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  1. Beating your casings into dinner plates.
  2. There is a Christian alternative Trail Life USA Traillifeusa.com
  3. Someone was making an improved one I thought.
  4. I got mine off the SASS wire but it think Taylors & Co. Was the first to request these specs and put them on 73’s.
  5. The competition stock has is cut straight with a thin rubber pad. The regular is curved with a metal butt plate Just a wipe off with some orange oil before the pic
  6. For sale a factory take off Uberti 1873 straight stock. I just got a new 73 from Long Hunter and I replaced the factory stock with a competition stock so I’m selling this one. $299 plus shipping and insurance. PM me if interested
  7. Hey Coffinmaker, Im guessing you’re back in PA? Thanks for the info. A retired officer from Swissvale, (home of Union Switch & Signal and their famous 1911A1) was asking me about them.
  8. Are the Pietta 1878 Coach guns made in Italy? Just trying to confirm they are not Chinese or Turkish, then imported under the Pietta name. If you have one please chime in.
  9. I alternate, though I will double cock on double tap strings.
  10. I’ve had 2 one in 357 one in 45. Both ran as fast as I could work them. It’s no longer the shortest stroke available, but they are plenty fast.
  11. More grip drawer clean out. 1. faux pearl $30 no key lock cutout sold 2. faux pearl $30 no key lock cutout sold 3. Maple? $30 4. Buckeye Burl? $50 sold 5. Eagle Gunfighter black poly $35 6. faux pearl w/ repair $20 sold FREE SHIPPING
  12. Grip drawer clean out, these are for original Vaquero, Blackhawk, & Wrangler. 1. Dark brown almost black wood $25 sold 2. Altamont Rosewood $35 sold 3. Unk brown wood $30 sold 4. Unk brown wood $25 5. Faux ivory $30 sold 6. Ajax #31 faux ivory $30 sold FREE SHIPPING
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