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  1. You may still be in trouble as the alloy bullets are longer than lead counterpart so likely won't stabilize with the twist rate of the 32 special barrel.
  2. You may want to view here https://hammerbullets.com/shop/page/7/
  3. Sears use to be a large firearm and hunting supply store. Then after a shooting in Omaha Nebraska they stopped. Did that stop any of us from buying Craftsman Tools? Sears gone, Kmart use to sell firearms gone, Dick's sales down. Just saying dropping firearms from your inventory may be a leading indicator of a companies end.
  4. I use these and do not cut the ends. I use size large to shoot and xl for work. The large fits tight but after a stage become a glove fit https://www.samsclub.com/p/plainsman-leather-gloves-2-pair/113105
  5. This is what I use, A bench grinder pedestal bolted to a piece of plywood for stability. I then use a 2x10 to join the reloader to pedestal with T-nuts. Think ahead and make sure all connections are recessed for a flat surface. Another idea is to connect the pedestal to a car wheel rim (weld/bolt). Additional fill the wheel rim with concrete. https://www.harborfreight.com/heavy-duty-bench-grinder-pedestal-68321.html
  6. As was discussed in an earlier thread do not use a polish that uses ammonia in it as it will bleed through and dissolve the copper under coat allowing the nickel to flake off.
  7. I shoot either of 2 20 gauge SxS's with standard skeet loads and have never had a problem or concern.
  8. Don't forget you may also need the left and right inserts to go with the screws.
  9. Suggest looking at the rim of the AA shells that stick and see if they are out of round. My wife's pump shotgun has a similar problem shooting skeet. I figured it was the gun but now I'll try Remington shells.
  10. Likely his mother never taught him "take what you get and don't throw a fit".
  11. Hobby Lobby Black Testors model paint then gold leaf ink pin on the very rear.
  12. Could this be an answer? 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS The 11.15 X 55R LK EXPRESS was never officially listed in any catalogue. There are however numerous specimens in existence with varying case lengths. All cartridges were manufactured between 1890 and 1910 and have H Utendoerffer headstamps. RWS purchased the company. Full Company Name: Heinrich Utendoerffer Location: Nurnberg, Germany Additional Information: Heinrich Utendoerffer began production in 1855. In 1889 he sold his business to Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken A.-G.
  13. Lazy Eeyour

    Spotting scope

    While it has been awhile, from DCM shoots the guys that were doing good were using Kowa, Leica, or Swarovski. If you look at these remember that for some, the scope price does not includes the eyepiece which is sold separately. And yes a friend claims the Konus, as mentioned above, is good for the price! Again unless something changed, the Konus is kind of weighted forward which should not be a problem but something to keep in mind. I'd only worry about setting it up on a cheap, short tripod on a concrete table.
  14. I'd send a photo to this guy as he makes a market for old scopes. E-mail me ace@runestone.net
  15. This may be of interest to those who worked around jet aircraft. I sent it to Navy friends and they all claimed that it explains a lot of their problems. http://www.research.va.gov/currents/spring2014/spring2014-11.cfm VA answer is not enough research. I believe an air force officer got tired of sending personnel to have their hearing checked and when results showed OK, he thought something else had to be going on.
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