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  1. Are you SURE the barrels are 26" & not 25"? Also, what is that black round thing on the right side of the stock between the opening lever & the trigger?
  2. I found one at Bryan Marine, a local boat selling place. I remembered, years ago I bought a couple bass boats, how the outboard motors were mounted with 3 big bolts through the transom & they had big washers made of some plastic-like material. $3.
  3. Because Fastenal does not stock that washer, they would have to order it & by the time they got it to their store that little washer would cost me about $16.
  4. The HOPPE'S rest didn't come with a washer from the factory. I had a much higher dollar rest that did come with a washer & it operated so much smoother than the HOPPE'S, so I want to add a washer to my HOPPE'S rest.
  5. This is for an old orange HOPPE'S front rifle rest, to go between the knurled adjustment ring & the base. It needs to be 1-1/2" to 2" with a 7/8" hole.
  6. You'll not find any better gun leather than this. I'm so sorry Al quit making these.
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