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  1. Welcome!! Go with Zack Taylor for your rig. He's close by and does nice quality work!! PM me and I can give you some info on local clubs.
  2. How ya been my friend??!! Hope all is well. Are ya gonna start shooting again??
  3. Hello Tex great to hear from ya!! I am doing well thank you!! Surgery went well and I am as right as rain!! At one time some one was advertising a screw that had a large knurled head for the BP Frame so it could be removed without a screw driver. Sound familiar??
  4. Any out there in blue?? There was an after market oversized one at one time. Any advise??
  5. Who makes an oversized version of this screw??
  6. Rico I got the coat!! Looks good!! Thanks.



  7. Rico MO went out today. Let me know when ya get it.



  8. Assassin in theory it sounds good; in practice its impossible!! Up until the un-SAFE ACT it was a lifetime license. You paid all fees one time at application, out of NYC. Now it has to be re-newed every 5 years with no cost now!! Who knows in the next 5 year renewal.
  9. Cemetary you are 100% correect. We still have Cuomo as Gov because the gun owners stayed home again!! We can not outvote NYC unless we all stick together and vote. Too sad.
  10. No one 21 or older can handle a handgun with out a permit. 14 to 21 can handle while supervised by a permit holding adult, LE or military personel. Long guns can be shot at 12 years old. Handguns can be shot by another permit holder while in the presence of the owner. Having said that, Dude you insist on putting this stuff out there. I do not know if you are trying to be helpful or just paranoid. Last year you posted some other thing about lever action rifles. Give it a break!! You put stuff out there for the whole world to see. Thanks but no thanks.
  11. Put in the Wolff springs. Just check the lenght cause I had a few long ones that were hitting the frame and not bending. I have them in all my Colts,. My game guns and my pleasure guns. Also their wire bolt/trigger spring. Instant action job from fractory springs!!
  12. I remember when I first heard it years ago for the first time.
  13. What is the avarage amount of rounds for pistol and rifle per stage for WB at EOT??
  14. Tom Payne 13115


    Hey folks a pard of mine needs to replace the firing pin on a SA he recently purchased. He is having a hard time narrowing down what company can supply the replacement. Any and all help is appreciated. It is a used gun and this is the info I have. It's a Dakota model in 45 Colt. He thinks it was built in 1985 by Armi San Marcos. The ser # is 78511 It has markings of CAT146 OL ??? Thanks, Tom Payne ya can send info to my email...truegrit45@hotmail.com This way I can forward the info to him
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