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  1. I purchased a Winchester 92 made around 1940. It was refinished by the previous owner. I would like to add a John Wayne type big loop lever and know they are available for current production guns but would they work for a vintage rifle? Can someone suggest a gunsmith that does this type of work? thanks BB
  2. Is there an initial on the holster? cant quite make it out thanks
  3. I am looking for a leather worker who makes custom rifle slings. I would like one that doesn’t use Chicago screws to close the loops as I want to prevent scratches to my stock. haven’t had a lot of luck on the web so hoping someone might be able to point me someplace. thanks BB
  4. I saw one at Winter Range. The one SASS sold had the logo on it I believe. Nice engraving. Kind of like the trophy buckles. wanted to see if the manufacturer still sold them. Will have to call the SASS office I guess Thanks
  5. Awhile back in the sass store they sold an engraved plate with your alias on it for mounting to your guncart. I see they are no longer available from the store. Does anyone know who made them for SASS and if they are still available? Thanks BB
  6. Not a cowboy Gun but if anyone knows a dealer who has one of these I would appreciate any info. Can’t find a new one in this caliber. thanks BB
  7. A buddy of mine got a Chiappa Spencer and is looking for someone to tune it up. Doesn’t anyone specialize in them? Are there any Cowboy Gunsmiths in Calif? thanks BB
  8. I have a small safe that came with an electronic lock. It’s an American Security . The lock failed even with a new battery. The safe dealer sent out a locksmith who tried several things including. Replacing the keypad assembly and couldn’t open it. Cost me a few $$$ to have him drill it to get it open. I replaced the lock with a S&G mechanical. He told me they never fail.
  9. Cylinders are pending payment guns reduced to 1450.00 shipped

  10. Hows about one in 45colt that has the safety plugged and has an action job for $500+ shpping?


  11. These are great photos. I remember many of these pard’s I wish SASS would digitize all the old Cowboy Chronicles into a set of DVD’s. There are some great stories and wonderful pictures in those old issues. I still have all of mine.
  12. I saw them at SHOT as well. Nice looking gun. Didn't get a lot of info, but the guy I talked with said they were made out of bar stock, so no cast frame. He also indicated a lower price than Colt but he may not have know for sure. I hope they can produce a good product at a decent price. Always looking for an excuse to buy more guns. I would like to see Capt Baylor do a review of this and the rolling block that Tippman has out.
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