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  1. If this hasn’t sold yet I would be interested. Thanks
  2. Thanks looking for the New Vaquero I want the smaller frame. thanks anyway
  3. I agree. It may not be perfect but it’s made for us. No one else caters to cowboy shooters like this. My one gripe is often the magazine comes damaged in the mail. I would gladly pay a little more if they would ship it with a protective cover or sleeve. They are good about replacing damaged issues but would be nice if they arrived in good shape to start with. Other magazines I get do this.
  4. I wish Shoot magazine was still around. It was great. I hope someday someone might offer the whole series in CD. But then I wish SASS would archive all the past issues of the Chronicle in CD.
  5. Looking for a Stainless Ruger New Vaquero in 45 colt with 4 5/8 barrel. thanks Bill
  6. Cylinders are pending payment guns reduced to 1450.00 shipped

  7. Hows about one in 45colt that has the safety plugged and has an action job for $500+ shpping?


  8. These are great photos. I remember many of these pard’s I wish SASS would digitize all the old Cowboy Chronicles into a set of DVD’s. There are some great stories and wonderful pictures in those old issues. I still have all of mine.
  9. I saw them at SHOT as well. Nice looking gun. Didn't get a lot of info, but the guy I talked with said they were made out of bar stock, so no cast frame. He also indicated a lower price than Colt but he may not have know for sure. I hope they can produce a good product at a decent price. Always looking for an excuse to buy more guns. I would like to see Capt Baylor do a review of this and the rolling block that Tippman has out.
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