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  1. I make a nice portable gun cart that is big enough for everything you need but not so big that it’s cumbersome. The handle comes off with one thumb screw and the crossbar pivots for storage. $240 plus shipping. This is one I made for J. C. Wade
  2. I’ve had Jimmy build race pistols for me also. There is probably still an edge you can radius. I did mine on a scotch brite wheel
  3. Good lord!! Bevel your cylinders and ejector rod housings.
  4. Smith and Wesson 5906 9mm. 4” Stainless comes with 1-15rnd. magazine. I assume this was a police or security trade in of some sort. Good condition with minor finish wear and some shiny spots near muzzle on right side looks like holster wear. White dot front sight. Great shooter and is 100% reliable and built like a tank. Comes in cardboard foam padded box. $385 shipped to your FFL. First “I’ll take it” posted here gets it.
  5. Probably not.....but back then I was a quantity over quality beer drinker, so that’s what was at hand.
  6. Before I had steel lined holsters, I used an empty Busch light bottle to form the flair.
  7. I keep thinking I want a custom hat. Just can’t decide what style.
  8. There is a difference between match ready and race rifle.
  9. Hi are you the cowboy that makes the nice wooden gun carts that are small and come apart easy?  I think some of the local guys have them like Missouri Traveler.  If so how much are they?


    Doc Hurd


    1. Straight Arrow Hombre

      Straight Arrow Hombre

      I’m that guy. A two gun cart is $240

      holsters add $40

  10. Last Saturday a good friend of mine came out to our monthly match to give our game a try. He recently bought a pair of pistols from a mutual friend that has quit shooting, and let me know he wanted to give it a try. Deuce loaned him long guns and leather, and I provided him with ammo. He had never fired any of our types of guns, yet he got it figured out pretty quick. It won’t be long and he’ll be pushing us. He’s ordered long guns from Deuce, ordered a cart from me, and will be working with Doc Noper for leather. Once he figures out an alias and finds a hat he’ll be good to go. DC230313-799D-4E20-ABE5-F5B727D93350.MOV
  11. Deuce is a hater, and doesn’t want me to have nice things.
  12. Great job my friends from Tusco!!! I’m always impressed by your efforts.
  13. Thank you for explaining this to me.
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