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  1. Thank you Waimea for choosing Range War SASS Michigan state championship as one of your destinations this year. Great bullets at a great price!! Please pre order to make sure they have you covered. Outlawbullets.com
  2. Pietta pistols, a Marlin 1894c, and a stoeger shotgun are probably the most reasonably priced guns that are worth owning. All can be shot as stock guns and the smith work for them is affordable.
  3. Grips have to contribute to a “dynamic natural point of aim”. It doesn’t matter how they feel or work at rest. What matters is how they settle in after recoil and cocking, while also facilitating easy quick cocking for the next shot. I found grip size/shape a bit more forgiving when shooting traditional. When I switched to duelist I put more effort into finding what works for me. Currently using bisleys with checkered gunfighters.
  4. I change grips to facilitate hitting targets faster. I put zero consideration into how they feel and not too much in how they look.
  5. I operate the same way. Lassiter short stroked bisleys for duelist and full stroke plow handles for two handed.
  6. Cowboy Carty’s Miroku action jobs are absolutely fantastic.
  7. I’m interested. Sending you a message.
  8. That’s a REALLY nice walleye for Lake Erie. Congrats!
  9. I do a quick wipe down with a dry cloth after cleaning with Murphy mix. Then a wipe down with Eezox for rust prevention if I’m not shooting them the next day.
  10. Thank you for sharing this. Looks like some fun and interesting stages.
  11. You’re a chicken if you don’t shoot a stage wearing those.
  12. I went to a gun shop that had a large selection and found what fits me. Good thing I did, because the model I was going to order didn’t fit as well as what I now own. (Wiley X Omega)
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