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  1. Pack it in a bag or box of rice and wait.
  2. I have a friend here that is part of the ROMEOS Retired Old Men Eating Out I like the name and hope to join in 20 or 30 year's CS
  3. Hello JS. I'll take it. I will send a pm. Thank you CS
  4. Hey WT, looking forward to seeing the pictures CS
  5. AW said it was about a half hour
  6. Dang it No Horse, I hate it when that happens. More prayers coming from Drip. sorry I missed the soiree Sunday. get better soonest, we gotta go see Debra in Moriarty this summer. No bathroom rugs in the Sunset Motel. yeehaw C.S.
  7. About 10 years ago, I saw a pool that came up out of the ground and floated across Interstate 10 down in San Antonio. Lot of rain that week.
  8. I'm wondering about those chokes....how many are we gonna wind up with...?
  9. Mower is broke! thanks for reminding me. Another reason to be grumpy
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