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  1. You will be in the area. There are two buildings one for men and the other for women. https://www.riverjunction.com/Old-West-Clothing-and-Accessories_c_7.html It is worth the stop and may have info on local ranges.
  2. From Midway it looks like $2 per round. For a 100 round match that is $200, with practice $$$. For me that means NO!! Reloading sees to be the only option. One still has to find "No Backorder" brass and primers. Unique powder seems to be available. Low volume Lee "O" press or RCBS Partner press works, for high volume Dillion 550. Dies Lee or Hornady. Bullets, bulk buy from Blue Bullets or any caster. When choosing keep in mind $200 per match + practice vs. breakeven cost for reloading supplies and equipment over time. You'll also need someway to clean brass. To start Harbor Freight works but my Ultravibe is 40 years old and lizard litter is cheap.
  3. Remember the gun is a lever. Someone likely added the rubber spheres to create a balance point they liked.
  4. Try rinsing with distilled water or if you have a dehumidifier use the water in the waste bucket.
  5. If plastic: try acetone and dextron 3, 50/50 with tornado brush. Best to mx in a small metal cup. The acetone melts plastic. Do not get on stock as the acetone will remove the finish. I just wet a patch and then push it through with a swab, then tornado, then patch again followed by oil.
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