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  1. Hello Texas Red, I will take these also. CS
  2. I will take them . PM being sent Thank you in advance Cowboy Small
  3. I will take the one with the sheath. PM coming Thank you in advance , Cowboy Small
  4. That'll give us a place to park our bicycles.
  5. If'n you think it would be funner, then do it . If'n you change your mind later , then do that .
  6. Instead of tennis balls , I use racket balls in the tops of my holsters. Seem to be just the right size
  7. That is not a joke , that is the opening line of my biography . ...the mispent youth chapter .
  8. Well if you follow the logic of daylight savings time . ....you can cut a piece off one end of the lace and tie it to the other end and it will be longer .
  9. 1. I enjoy it so I would reload either way. 2. I got to buy several bags of shot for $20 per bag from a couple of locals that inherited them, so I do save some but not enough to cover wages, if I figured that . 3. We have always figured (even when I was a kid using the same mec jr.) That we don't really save any money really , but we can make a better shell at about the cost of the cheaper shells. CS
  10. This may be splitting a hair that doesn't need it.....but are we talking resident or citizen? State and regionals talk about residents and you keep saying citizen. CS
  11. Hello LS, awesome alias . Like others have said , go to matches , talk to people (PLURAL) and try before you buy . CS
  12. Might should pin this for future reference .
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