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  1. Hutch, would you be interested in a pair of blued Ruger New Vaqueros 45 Colt 4.62” barrels. I can install the short spur hammer in them. The short spur hammer is just the old large frame Vaquero hammer. I’d like to sell the pair but might sell just one. They already have competition spring kits installed. I have them listed for $1235 plus $25 shipping to your FFL.
  2. Thanks Dawg, I ordered some Federal primers, and with the Federal primer refund it was a great deal.
  3. Bubba, Those beautiful receivers are made in Greensburg PA, about 30 from Pittsburgh.
  4. Another great question for the SASS Wild Bunch forum. I like Chip McCormick Shooting Star mags, unfortunately Wild Bunch is dead in my neck of the woods.
  5. APP with coated bullets. No lube needed, you can also use smokeless lubber bullets with APP.
  6. I have had some duds, good solid primer strikes. OK for monthly but Federal only for big matches.
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