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  1. Hello to the fire . I am thinking of getting one of those vaults for my pickup bed with the drawers . And maybe a cover for the bed. To carry my Cas stuff and tools , etc . I am sure some of ya'll have some of these. What would you recommend based on your experiences? Brands? Bed covers? What to avoid ? What is great ? Thanks for your feedback CS
  2. I heard he died this afternoon . May he restaurant in peace. CS
  3. Round here we pronounce bayou just as it is spelled ....when spelled correctly Creek !
  4. I will take them . Will send PM Thanks CS
  5. It's been well established and widely accepted by the authorities that it's all in how you raise them .
  6. Every year . Black Eyed Peas for good luck . Cabbage for money . We'll have cabbage 3 different ways tomorrow . Slaw, boiled and fried with bacon . CS
  7. The good thing is that it won't take long to discover that it won't work and he won't be far from home .
  8. Hello Joe, Come on out whenever and wherever you get a chance . Seasons change , not better or worse , just different CS
  9. I guess you mean "An extra hole" It does need 2 to operate properly
  10. Yeah, Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet yet, so it cain't be that old . CS
  11. I knew a retired Texas Ranger that kept his .45 in his lap under a lap blanket . ....always . He said that he sent a lot of bad guys to jail and never knew who got paroled nor when . They all had bad friends too. Said he carried a .45 because they didn't make a .46. CS
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