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  1. What I have is 10 pounds of once fired blank cases. They have a slight roll crimp being blank cases. Maximum lenght is .605 for normal cases. I checked several at .590. I'm guessing that once they were straightened out they would be in the ball park. They are all Winchester brass if for any reason there is no interest I will just put them in my scrap brass. Thanks $40..00 Shipped
  2. Howdy Came across this brass while doing some house cleaning. 220 pieces of factory brass. Also 34 pieces made from 30-06 brass included free. I'm assuming its once fired but don't know history. $60.00 shipped.
  3. Wanted to buy a couple youth shotguns. Have a couple youngsters that want there first shotguns. I'm thinking youth size or something that has been modified. Mossberg, Remington or something similar. If you know anyone that has outgrown there youth model I would be interested in hearing from them. Thanks Buckey
  4. Abilene is right the best place for them is in your scrap brass pile. They will cause you heart ache down the road.
  5. BTT There has to be some 230 grain RN or 200 grain SWC molds out there. Thanks Buckey
  6. Thanks for all the replies. For some reason I stated in the tab .452 dia. 230 grain round nose but it didn't come up on the ad. Also I may be interested in 200 grain semi wadcutter. Sorry for all the confusion. Thanks Buckey
  7. Howdy I'm looking for a 45 acp bullet mold. Would perfer Rcbs or Lyman mold. 2 cavity or multiple cavity. I'm open to other manufactures also. Thanks Buckey
  8. How much would you want for the 7.5" stainless 44/40?


  9. Would you consider 300.00 shipped to me ?

    1. Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

      Buckey Buckem , SASS #9064

      Howdy  Thanks for the offer but I think I will hold out for awhile and see what happens.

  10. Looking for a Ruger Old Model Vaquero in 44-40 Blued in a 4 5/8 barrel. Trying to locate a revolver to complete a pair for a pard starting out in CAS. Thanks for looking
  11. howdy buckey,when I bought that norinco from you..love it btw...u said u might have an extra mag for it,with ssn engraved on it? I"d like to have it if it's still around,i'll pay the postage.



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