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  1. Nice AMT "Hardballer" 45 Auto. Adjustagle trigger and sights. Comes with 1 original magazine. Some scratches here and there and a pretty good "idiot" mark that I didn't do! $800.00+ $15 shipped to your FFL
  2. Uberti small frame P junior "Lightening" birdshead with a 3 1/2" barrel. Front sight has been filed for 115gr bullets. Original box and paperwork. $500.00+ $15 shipping to your FFL
  3. SOLD pending funds Blue original model Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt with 7.5" barrel. Spring kit and polished hammer and trigger, smooth gun with some blue wear on the muzzle and a light "drag line" on the the cyl. No gox $950.00 + $15 shipping to your FFL
  4. Lady T. Her friend was Buffalo Belle., both from my nexk of the woods. Call me if you need any more info. Mudflat
  5. 100ea new Winchester 270 Win brass $50+ shipping SOLD 100ea new R/P 6.5X55 Swede brass $50+ shipping
  6. I just assumed ya'all can tell the difference between a '92 and a '73. If you're confused, in the photos, the '92 has a tang sight, the '73 doesn't.
  7. SOLD 1892 Rossi "Hartford" by EMF, 20" Oct barrel, case hardned 44/40. Pre safety with a Marbles tang sight. Pretty smooth for a '92. A few small safe dents in the wood, metal is about perfect. $725.00+ $20 shipping to your FFL SOLD 1873 Uberti imported by American Arms, 24" Oct barrel in 45 colt. Stock except for a bead front sight and maybe some better springs, it's not a race gun but is smoother than most out of the box guns. Some small safe dings on the wood, and the case and blue are beautiful. $1,200.00+ $20 shipping to your FFL
  8. I've got a like new RCBS 3 die set with shell holder for $65.00+ shipping
  9. New in the very tattered box Pietta 1851 Navy in 44. 7.5" barrel. $300.00+$15 shpping SOLD Very used, but currently functioning "Armi Jager" "Dakota" .357 mag 5.5" revolver. Actually works just fine, but there are worn spots and blotches on the cylinder, frame and barrel. The front sight is painted gold. $300.00+ $15 shipping to your FFL
  10. The butt stock from my 1895 will fit onto an 1894, so let's see what pops up before I start selling what I've got
  11. I can' tell from the photo, is the ''73 bolt old or new style? Small pin holding the extension in or a wedge?
  12. The ones I see are checkered, I've already got one of those, if I buy the butt stock, is needs to be plain, but thanx!
  13. I've got an 1895 cowboy marlin that has mismatched wood due to me knocking the rifle over and breaking the original stock. It currently has a checkered stock with a plain forend (9" long) with an Oct. barrel. , so I either need a plain stock or a checkered forend. I can trade ya what I've got or buy it outright. I also have several Marlin forends
  14. Guess he doesn't want one for free
  15. PM me your info, I've got an original I'll donate.
  16. Trying here 1st. before going to Howell. I need the end cap (with the firing pins) for a Howell conversion in 45 colt for a Uberti 1858 Remington 6 shot . I've got the cyl, just didin't get the end cap. Thanx
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