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  1. To the OP You mentioned that after annealing sometimes the cases are “sticking” in the pistols. I experienced this in a marlin cowboy carbine (45 colt) where the fired rounds required the lever to be worked so hard I thought something must’ve broken. My experiment was to try and reduce blowback. Rounds are 200 grain with 5.8 grain titegroup. PF about 160. Didn’t really change blowback that I could tell. Returned to my non-annealed rounds and the sticking problem went away. Still had blowback. Granted the gun ran quite a bit dirtier but much, much easier to lever. Is that normal? I typically shoot 38’s and the 45 is only used for WB so not much experience there. Regards Gateway Kid
  2. My man cave is currently equipped with a 550, 650 (large primer) and a 750 (small primer). In the shed is a brand new SDB and my 1980 vintage Rock Chucker. I load the 45 ACP, 45 Colt and 10 mm on the 650. The 38’s, 9 mm and 40 S&W on the 750. Everything else on the 550 though about every five years I drag out the RCBS to load about 50 in 338. I really believe we have gone beyond one brand being so superior to others that it becomes the end all, be all. I used my 550 in combination with the RCBS for nearly 40 years and a series of events got me into the 650/750. (both of which I love). Personally I think your best value would be a used 650 for high production or a used 550 for versatility. Seeing lots of 650’s on the market as people upgrade to the 750 to have the latest version. While I have heard of issues with the 650, mine has worked flawlessly for several years now. Your wallet will determine what works best for you and regardless of color (blue, red or green) today’s machines are remarkable for reliability, versatility and ease of operation. Options abound if that is your thing but hard to go wrong with any of them. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. Dang lucky if you ask me. Look how close it hit next to the visitor center! Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Hammer springs and trigger return springs. I use a combination from Wolf which is a 17 # hammer and 30 ounce trigger. Though I know some who go lighter (14 # in one case) be careful about going too light on the hammer as you can become dependent on specific primers that may not always be available. My Vaqueros will set off any primers including CCI’s no problem. gunsprings.com from home page (upper right) select “revolvers”, select “ruger”, select single action, wait a bit then scroll through listings to an appropriate “shooters pack” Regards Gateway Kid BTW while you have things apart if you feel any burr’s or rough edges polish (not file!) till smooth. No Dremel until you have seen and understand how things work.
  5. Holy Cow!!! What a great look!!! I don’t really dress up much beyond minimum but I gotta say I am somewhat envious. Regards Gateway Kid
  6. Here in Grand Junction CO today it is 80 degrees and 4% humidity. Feels like about 79 degrees. Supposed to be 101 Thursday and pour down about .05 inches of rain on Saturday and Sunday. Regards Gateway Kid
  7. SD Joe, you know I like (most of) your posts. Well thought out, on topic usually, well researched. But.... quoting comments from those who don't know and will never bother to reach your lofty standards is, well, beneath you. In my opinion, making Cr@p up is what most social media commentators do best and their "facts" are best ignored. Hoping it is just an off day but to let another get to you is highly unusual and not you. Hoping things get better and you can get back to being you. Looking forward to the next SDJ post. God Bless Respectfully Gateway Kid
  8. Not arguing that EV's are coming, and sooner rather than later. Just asking how much is being considered here but a little history might be of some benefit. Just taking a look at one aspect of the possible upcoming projects. The Interstate system was declared finished in 1991 at a cost of approximately $114 Billion in 1991 dollars equaling about $500 Billion in 2008 dollars, $629 Billion in 2021 dollars, $678 Billion in 2022 dollars. Initial estimates during the Eisenhower era were $27 Billion in 1954 dollars. Conceptually it was authorized in 1944 and first groundwork was initiated in 1947. Upgrades and additional on/off ramps, bypasses and exits were added over the years as were additional miles (particularly in urban areas), The system was paid for primarily through federal fuel taxes (which has not changed since 1993) and they are currently at 18.3 cents per gallon of gasoline and 24.3 cents per gallon of diesel. While a system that incorporates charging through the highway roadway could make sense and would most likely only require a single lane to be replaced my non binding WAG would be 1/2 of the cost of the entire system, (since you would be replacing 1/2 of the roadway) or about $339 Billion in 2022 dollars, (plus the cost of infrastructure to get electricity to the charging units and the construction of the power source(s) needed fire up the whole thing), and thence to charge the autos. Since I am in a generous mood (and being a long time watcher/planner of how long government projects take to complete) my time frame to completion (another WAG) would be 1/2 the time to build (about 34 years) presuming availability of equipment, crews and materials. No way to calculate the cost in dollars for the untold hours of traffic congestion as the system would necessarily not function at optimum efficiency/traffic flow for years. Costs/time for permits to replace the roadway, dispose of the removed material and eventual repair/maintenance of the new roadway can be staggering and seeing how a simple resurfacing or replacement of concrete can take years to complete on a relatively short stretch of highway today, I would opine that 3 decades to bring the project to fruition is optimistic. And don't forget the roughly $100 Billion spent between the states and the federal government to perform maintenance on the roads (non-charging version) as they exist today, 46,876 miles worth. Some estimates of complete replacement from scratch contemplate costs of nearly $100 million per mile for land acquisition, materials, manpower and equipment. An amount that New Jersey paid in the late 1970's to build I-195 BTW. Since we already own the land currently used for highways that amount could be deducted from the cost but my head is exploding from the estimates I looked at which were all over the board. Even a CNN article from last year estimated $2.6 TRILLION over 10 years to replace the system with a more modern one. Not an impossibility, Americans have tackled and conquered huge projects in the past and could most likely do the same today, but the costs, time investment, citizen frustration balanced against potential benefits to society seem to need to be VERY carefully studied. Those who make decisions for these kinds of projects need to seriously evaluate, with a hard eye, both what good would be gained and the potential cost of bankrupting an entire country. Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Must have missed the "hysteria" that the EV batteries lasted less than a year. Source? Regards Gateway Kid
  10. Keep it up and you just might be president someday!!! Regards Gateway Kid
  11. Love watching the youngsters mutton busting.
  12. To the OP At the time I bought mine (about 5 years ago) it was $550 shipped. Sold it to a “good buddy” last summer for $750 shipped. I have seen them as high as $900 plus shipping. Regards Gateway Kid BTW I prefer stainless, so the fake CCH didn’t add/subtract anything one way or the other to me.
  13. Praying for you and asking our Heavenly Father to hold you close to Him at this difficult time. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  14. Howdy Silver Rings, I don’t get to play the PCC game often because it always seems to be on a day I am headed to or from Denver. But when I do I use the basic Ruger with a cheap red dot, in “lung blower” 9 mm. I have now run light lead loads at two different OAL, one pretty hot jacketed, two other jacketed (one is duplicate of CBJ’s) and three versions of factory including a jacketed hollow point. Have yet to have a jam or misfeed. I use several different capacities/types of Glock magazines. Love it enough I am looking for one of the fancier versions. Regards Gateway Kid
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