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  1. Check at your local farm store for Vets Tape. It is used to wrap horses ankles, Get black. As mentioned above grip the gun tighter so your hand moves back with the recoil.
  2. I noticed Federal had a primer ad in Handloader Magazine. I don't expect to see primers until 45ACP and 9mm are sitting on the self for an extended period of time. A club near me got in two pallets, different weeks, of 9mm. At one box per person, per day they sold out in two days. At that rate of sales all primers are going for loaded ammunition. Likely it does not par the companies to add additional infrastructure because hoarded product is just lost future sales.
  3. Note the rate of taper on the case wall from the base. The left has almost no taper, while the right has a long taper.
  4. Info I picked up from a bench rest shooter who shot moly. 50/50 mixture of Butch's Bore Shine and Kroil to clean the bore. My takeaway was never shoot moly.
  5. I checked for some non-SASS bullets from casters. Most state 6 to 8 week delay. There are no 9mm cast, jacketed or as loaded. I would assume most companies are setup to run what sells and it sells out immediately. They are not going to shut down a line to change to another bullet/caliber. A local indoor gun range/shop claims they get a pallet load of ammunition every morning and it is gone by noon. If a company is selling ammunition that fast all primers are going for loaded ammo. Can't even find 9mm molds. Kind of comes down to order and wait or wait and order.
  6. Way too fancy. Stands base of stud boards, cut about 2 foot long, with a 4x4 or stud board upright. Use rebar drilled into the upright to hang steel. Use an old water hose cut to 2" around rebar so steel rings. Construct the base so the uprights just slide in. You may want to drill the base boards on edge for a 12' spike so they don't blow over. If you can find some company that deals with 3/8 AR500 sheet either have them cut it in squares and use squares and diamonds. Perhaps someone has a plasma cutter that will cut it in/for the club.. More time to setup as someone has to lug everything around. Wear gloves for splinters.
  7. I am doing this fro memory. A friend shortened 38 special brass down to what would be 38 Colt Short with a light bullet and power puff loads. He used Uberti pistols as they are relatively light and triple K holsters. As for a belt check your local medical supply for a grab belt. As my friend shot 38 specials, if one of the guns went down back ups were available. I believe he came up with a load by using Colt 38 short data as a starting point. I am not sure what he did for the rifle. I don't remember his daughter having special shells for rifle so I'm thinking she just used the 38 Colt Shorts.
  8. Hobby Lobby Black Testors model paint then gold leaf ink pin on the very rear.
  9. Could this be an answer? 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS The 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS was never officially listed in any catalogue. There are however numerous specimens in existence with varying case lengths. All cartridges were manufactured between 1890 and 1910 and have H Utendoerffer headstamps. RWS purchased the company. Full Company Name: Heinrich Utendoerffer Location: Nurnberg, Germany Additional Information: Heinrich Utendoerffer began production in 1855. In 1889 he sold his business to Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken A.-G.
  10. Lazy Eeyour

    Spotting scope

    While it has been awhile, from DCM shoots the guys that were doing good were using Kowa, Leica, or Swarovski. If you look at these remember that for some, the scope price does not includes the eyepiece which is sold separately. And yes a friend claims the Konus, as mentioned above, is good for the price! Again unless something changed, the Konus is kind of weighted forward which should not be a problem but something to keep in mind. I'd only worry about setting it up on a cheap, short tripod on a concrete table.
  11. I'd send a photo to this guy as he makes a market for old scopes. E-mail me ace@runestone.net
  12. This may be of interest to those who worked around jet aircraft. I sent it to Navy friends and they all claimed that it explains a lot of their problems. http://www.research.va.gov/currents/spring2014/spring2014-11.cfm VA answer is not enough research. I believe an air force officer got tired of sending personnel to have their hearing checked and when results showed OK, he thought something else had to be going on.
  13. Here is a link to a cost of reloading calculator. Follow the examples and you should be able to figure a break even point. Buy bullets local if you can as casting is time consuming. http://www.handloads.com/calc/loadingCosts.asp
  14. For stainless pistols I take off the grips, remove the cylinders and drop all metal into a 50 cal. ammo can filled with Ed's Red. After a few days I blow dry with compressed air and run a dry patch through the bores. Blued guns, I clean the bores and wipe down.
  15. For J frame models I used Apex Tactical Duty spring kit to lighten up the action for my wife. For L frame I used Wolff springs and polished alligator with crocus cloth. Almost scary smooth action.
  16. If you live close to Omaha, Nebraska check at Gun's Unlimited located at 120th and I Street. They support (components) Trap and Skeet shooters in the area. Hulls, various wads, powder, lead and primers. From my last supply run they give volume discounts: 4 bags of lead, case of wads, etc.
  17. Overall length affects how it feeds. One can play around with different cast bullets. There is an article by Glen Fryxell that discusses the Model 94. My experience with the 357 and an old H&G 158 gr. cast bullet will not feed in 357 while it feeds very well in 38 sp. Where as a more modern 158 gr. feeds. I can look up the bullet mold numbers if you want. http://www.lasc.us/FryxellMarlin1894.htm
  18. I use Ed's Red which is equal parts Acetone, Kerosene, Mineral Spirits and Dextron 3. Keep in metal or glass container. Never store in plastic containers. I store in 50 cal ammo can and metal container that the acetone came in. There is also an Ed's Red oil made from equal parts of Kerosene and Dextron 3 which works well.
  19. http://www.westernfirearms.com.au/gun-parts-books-keyrings-gun-parts-chiappa-marlin-marlin-1894-45lc-bolt-complete-new-114272-p-1828.html Take a look at this web site. They claim to have a new bolt.
  20. I have a set from the VA but for everyday use I tend towards Walker's Game Ear with a clear plastic ear bud. It takes awhile to get use to wearing a hearing aid. The $150 Walker can give you a chance to adapt at a reasonable price. Big box sporting good stores tend to carry Walker's. Check Costco or Sam's for hearing aids. Pay attention to battery life and db gain when purchasing. If a veteran check with the VA.
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