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  1. Try here around pages 6-9 for various http://lapidarysupplies.com/catalog_pages_2022/page_08.pdf
  2. 1. Springfield Armory is moving the manufacturing location. 2, Maybe overkill but this link shows some available fixes. https://bhspringsolutions.com/index.php/product-category/shop-by-model/hi-power/springfield-sa-35/ Looks like DIY = $100 and they do it = $400/500
  3. A thought: 44/40 brass is thin (normal). A slight too much lube could cause dents as pictured. I'd try spinning the cases between my fingers to remove and spread out any excess lube just before sizing.
  4. Cream of Wheat is like small BB's and flow. Grits? What the hell are grits:-)
  5. See if you can find the right size and axle size here. End you problems. https://www.marathonind.com/Flat-Free-Tires-C13.aspx
  6. Almost the same but close https://www.starrett.com/metrology/product-detail/829A
  7. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/586260A
  8. Heat it with a propane torch to melt the blue Loctite. Problem small part and anything you use to hold it will act as a heat sink. Or, soak for a week in acetone, covered metal container as acetone melts plastic and evaporates quite fast. Try using Loctite 222 Threadlocker Purple instead of blue.
  9. Ruger model 96 in 44 mag had a 1 in 20 twist rather than 1 in 38. Allows for longer bullets to stabilize. Shorter bullets to stabilize at less velocity. Ruger 44 mag pistols have a 1 in 20 twist.
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