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  1. I've been in a rut for the past several years.
  2. If you are going to try and shorten already loaded ammuntion that has crimped lead bullets that usually will not work. As the bullet gets pushed in it will shave lead.
  3. The "peaceful protesters" can bitch all they like but the Tribe has sovereign immunity and cannot be sued by the bums.
  4. Take your rifle ammo and drop a couple of rounds into the revolver. If the cylinder turns you are good to go. If the bullets protrude from the front of the cylinder you have some decisions to make.
  5. Shorter than the length of the cylinder.
  6. Close up of one section of the map that you can buy on Amazon and other retailers.
  7. Some useless trivia. There is one surviving map of the Roman road system. Called the Peutinger map it is 1 1/4 feet wide by 22 feet long. Everything is linear as the Romans were not famiiar with the globe. All roads did ultimately lead to Rome.
  8. Does not look like a Roman road to me. The stones are too uniform in their layout and in too good of condition. Looks like a more modern garden road.
  9. False advertising. The lady on the right sure as hell ain't Dana Delany. Looks more like Elizabeth Hurley.
  10. Military ammunition is only intended to be fired one time. Some of the military 7.62 rifles have used a variety of actions and the designers do not really care how the brass comes out of the rifle as long as it comes out. Sometimes some clearances are increased for reliable operation. If I remember correctly some H&K rifles had fluted chambers so that brass comes out of the gun basically useless for reloading. Not that common for commercially made rifles for the civilian market but it does happen so all the die makers make special dies for reloading ammo for semi-autos. Here is an example of one. https://www.amazon.com/RCBS-Small-Base-Sizer-308-Win/dp/B000NTMK10
  11. Winchester military round. Some questions for the OP. Did you ream the swaged primer pockets? If you did not that could cause the failures to fire. You said this was range brass, do you know what kind of gun they were fired from? If these were fired from a semi-auto and you are shooting them out of a semi-auto there is a good chance the brass was not fully sized back down. A lot of military style semi-autos are really rough on brass and the case head can expand. To address this they make SB (small base) sizing dies. Easiest solution is to not use crap range brass. Here is an undersized die that I bought to feed a finicky Lightning rifle.
  12. Kinda hard to answer without you telling us what the headstamp is or having a decent photo of the case head.
  13. Cannot watch a movie without my Junior Mints. Got addicted to York Peppermint paddies in 1970-71. That was when all the major candy bars went from a nickle to a dime but the pepermint paddy stayed at a nickle for a while and being cheap/poor I bought those. One that I really liked when I was a child in California was the Mountain Bar. Did not see them for years and then found them on the Internet. Ordered some but they sure did not taste like I remember them in the 1950s.
  14. Same crap in lots of places. Some restaurants in Detroit will not serve cops. Here is a squib from an article about a food chain in San Francisco. Some cops in San Francisco will have to look elsewhere for their leavened goods after Reem's California, a local bakery chain, said it is enforcing a policy not to serve anyone armed.
  15. Your smart phone has a built in pedometer. You do not need any attachments. Years ago i had a pedometer called a Hike-o-Meter.
  16. FYI John Wayne has been dead for 45 years. No one really gives a crap anymore. This thread is right up there with "What would have happened if Custer had taken a Gatling gun to the Little Big Horn."
  17. 19 is the trigger spring and 240 is the trigger spring/safety screw. As previously noted those should still be in the gun. One thing to check is if the trigger and sear have been welded together to make a solid trigger. This is frequently done with the safety is removed. If they are still two pieces it is an easy fix. Just get the safety lever (91) and pin (111). Do not buy the old style safety spring shown in this diagram (94). Buy one of the aftermarket wire wound springs. For example - https://sbgwllc.com/shop/safety-bar-spring-1873-uberti/
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