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  1. This may be of interest for commonly failed parts http://www.wisnersinc.com/model/center-fire-lever-1881/
  2. Try running a 44 or 45 brass brush down the barrel and see if that will extract it.
  3. Another hint if you build on. Taller wheels push easier of non-level ground.
  4. If you travel by car start with this https://www.handtrucksrus.com/product-details.aspx?id=462&cx=misc Then start here http://marauder.homestead.com/files/GunCart.html Suggest top gun rack face with fur. I just buy a used women's coat collar. It stops the gun from rubbing, removing the blueing. Also get some harness straps and make holders to stop the guns from flipping out. Build the lower box in an L shape so you have a place to sit. Attach wood with pipe hangers, T nuts and bolts making easy it to take apart.
  5. From what I read, likely in a military manual, it depends on where you place your elbow. By hip then pistol grip. Up more even with shoulder then straight stock.
  6. https://shop.macongunstocks.com/Winchester-Model-93-Model-97-Example-Walnut-Stock-Winchester-93-97-Stock.htm?productId=670
  7. Get 45 loops, where want to position the 38's loop a piece of leather shoelace through the 45 loop. I used a cow hitch leaving some fringe at the bottom.
  8. Lazy Eeyour

    Ammo bags

    I use shot bags with required loading for each stage which I loop in back on suspenders after loading. I refill at the unloading table and drop into a mid size grass bag attached to my cart. I'm thinking if I imbibed I would be collecting Crown Royal bags.
  9. I use a couple of patches with Ed's Red. The acetone removes the plastic residue which tends to remain with other solvents. Keep it off the stock!
  10. I carry one of these in my truck and it has been used at the range when someone blew up a rifle. https://www.samsclub.com/p/kit-25-prsn-cntr-106-kt/prod13770923?xid=plp_product_1_3
  11. Ed's Red: I store in a metal Kerosene can. I also put some in a 50 cal metal can to soak pistols. Be careful with time as it will lift blueing if you forget. Stainless, who cares. Take pistol out and swab barrel and cylinders, blow dry with compressed air, done. Works great for cleaning shotgun barrels! Soaking also lifts rust over a few weeks as in lost impact socket outside for a few weeks then soaked in Ed's Red for a month, good as new.
  12. You may still be in trouble as the alloy bullets are longer than lead counterpart so likely won't stabilize with the twist rate of the 32 special barrel.
  13. You may want to view here https://hammerbullets.com/shop/page/7/
  14. Sears use to be a large firearm and hunting supply store. Then after a shooting in Omaha Nebraska they stopped. Did that stop any of us from buying Craftsman Tools? Sears gone, Kmart use to sell firearms gone, Dick's sales down. Just saying dropping firearms from your inventory may be a leading indicator of a companies end.
  15. I use these and do not cut the ends. I use size large to shoot and xl for work. The large fits tight but after a stage become a glove fit https://www.samsclub.com/p/plainsman-leather-gloves-2-pair/113105
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