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  1. JW I’ve used a load very similar to yours except I was using a CB1100-12 wad which is similar height to your windjammer wad. I found that load lacking for some knockdown targets.
  2. I’ve broken that spring a couple of times. Last time was was while I was loading 2022 EOT ammo a week before leaving. I conveniently discovered a Marlin magazine spring works as a replacement.
  3. The SKB 100 is the best double for our game. Significant upgrade over a stoeger in durability and handling. The fact that the 100 was the base model makes zero difference for cowboy. The “upgrades” in the 200 and 280 don’t make a bit of difference in our game.
  4. 1885s from that era are similar to the B78 in that they don’t have a tang. At one time Lee Shaver would weld on a short tang to mount the front screw and install a threaded insert into the wood for the back screw.
  5. My old standby powder was IMR SR-4759 which was discontinued a while back. I have a bit left, but will be trying Accurate 5744 and shooters world buffalo as replacements. All three of them are bulky extruded powders with very similar burn rate.
  6. My guess is that they’re supplying their dealers first
  7. You could have a hay day with your Uberti 73s. Screws, hammers, and triggers all will benefit from hardening. Also pioneer lifter arms were pretty soft, but I thought I heard that had been rectified to some extent.
  8. I prefer to do them with a file and then polish smooth with sand paper. Finishing with 600 grit or finer. Even fine scratches create weak points and future breaks.
  9. Posse size should be 14-22. Any bigger and they need more posses or waves
  10. I’ll take the 7mm bullets. PM coming your way.
  11. I find no value in practicing with weighted shells. Quite the opposite really. if you can load empty shells fast and reliably, the loaded shells will be a piece of cake.
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