl. The Uberti conversions use the old stle leaf spring on the hand. When a SAA clone over rotates the first thing to look at is if the hand spring is broken or weak. Next would be the bolt/trigger spring. Last would be the bolt. In you case everything is the reverse since you changed the factory bolt. So it is bolt, bolt/trigger spring then look at the hand/pawl leaf spring while you have the gun apart.
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