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  1. There was a time, when some shooters might go out of their way to run over a TO after the shooter made a mistake on the stage in order to claim that the to impeded their progress. They have come back now to clarify what the appropriate penalty should be, and it is not a reshoot.
  2. Another example... Shooter is at the loading table. Asks the guy next to him, "Hey, what target do we start on?" The guy says, "Double from the left." Shooter goes up and shoots a double tap sweep from the left. Shooter gets a P because it was to be two single tap sweeps, both starting on the left. Shooter says, "Hey, I received improper instruction from Joe Bob at the loading table that resulted in my receiving a procedural. I want a reshoot.' TO Says, 'NO!'
  3. Let us say that that the shooter pulls and cocked their pistol at position A. However, they were supposed to be shot at Position B. If the TO indicated that the pistols were to be shot at position B, that is technically proper instruction, but having the shooter move to position B once the pistol is cocked is technically not correct instruction. However, if the shooter moves with a cocked pistol to position B, they earn a SDQ. There will be no reshoot. The shooter cannot argue that they received improper coaching causing which impeded them causing them to move with the cocked pistol and should receive a reshoot.
  4. shooting more rounds that the stage called for is a P. It is not an option to not award the P just because the TO was confused. SHB pg 21-22 Shooter should have been scored with the P and offered a reshoot due to improper coaching. Even with the TO calling 1 more, when there wasn't 1 more, causing the shooter extra time, is grounds for a reshoot.
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