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  1. I strongly doubt that any experienced attorney would have let Baldwin do that interview unless there were "assurances" from the authorities investigating the shooting that he was in the clear.
  2. It looks like the attempts to shift blame have started. At the end, they'll blame to armorer who, they'll say, didn't have enough experience.
  3. In the Army- Alphabet. Name had too many syllables for some guys. Nowadays, mostly "old man".
  4. Wow. One is hard to find; two with consecutive serial nos. is really hard. I have two 7 1/2s and they were hard to find. One is nickled the other is blued. Good luck.
  5. Plenty of ammo on the shelves in the local Scheels, but no primers and very little powder, mostly for rifle loads. The shotgun ammo is not as well stocked as the handgun and rifle ammo.
  6. I just looked it up. Yes. Premiers on December 9 on Paramount Plus. That leaves me out.
  7. "As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly..."
  8. Watched Battle of Britain in the British NAAFI theater in W. Berlin. When the Adolf Hitler character gave a speech and said that the Nazis were bringing the war to England (or words to that effect), a British trooper in the audience yelled out: "Come on we're waiting for you. " Broke up the audience.
  9. That's called slip hammering. It's allowed. Fanning the hammer is not.
  10. As far as shooting it for plinking, sport then the Winchester would be my pick as it is a bit better quality wise. If you're going to be hunting with either one, I would suggest that neither one is appropriate, for the most part. Hunting loads would probably require a stronger action than the '73 model has. In that case a Marlin action would be preferable.
  11. That last day that Matt was referring to was miserable; wet and sloppy. I doubt that the camera man wanted to hang around any longer than he had to. Scoutten wasn't there and he was probably repeating what he had been told by his "team".
  12. Just got back from the local Scheels. Plenty of ammo on the shelves. Most of all was Remington 5.56 at around $15 for box of 20 rounds. Packaged in 600 round lots for $450. Winchester second most. Lots of 40 cal from Remington and American Eagle (can't remember the price, but not exorbitant ). 38 Spl available at $32/50rounds. Sig Sauer 45 ACP "Elite" at $50/50 rounds. Don't remember seeing 9 mm, but I'll bet it was there. No limits. Not as much shotgun ammo; mostly hunting loads from Federal. Plenty of 22 ammo on hand. .308 ammo at $20+ for Remington down to $15-16 for Wolf steel case. Several boxes of Dillon presses (mostly 750s), although a few of the local stores have had them for a while. No primers and very little powder (only Hodgdon 869).
  13. Some bad nights with Mateus Rose from the Class 6 store.
  14. Sitting in a bath tub shooting at little packets of Ketchup stapled to a board. Recreating Glenn Ford's character shooting at roaches in Cowboy.
  15. If I recall correctly, 2nd Generation guns didn't have a signature on the back strap. Third Gen (signature) guns did.
  16. Converting a revolver to the "old style" hammer and trigger has come up recently, but I can't remember the thread author's name. He called Uberti, I believe, and was told that the revolvers couldn't be converted. It's best to call VTI Gun parts as they list the parts needed for the conversion and ask them, as other owners have said that the conversion can be done.
  17. I just had one Colt rebarreled to 44-40 from 45 Colt. I have the original parts, which I can reinstall. Easier than trying to find one in 44-40 that doesn't cost and arm and a leg.
  18. A clean up i.e. removal of rust and, oiling the wood if done carefully, would keep the rifle in "presentable condition". A complete restoration would be expensive, probably more expensive than the rifle is worth.
  19. San Antonio: The Alamo, River Walk. Fredericksburg: Plenty of German restaurants, Cimarron Firearms. Lots more stuff to do.
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