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  1. Doing this was fun . A regular match is funner , but considering all , I had a goodtime . Thanks to those who thought it up and put it together . A special thanks to our host that let all us come through at our convenience . CS
  2. Woo hoo! Go do it again . ... lotsa room for improvement . That's fun too
  3. I remember that dream . Had an anchovy/jalapeño pizza for supper. Worse than clowns once they catch you .
  4. We should do the same test here to see if the results are duplicated . Another variable we would have to engage would be changing the vodka to tequila or bourbon . We would do both just to be sure . It's a sacrifice we will make for the greater good . CS
  5. Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid ?
  6. This is a saloon. If we had clear coherent complete rational thoughts, something would be wrong . That's why we come here . If'n I dangled a participle or a modifier anywhere else , I should get in trouble . This reminds me of Ron White. "I was drunk in a bar and was thrown into public " CS
  7. If'n you can't fix it with a hammer , you have an electrical problem .
  8. If'n you shot them gunfighter , we would all be very impressed
  9. The book is better. I'm sure you have heard that before . Much longer to get through . CS
  10. FKCGG, That is really neat and fun. I must say that if it took that much effort to figger out my alias I would still be the man with no name . Thankyou for sharing . CS
  11. I loved taking things apart to see how they worked. Didn't always get them back together like they should be . Watches, motors, etc. Had to learn to get things that didn't matter . Used stuff from garage sales or trash cans. My parents were reluctant to let me have pets .
  12. Ignorance is bliss until you become aware of it.
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