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  1. SOLD. Just in from Cimarron, 2 wide low spur, Super Blackhawk type, hammers for Colts & all clones. You won't be sorry you bought these beauties. $250. shipped. texicanslim@hotmail.com
  2. I need to get in touch with a moderator. I got put on a "time out" for 2 weeks because I criticized their search feature, (that does not work) that was 3 weeks ago Tuesday. I just need to remind them it's been 3 weeks. PLEASE reply DIRECTLY to: sonny-34@hotmail.com if you are willing to help me, thanks.
  3. Was the buttstock cut off an inch when the recoil pad was installed?
  4. Since you don't have the factory grips, box or papers with it, could you afford to take $600.?
  5. What happened? No explanation from a monitor. Can't send a message to a monitor. WHAT'S UP?
  6. Cimarron, Uberti hammers, these will drop into Colts, USFA & ALL Colt clones. For more information or where to send your money, send your information to: sonny-34@hotmail.com. I only take PayPal (you pay all fees) or USPS money orders.
  7. This is one beautiful little double barrel 20ga. It has a 14-1/2" length of pull with 26" barrels, 2 sets of choke tubes: 2-Full, 2-Improved Modified, 2-Modified, 2-Improved Cylinder & 2-Cylinder Bore (for Buckshot & Slugs). If you have any questions or need to see some pictures, send your email address to: sonny-34@hotmail.com.
  8. If you'll do PayPal I'll take it. If so, send your email address to: sonny-34@hotmail.com
  9. Ithaca/SKB splinter forearm for 20ga model 100, 150, 200 or 280. Has some of the needed hardware (see scans) PLEASE reply DIRECTLY to: texicanslim@hotmail.com
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