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  1. The last time I dated a press, I got my tit in a ringer.
  2. It's not just larger EV's that are having the problem. It's anything with a lithium type battery. It's been happening to golf-type carts, atv's and the like, that were flooded or people were stupid enough to go driving around in salt water flooded areas. It gets even worse as many EV's and ICV's that were salt water flooded will be sold to unsuspecting buyers. They are ticking time bombs. Once any vehicle has had salt water intrusion into the electronics or has gotten into body cavities...it's done, it's just a matter of time. Same thing with all of those 1st responder vehicles (including fire trucks) that were driven through salt water flooded areas under the guise of "rescuing" people from knee deep water. What vehicle doesn't have the electronics eventually fry or deteriorate will rust out in short time.
  3. Or trying to get your dog off the couch to get a bath. Ever wonder how they know? No matter how much you try to hide it...they know. I swear that my old dog's fur and couch turned to Velcro. Of course, when he got out...wild man to get dried off.
  4. Drop them by chopper...no way they'll find their way back.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree that it was getting very stale and seemed to be more and more geared towards promoting mediocre (at best) new country music artists than providing a good story. I still would have liked to see a final conclusion to the series after watching it for years since the beginning.
  6. By refusing to participate in further episodes/filming/production of the series. He put his new "endeavors" ahead of prior commitments (Yellowstone). Everyone has their personal struggles to contend with and he has his. I feel that he dumped on the Yellowstone series and therefore the fans of the show.
  7. Don't worry, a good water hose and sprayer gets it out nicely.
  8. Thank you Bennie, Jerry, Uncle Slick, Vinn and countless others. You may be gone...but you're not forgotten.
  9. This may rile a few people but after Costner ruined Yellowstone...he can kiss my ***. I'll never pay to watch anything he does again.
  10. Both of those movies were very much worth watching imo.
  11. Gotta start numbering them, kinda like the Jedi Gunfighters. Widder 1 Widder 2 Widder 3 Widder or not to go to four.
  12. Jimmy Buffett passed away yesterday, 9/1/23, at the age of 76. I strongly disagreed with his political views but enjoyed his music immensely. Rest in Peace (in Margaritaville) Mr. Buffett
  13. I actually liked Stairway to Heaven and We Are the Champions...the first 40,000 times I heard them. It's after the other 2,000,000 times that I started hating them and would turn the station or turn the radio off. But I did like them in my ute. I never said those two shouldn't have been made...the other ones, yes...they should have never been made.
  14. I guess it was Satan that Hitler was talking to at the end of the movie...or was it?
  15. I almost forgot...any and every Journey song ever made.
  16. And then there's Keith Richards as a backup argument.
  17. It's a Small World After All. The Night Chicago Died. Billy Don't Be a Hero. We Are the Champions. Stairway to Heaven.
  18. - If a thread has 35 to 1130 pages, I'd say it's pretty popular. When it no longer holds peoples interests, it'll expire by dropping off the front page and will continue to drop until it's forgotten about. - What does it matter who posts new threads. If no one is interested, it'll follow the same fate as above. - I'll wager that 90% of SASS members NEVER read any part of the Forums. Ask around at the next match that you attend, you'll find out. One other thing, SASS/CAS is not a historical old west recreation. It's a shooting game/sport. - If you are confused on the purpose of the SASS Forums, read the description at the top of the page when you choose a forum. It will provide a general description of the Forum purpose and intent.
  19. The SASS Wire Saloon is the Social Gathering Spot to discuss topics not directly related to shooting in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting.
  20. Runway incursions have been and still are a serious issue. The worst accident in history occurred on Tenerife in 1977, when a KLM 747 pilot (who was also a KLM flight instructor) got impatient and attempted to take off without clearance and a PanAm 747 was still on the runway. Almost 600 people were killed, everyone on the KLM flight and all but 60 or so on the PanAm flight died in the crash. In the flight simulator video, you have to wonder why the Emirates plane is trying to taxi into a lake.
  21. I'll keep Manatee, Clyde, family and friends in my thoughts for a successful procedure and quick recovery. Sun
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