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  1. Am interested in .44 lead flat point for $50, like to know diameter as that sometimes varies when .44 is posted. Also your method of payment. Nimbles
  2. My SIL when she was young in Guatemala, had one of these and would go around pretending to be the Lone Ranger. So I found a 2 gun holster and the guns separately on EBay, but now I would like to clean/condition them to bring back a little of the luster and am not sure what to use on the black holster. I remember back when the Chronicle was in newspaper form, there was a member who would write articles on collecting, repairing and cleaning them and possibly he is still available for some ideas or someone else has? I plan to clean and lubricate, then hang in a shadow box with a mask so she can look, touch and remember when she was a little girl! Her birthday is in July so I got 2 months to get it done. Thanks in advance
  3. I will buy them from you. Will PM my info and we can decide method of pymt, I like Zelle, Venmo, etc.
  4. Ok how about I try it this way, are the nickel 1875’s in .44-40, with 7.5” barrels? Regular grips as I only believe Frank James had elk grips on his and I am trying to duplicate his gun. Saw one time in Bill Koch’s collection, not sure what has happened to it as of today. My great grandfather was kidnapped and taken to their hideout one time in Ohio, to take a bullet out of Frank. Would love an antique one, but until I can afford one of those a reproduction can do.
  5. What’s the barrel length of the Huberty 1875 Remington nickel while you’re at it tell me the barrel length of the balloon Remington 1875 swell thank you
  6. Sorry to hear that! Without knowing your cancer or treatments, just want to suggest to you to look into Keytruda immunotherapy as it assisted me after 10 chemo treatments to beat Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer and possibly it could help your battle as well. Good luck and God Bless!
  7. A long time ago I had heard that there was a discussion between Hugh O’Brien and Audie Murphy on who was the faster draw, Hugh was starring in the Wyatt Earp TV series and was boasting about being the fastest draw, even faster than Audie Murphy! Word got back to Audie on the set of one of his western movies and Audie, chuckled and said why don’t they have a show down, but with real bullets. Hugh never took him up on it.
  8. If Gunleather doesn’t respond to you, and depending on the price and condition, I would be interested in 200-300
  9. Ok, I guess, didn’t see a post here, but I wait to see if your other deal falls thru.
  10. I would love to buy it! But I am not going to be at EOT. I WILL PAY FOR SHIPPING! Please let me know if you are willing to ship, I can Zelle or Venmo you the funds. Nimbles
  11. Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar. Appreciate the “lesson”.
  12. Solid Lever? Not sure what you mean? Got an original, but haven’t shot it. Thx in advance for the clarification.
  13. Hunting boar, deer, etc usually is more successful with .44mag, but I have a friend who loves .45 Colt and continues to bombard me with articles about .45 Colt abilities. Perhaps the other reason is the “tactical” rifle perspective, and most view .44 mag as tactical round.
  14. I believe the manual is including all the revolvers Taurus makes. The Deputy is a single action only. And while I am not enamored by the “black” finish, if it came in .44 magnum, I would get one. It would go will with the Rossi 92’s.
  15. I would think it is as good if not better than the Gaucho they had a long time ago. Limited Lifetime Warranty, with CNC machined parts should be smooth enough for most, but I am sure there will be those who will want to modify them and we will hear more then. But at $606, they are priced comparably.
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