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  1. Lazy Eeyour


    Likely my wife doing a denial of service program.
  2. Aged management not bring up in house management and aged high skilled (and high paid) workers with no apprentice program has led to the down fall of many companies.
  3. It could be they hold some back so when they sell a pistol you get a box 50/100 rounds with the pistol
  4. Just a suggestion. Don't blame me!! Try combining two ideas above. The wet and dry vac along with compressed air at the other end. Just remember the compressed air will create a projectile.
  5. Is this what you are looking for? https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/receiver-action-parts/receiver-action-hardware/top-lever-parts/top-lever-spring-prod2118.aspx
  6. A gun shop near me gets in a pallet of loaded ammunition every once in a while. At one box per day it is gone in 2 days. At that rate of sales why would they ship primers other than in loaded ammunition. It seems that Europe is shut down so we are dependent on USA manufacture. Hell, even bullets are hard to find. Blue Bullet has a delay of 14-18 weeks. It does not pay manufactures to add lines because when the current factors decline current sales will just be lost future sales until every thing returns to average.
  7. Check at your local farm store for Vets Tape. It is used to wrap horses ankles, Get black. As mentioned above grip the gun tighter so your hand moves back with the recoil.
  8. I noticed Federal had a primer ad in Handloader Magazine. I don't expect to see primers until 45ACP and 9mm are sitting on the self for an extended period of time. A club near me got in two pallets, different weeks, of 9mm. At one box per person, per day they sold out in two days. At that rate of sales all primers are going for loaded ammunition. Likely it does not par the companies to add additional infrastructure because hoarded product is just lost future sales.
  9. Note the rate of taper on the case wall from the base. The left has almost no taper, while the right has a long taper.
  10. Way too fancy. Stands base of stud boards, cut about 2 foot long, with a 4x4 or stud board upright. Use rebar drilled into the upright to hang steel. Use an old water hose cut to 2" around rebar so steel rings. Construct the base so the uprights just slide in. You may want to drill the base boards on edge for a 12' spike so they don't blow over. If you can find some company that deals with 3/8 AR500 sheet either have them cut it in squares and use squares and diamonds. Perhaps someone has a plasma cutter that will cut it in/for the club.. More time to setup as someone has to lug everything aro
  11. Hobby Lobby Black Testors model paint then gold leaf ink pin on the very rear.
  12. Could this be an answer? 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS The 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS was never officially listed in any catalogue. There are however numerous specimens in existence with varying case lengths. All cartridges were manufactured between 1890 and 1910 and have H Utendoerffer headstamps. RWS purchased the company. Full Company Name: Heinrich Utendoerffer Location: Nurnberg, Germany Additional Information: Heinrich Utendoerffer began production in 1855. In 1889 he sold his business to Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken A.-G.
  13. While it has been awhile, from DCM shoots the guys that were doing good were using Kowa, Leica, or Swarovski. If you look at these remember that for some, the scope price does not includes the eyepiece which is sold separately. And yes a friend claims the Konus, as mentioned above, is good for the price! Again unless something changed, the Konus is kind of weighted forward which should not be a problem but something to keep in mind. I'd only worry about setting it up on a cheap, short tripod on a concrete table.
  14. I'd send a photo to this guy as he makes a market for old scopes. E-mail me ace@runestone.net
  15. This may be of interest to those who worked around jet aircraft. I sent it to Navy friends and they all claimed that it explains a lot of their problems. http://www.research.va.gov/currents/spring2014/spring2014-11.cfm VA answer is not enough research. I believe an air force officer got tired of sending personnel to have their hearing checked and when results showed OK, he thought something else had to be going on.
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