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  1. Wish you lived closer to me,I would take it.It’s a good price.

  2. Hey,40 I just heard some good News today,Say it’s true YOU CAN’T MAKE IT! Pard.
  3. R/Rick I am not sure about what you as,I would contact Persimmon Dan or Duke Skywalker.If I find out in the meantime I will post it.Thanks
  4. 1.We will accept Late entries up to the First day of shooting May 14 2.Go to our website for more information. 3. westsidesportsmans.com. 4. Side matches on Thursday Main match shooting on Friday and Saturday 5. Have some good Cowgirls and Cowboys signed up. Check out our shooters list. 6. If your not doing anything,Want to tune up for Indiana State match or E.O.T. ( also in Indiana )We would be glad to have you. Thanks Cman Our Match Hotel is 5 minutes from the range.
  5. Bailey C get in touch with Sgt. Eli he does smittin now,he may be able to help out.
  6. Hey Jarhead—-You might check out Goggle Spartan armor on the computer they have a kit for one if I remember right for about 250-300 bucks with everything you need to build one less some angle iron with instructions I did one and was pretty cut and dry.Just saying build 1 copy 1 or more.Cman


  7. Six, if you don’t have an Academy sports down your way we have one in Evansville if you want I can try and get out hat way and see if they may have something in stock. Chinaman

  8. Hey Al, Tell me about these and why you don’like them.I might let you screw me again. Chinaman

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    2. Chinaman,SASS32908


      What is it you want for a case I think 10 boxes,was it 50 dollars?

    3. Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Lonesoms Al SASS37893

      Yes I want $50 a case but for you $60. I have 2 cases spoken for and taking the to Tenn. State. If I bring any back I'll let you have it for $50.

    4. Chinaman,SASS32908
  9. Good pics. Wonder how many of these pards are still Cowboy’un.
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