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  1. I just bought a Marlin as a backup rifle and want to get it tuned. Who is the best gunsmith these days for Marlins? Thanks BB
  2. Still looking for an old model vaquero with birdshead grips or the sheriff’s model with 3 3/4 barrel any leads would be helpful thanks
  3. Looking for any stores that might have a Browning BL-22 lever action rifle, grade II and will ship to my FFL Thanks BB
  4. Looking for an Old Model Ruger Vaquero with a 3 3/4 (or similar) barrel in 45LC and stainless. Standard or Birdshead grip. thanks BB
  5. Looking for a Bond Arms Cowboy Defender or Snake Slayer 38 or 45 thanks BB
  6. Looking for a Ruger New Vaquero 45LC, stainless with 7 1/2 barrel thanks BB
  7. I am looking for a Ruger New Vaquero in Stainless, 45 LC with the birdshead grips. thanks BB
  8. Has anyone tried to make a transfer bar out of better material? Ruger’s castings are the best but I wonder if making the part out of steel stock would make it tougher?
  9. Sounds like it’s not a problem thanks for all the info BB
  10. I have read about people having trouble with stock Ruger transfer bars breaking. Since I think that part is cast does anyone make a replacement out of machined steel? Just curious Thanks BB
  11. Cylinders are pending payment guns reduced to 1450.00 shipped

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