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  1. I'd reckon he's talking about 73 one piece pins if he's looking up RCD's shop. Who you want at J&J is Roy's Creek Dan. I believe you can message him on here.
  2. Hey Tomahawk, It does have an attachment that moves the arm to each position automatically.
  3. Bump for the week, only moved a few molds so far. Have a good weekend!
  4. Let try getting rid of some of this stuff Lube Sizer with dies, collators, etc 3500$ 3 Bullet Master Casters 3500$ each Single mold caster 800$ Molds (listed in above post) 50$ each Furnace with molds and whatever lead is in it 1500$
  5. BTT, have received and responded to alot of inquires about parting out. Still holding out to sell the whole lot.
  6. Thanks for the interest. I'm going to try and give it minute to sell together, or at least a large chunk before parting out. I'll price out each piece when we decide to go that route.
  7. Took inventory on the mold last night. Still have a couple sets to identify but here's what I've found so far. All are 2 cavity Saeco sets of 8 9mm 122gr RNBB SOLD 38 140gr WC 38 158gr RNBB 41 230gr SWC 44 200gr FPSWC 45 255gr SWC Magma sets of 8 38 125gr FP 38 158gr RNFP 44 240gr SWC 44-40 200gr RNFP 45 200gr SWC 45 200gr RNFP 45 230gr RN SOLD 45 250gr RNFP Sill need to identify the sets on the machines. Magma 2 cavity, one of each 32 78gr RN 38 158gr SWC 38-40 180gr RNFP Sold 45 160gr RNFP 38-55 245gr RNFP SOLD 45-70 300gr FP/BB Sold 45-70 350gr FP/BB Sold Saeco 2 cavity, one of each 40 370gr BLK POWDER 45 405gr SP 45 480gr BLK POWDER 45 525gr BLK POWDER RCBS 2 cavity, one each 25 85gr FN 40 300gr SPCSA 40 400gr SP One unknown 2 cavity 457 Round Ball
  8. Well, finally time to sell it. Neither my brother or I see ourselves firing back up for the foreseeable future. If you have bought bullets for cowboy in or around Oklahoma from the early 90's up to about 10 years ago you probably bought them from JP Jones and this is the equipment that did it. We were just to busy to keep it up when our grandpa quit and just have other endeavors now. We would like to try and sell it all together first, if that fails we'll start parting it out. To start, we have 3 Bullet Master casters with about 15 sets of magma molds, various 32s, 38s, 40s, 45s, etc. There is about 140 total molds. An Automatic lubesizer with and array of dies. A small Master Caster set up to run automatically, most the big bore 38-55, 45-70, etc was set up on this machine. Furnace, molds, and cranes we used to mix big batches of lead and hang billets to keep the pots feed easily (about 500lbs of lead in furnace and pots). An assortment of accompanying equipment like sorting trays, tumblers, scales. What's not pictured is another Bullet Caster, If I remember correctly needed something for the pot, but never fixed because we didn't have the room for it. I took the photos this morning and am posting as quick as possible to make myself do it. So I'll be working to get better information like exact mold and sizer counts over the next couple evenings. We're looking at 26,000 obo for all of it. Kinda hard to find used prices on this stuff so I figured 1/2 price of new molds, 1/3 of new equipment cost and kinda throwing in the extra caster and misc. items. We are located about 30 west of Tulsa. Thanks, Dead Eye Dillard
  9. Could you send a few photos of the roedo's?  Do you have the boxes and does that price include shipping?


    425-870-0193 (cell)


    1. Deadeye Dillard

      Deadeye Dillard

      I believe this link should work for pics now




      No boxes, I prefer to sell in person but price would be without shipping and insurance if I had to.


      Thanks, Dillard

  10. I didn't think about the fact it wasn't official yet. It didn't seem like it took that long for SASS to approve it, time flies!
  11. I believe the first buckaroo was around 98' or 99' :-)
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