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  1. Haha, guess I just assumed everyone shot rugers.
  2. Either is fine but checkering would be preferred. I really don't know whats gonna "feel" the best. I'll need to do some experimenting with shape.
  3. Just ordered a pair of ruger Bisley grip frames so it looks like I'm going to need some grips for them. Figured I would see what the wire has to offer first. Thanks, Dillard
  4. Could you send a few photos of the roedo's?  Do you have the boxes and does that price include shipping?


    425-870-0193 (cell)


    1. Deadeye Dillard

      Deadeye Dillard

      I believe this link should work for pics now




      No boxes, I prefer to sell in person but price would be without shipping and insurance if I had to.


      Thanks, Dillard

  5. I didn't think about the fact it wasn't official yet. It didn't seem like it took that long for SASS to approve it, time flies!
  6. I believe the first buckaroo was around 98' or 99' :-)
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