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  1. Wow, don’t hold back! Tell us what you really think! But I have to disagree with you on it being a piece of crap. I am happy with mine and the 1866, 1892s, 1886 and 1894s I have from Miroku. But you shoot what you want and I won’t stoop to your level of gun snobbery and insult your choice.
  2. If you are going with your wife then I would also recommend TUBAC! It is a small “town” of various craft shops and stores. Would visit with my wife every time we visited my folks in Green Valley. One time in the bookstore I met the Don of the author of The Shootist. Had a nice conversation ought his book and had him sign it. Another time bought some great jewelry for my wife, enjoy the mountains!
  3. I would substitute Reuben sandwiches, but like the desert idea!
  4. If it hadn’t had a polished look to it I would have said it was finish was worn and in “white” and it was just the receiver, the barrel and mag tube were not polished. I am thinking that one of the gun rental firms just had one plated.
  5. Not sure what your point is? Are you criticizing John Wayne movies? If so that is ok, your right to have an opinion, but there are a few that are alike, his early “B” westerns, the Howard Hawkes trio, but most of the John Ford directed ones had different story lines and allowed John Wayne to be different.
  6. I always thought he had different outfits and 2 different hats?!?
  7. Season 6, episode 4, a “silver” plated 1873 Winchester rifle! On a show where 1892’s abound I was surprised to see an 1873 that was plated. Didn’t see the whole episode just the end. I was very surprised.
  8. That’s nothing compared to the one Robert Mitchum wore in El Dorado on the way to the saloon and back again, I counted 5 different versions!
  9. Loved that store and town! Worked the Parent company of Modern Metals Manufacturing and spent a week there working and then saw their local high school football game, Renaissance festival and Cabelas! Great time!
  10. I have found Ruger Vaquero cases on EBay, might want to look there.
  11. Thanks! Loved it the first time I went visiting my folks in Green Valley and would go back every visit.
  12. If anyone is, let us know about any new “cowboy” toys!! Thanks.
  13. You are welcome, I learned it the hard way with a gift of a 2nd Gen 1851 Navy, the seller shipped in the case and the gun bounced around. Glad I could help.
  14. When you do sell it don’t ship it in the case, if you do all the partitions will be damaged. If you already knew that then consider the warning for the readers of your post that didn’t.
  15. Any word on if/when they are reopening? Or did it slide into the sunset. Just started watching El Dorado and seeing the scenery and those beautiful mountains and thought I would ask. Thanks in advance.
  16. When Bill Koch had an exhibit in West Palm Beach around 2011, he had Serial # 1 on exhibit, along with Volcanic pistols and rifles, Henrys, 1866’s, one of 1,000 1873’s and 1876’s! It was the same year he had bought the Billy the Kid tintype for 3,000,000. I will have to renew my NRA membership and ask for the January 2023 magazine.
  17. My first Colt was a NF in .44 Spcl with a 5.5” barrel. It is currently carrying a nickel plated 12” Buntline barrel. I also got one in 7.5” as the one in the picture above! Love both of them.
  18. No there was also nickel platted brass on the three that celebrated his 100th birthday, .44-40, .45 Colt and the .30-30, the ,44-40 & .45 Colt were paired with the 1892 commemorative rifle, like the .32-40 was paired with the 1894 commemorative rifle. So while it is possible, I believe he has the .30-30 in the black box. I would be willing to buy the box of .30-30 for $40 plus shipping to FL, say another $10 after the holiday if Badlands Bill wants to sell. I can send it Zelle. He can decide.
  19. Of the three I have found it to be the least expensive of the three. The .44-40 is in nickel plated shells with jacketed semi wadcutter where the .45 Colt is a lead round nose and more popular. Those 2 usual sell north of $100, prior to the craziness of ammo shortage where a regular box of .44-40 or .45 Colt is getting close to $100 for a 50 round box. Have a Winchester 94 in .30-30, let me know if you want to sell it and we can talk.
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