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  1. I'd try silicone spray. Don't over-tighten as that distorts the gasket.
  2. This should give you some ideas. Stocks tend to be different for skeet and trap. Scroll down for lower price items. https://www.gunsunlimitedomaha.com I've shot skeet with both auto and pump, the pump ( Browning BPS 20) is much faster. Now I use a Citori 20 OU and a Browning BT-99. Neither requires me to pick up shells. Both at the time of purchase were under 2K.
  3. CZ had a skeet choke for my 20 ga SXS. Remember while the demo shows the shot going out as a cone that is not really correct. The shot tends to stay as a group but spreads at varying distances depending on the choke. Most SASS shotgun targets are so close the choke is irrelevant.
  4. If expense were no object, I'd try https://calzoneandanvil.com/firearms/. Touring bands use these a lot. I've seen these fall off trucks without damage to the case or contents.
  5. The Acetone, in Ed's Red melts the plastic and a "tornado brush" will remove it. Be careful as acetone will remove the stock finish. My skeet guns will appear clean until I run an Ed's Red patch down the barrel. Everything I see is just polished plastic before the acetone.
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