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  1. I have some great deals on 45’s New Vaquero Pair $1149 Original Vaquero Pair $1199 both sets are stainless 5 1/2” and have competition springs. See ads in the Merchant Corner for more info.
  2. Really? I’ve seen some small Wild Bunch targets. Nothing like CAS big n close.
  3. My wife is selling here CB97. PM me if you’re interested.
  4. I missed out on the Gunny’s Turnbull 73. I was busy that day and forgot to bid. His estate is selling off a bunch of his guns. I sold a bunch these when they first came out they are beautiful.
  5. I guess the two covers will be the Winter Range Overall champs, and the EOT Overall champs.
  6. Planned to leave yesterday but unforeseen events prevented our departure. Hope to be on the road today
  7. I have an unmolested SKB 100 12ga for $1259 shipped.
  8. Selling for a cowboy, these are from his bother in laws estate. Lot 1 is 3 unopened boxes of 50 and 30 loose bullets. Sierra GameKing .338 cal 215gr Spitzer Boat Tail. These sell new for $30 a box. Yours for $50 shipped Lot 2 3 unopened boxes of 50 and 10 loose bullets. Sierra GameKing .338 cal 250gr Spitzer Boat Tail. These sell new for $32 a box. Yours for $50 shipped.
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