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  1. Good day sir - is the caliber 38 S&W? I'm not familiar with the S&P? This brings back memories of one my father owned. I happen to have reloading dies, and ammo in 38 S&W. SS
  2. Sorry, no trades right now. I have some medical bills I need to pay. Appreciate the offer. SS
  3. Cowhand, while I would some day like to have a 38/40, as well as an 87, medical bills now force the sale. So not able to trade now. SS
  4. This AR-15 pistol, with arm brace in 300 Blackout is a good shooter. Built on an AERO lower, with a Columbia River Arms 8.5 inch 5/8x24 threaded barrel. The 13 hand guard is there to cover most of a suppressor, but is easily changed in you have different needs. Good shooter, maybe 250-500 rounds through the gun. Built about 5 years ago. I have brass available and will include 100 pieces of brass and bullets with the purchase, should you want them. The writing is gold pen, and I will remove it before shipping if you would like. Thank you for looking. I am asking $750, shipped to your FFL. Aero Precision 300 Blackout 8.5 inch barrel (Columbia River Barrel) ALG trigger Bushnell 1x-4x First Focal Plane Red dot scope with BDC QD attachment BCM Charging handle Keymod 13” handguard Magpul grip
  5. Correct Bingo, thank you- Pakistan. I have a friend who used one professionally, he said it's just as he remembered. I do not have experience with any others. This is totally reliable, accurate and with the right ammo and a suppressor it's super quite.
  6. Sorry for your loss, so many years ago. 


    appreciate your families service, and your backup offer. Guy and I have make the transaction it's going to ship ASAP. Good luck on others. 

  7. This is a Pakistan Ordnance Factory MP5. If you have never shot one, it may be the most fun gun you will ever own. Upgraded the factory gun to have a Picatinny rail, with a Bushnell Red dot. All options make this package worth over $3000 new. Semi-Auto 9mm Meprolite night sights Bushnell red dot on mount Shockwave folding pistol brace Slingpack case, with mag holder May be the funnest gun you will ever shoot! 9 magazines, some H&K, one double mag holder Sling Asking $1850, shipped to your FFL.
  8. Medical bills force sale. 1911 - Rock Island/Armscorp M1911A1FS Tact2 9mm 10 Magazines With original box $600 shipped to your FFL
  9. Medical bills force sale. I applied and was able to get one of the 8,000 CMP 1911's. I received this in October of 2019. It has sat in my safe since. Asking for my original purchase price, I'll cover the shipping to your FFL. Of course, offers considered. Thank you for looking. Remington Rand/Colt CMP 1911 Field grade CMP 1911 As purchased from CMP all accessories NOT fired by owner $950.00 (Priced paid to CMP)
  10. I am just getting ready to post a for sale, Henry 22 lever gun. My son's are too old for it anymore. It was used by other youth shooters before they did. Shootin Straight 82888 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14AxIKiNZp8VYla7zKSu10kUZoAW-NHZ_/view?usp=sharing
  11. Please, please please, call your legislators and ask them to pass this bill! Silencers are fantastic, and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to start the paperwork now. If the HPA passes, the demand will quickly outreach the supply and you thought 22 ammo was hard to find.....just wait (IMO). NFA tracker provides some average wait times, which have always been long. If the HPA passes, your wait time may be just as long, or longer - as you will not be waiting for the manufacturer to just make them. I want to protect my son's hearing, to this end we use suppressors whenever we can in shooting. It also tends to keep the neighbors happy. I'd echo Lungers comments, about installation. Not sure how we could accommodate suppressors into SASS - and not sure we need to.
  12. I do... I mount each press to a 3/4 inch piece of plywood. The sides of the plywood are angled at about 15 deg. The bench top is a double layer - one layer of 3/4 with a second mounted on top. However, there are "slots" in the second top which is basically strips of 3/4 ply, cut with the "slots" out - to accept my press mounting plate. I have "blank" plates to fit it, so I can have a flat top work bench. You wouldn't have to do a complete second top and could just reverse mount a mounting plate on each side to make a slot. I have several mec jr's, lee progressives, and single stage presses mounted like this. Been using it for 10 years or more, works great.
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